Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan & Amitabh Bachchan in Chicago

They are shooting for Dhoom 3 in downtown Chicago and here are some photos.

Credits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a35q-wl73OM

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how is abishek standing like that in the 9th pic? looks gay

What is the release date?

I care about Amitabh Bachchan and his son too.

I care about Amitabh Bachchan and his son. We all do, doofus

who cares about amitabh bachchan and his son. everyone in chicago is going crazy for aamir khan.

who cares about amitabh and his son. i want to meet aamir khan the superstar

@Filmychica yeah it sure looks like Jackie, maybe he has a cameo. Also, when Katrina went to Chicago a few weeks back to shoot scenes why didn't anybody click pics?

That slanted bridge scene looks awesome.

I almost missed Aamir in the group photo. He looks so young.
No close-up of Abhi's turned leg? I almost expected it lol :)

is that Jackie Shroff in the 8th pic? didn't know he was in Dhoom 3. interesting.

abbey birru! lol

something about Aamir's black outfit with the hat on, reminds me of RIDDLER from Batman. LOL

and that odd joker symbol on The bike's plate, perhaps this baddie's trademark in D3.

Finally!!! Uday has been spotted, yippee! :-)
What? Sometimes I STAN for Uday....sue me. XD

"the 1st Dhoom w/John is the best"
Even I feel so.

Abhishek needs to hire a personal trainer, yoga teacher, stylist, hairdresser and beautician!!!

I just noticed... Jackie Shroff is in it? Cool! & LOL @ Uday's head, it looks like a prop sitting on a table! :)

I'm kind of getting a clown vibe here (from the Aamir character)... maybe it's that license plate with the clown face that made me think that but now looking at Aamir he kind of seems like he's dressed sort of like a mime with that black hat. Some kind of performer, a magician maybe?

There are so many Actors, Aamir, Abhishek, Jacky, Uday in Dhoom 3. I wonder the length of role Katrina will have in this 2hr movie. I hope its a good length.

lol why do these Bachchans dress like tourists everywhere .. they look so out of place as compared to other locals

blah...the 1st Dhoom w/John is the best

lol amir khan is so cute he wears his little charlie chaplin hat EVERYWHERE!! LOL

Wooow! Aamir in the grey tee looks awesome!! And this movie loooks super awesome


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