Dilip Kumar leaves for Umrah with wife Saira Banu

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Dilip Kumar aka Muhammad Yousuf Khan leaves for a holy pilgrimage to Mecca at the age of 90.

"Allah has been kind that he's given me the strength to go on Umrah (pilgrimage) with Saira, Asif, Faisal... My doctor friends, few relatives are also accompanying me to Umrah. Keep me in your prayers," the thespian tweeted Wednesday

Credits: Viral Bhayani

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i love this couple, so much love mashallah...may they have a blessed journey inshallah

I just love both of them!

graceful !

May Allah give him the strength to perform Umrah with good health.


Beautiful couple. God bless them with health & happiness.

lol. all this time i didnt know he was a muslim. just found out

Saira Bano.. ab tou dupatta ordh li jiye....

hmm w/e.

He s too frail for umrah he should send someone in his place instead

Oh ..so nice to see these two. He looks frail. Dilip Kumar is one of the greats. She was one of the prettiest ladies of her times.

MashAllah 90 years! Dilip is THE best actor. Better than amitab or someone else. God bless you!

its umrah mate!

Mashallah. May Allah accept all his prayers aamen !!

MAY ALLAH accepts his prayers and all his deeds! AMEEN

It's Umrah not Hajj, change it Bolly-freak.

it should be umrah not haj head line is not rt

its not called hajj.. its uimara.. Hajj is only during the month of zilhajj

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