Dia Mirza & Sahil Singha at the muhurat of AGL

Dia Mirza & Sahil Singha at the muhurat of AGL 0
Dia Mirza & Sahil Singha at the muhurat of AGL 0

Dia Mirza & Sahil Singha at the muhurat of Ajab Gazabb Love.

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Anonymous's picture

Dia is so lucky to have gotten to meet and be with such a sweet looking guy! I am sure he is a really nice guy. They go well together, similar in their sweet nature yet different and complimenting each other (he seems like the more quiet one, dia the more expressive/friendly one).

Anonymous's picture

With her beauty, she could have gotten a much, much better looking man.

Anonymous's picture

Dia is so so pretty! :) Her and Sahil make a good couple :) He's smiling for once

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

What does Dia actually do?

Anonymous's picture

is she engaged to this guy??? they look good together.

angelicious's picture

she looks beautiful... unfortunately so underrated...

Anonymous's picture

pretty girl, that dia!

Anonymous's picture

Diy's husband is such a nerd

Anonymous's picture

Good figure, her firang genes are helping her


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