Suniel shetty vs sunny deol vs sanjay dutt - who is the strongest/Better Actor?

I think Sunil is stronger and sunjay/sunil are good actors.

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Sunny Deol is THE STRONGEST AND BEST macho action hero in Bollywood, followed by Sanjay Dutt and Sunil Shetty. That 'dhai kilo ka haath' is incredibly powerful like a gorilla hand that it will literally smash evil like a hammer. These 3 are truly the strongest heroes of Bollywood, of which Sunny Deol, the true JAT, takes THE top spot.

Sunil Shetty is blackbelt kickboxing expert and very strong and can beat just about anybody.
Sanjay Dutt is somewhat stronger and knows MMA and is one of the best fighters.
Sunny Deol is THE STRONGEST as he is a true JAT and knows boxing and is THE BEST macho action hero.
These are the only 3 who can still beat John Abraham.

sunny deol is the best actor of bollywood

Sunil is best

Sanju baba is best


Sunjay dutt 44 chust

baba is very best my tiger baba 8 sal ka tha baba sy love hua ab 22 ka ho gya hu I love baba 1000000000

Sunny is the best

sanjay baba ke body r SB se good h

East or west Sunny is best.

Boss of all hero and gud personality only sanjay then sunil

q thak rahi he

Sunny sir ji u r amazing

Sunny sir ji u r amazing


Singh sabb


sunny paji u r the world best actor ... i thnk & a gud son also hw always obey his father ...............u r rockr wth ur strenght , power , disciple

Chek out De0l in jeet,champi0n,ghatak,f00l an final!!! Suny de0l x just a R0ck

Sunny dharamendra x m0st str0ngest and gr8 b0dy and phisic 0f hix time..

Suny deol brother is best strong man in the world and he defeats john cena ,sunil shetty and sanjay dutt.he is always real and great star .i want to meet suny bhaia .but this is not possible now. I will make body like deol bhai aur phir kisi tarah se suny bhaia se milunga.aur suny bhai ko mujhse milna hi hoga. I love suny bhaia.......bhagwan tumhe 100 years tak happy rakhe because bhai g super hit hai.mai aur bhai ek din ek saath bethkar methi ke parathe khaege. Suny bhai is always great.

Suniel is great is a one of the more impressive blogs I've seen. Thanks so much for keeping the internet classy for a change. Youve got style, class, bravado. I mean it. Please keep it up because without the internet is definitely lacking in intelligence.

sunny's a super hero he's my idol please sir meet me we all love yu and dosto jiski aawaj se 3 khan pura bollywood darta ho to us se comparison main sunil,sanjy ye to bachhe h ok i love yu sunny paaji tussi great ho sir

varun shukla

sunny is my ideol.
He is like a big brother for me.
And i want to have the body like sunny.
Paji tussi great ho.
I wanna meet with u also.

Sanjay DUTT

sunny paji is real hero.

i think sanjay dutt is the best hero in bollywood with comparision to others hero

sabh hero's ka ek hi bap sanjay dutt sanjay dutt sanjay dutt ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................sanjay dutt

Sunny deol ke jaisa bollywood me koi action hero ho hi nahi sakta.Sunny paji ka body bollywood ka sabse best body hai

suniel is the best

i like sanjay dutt body only in bollywood

sunnil sheetiy is stronger than all indian actors

sunny na too salman ko ghar ma ghus ker mara tha

I think these three are better than all actors
sunny deol superb
sunil shetty and sanjay datt also best .. but sunny is too much

I think these three are better than all actors
sunny deol superb
sunil shetty and sanjay datt also best .. but sunny is too much

All 3 are real men and have real body.But due to height of Sanjay,he beats Sunil Shetty.

1. Sunny Deol & Sanjay Dutt

2. Sunil Shetty.



Sunny doel no conpariso n

sanjay dutt sabh ka baap hai ..baaki sabh bekaar hai .....?

sunny deol is real natural bodybuilder no one can compair with him. So dont compair to anybody


Anytime Sunil shetty is stronger and fit among sunny deol amd sanjay dutt.

I think sunil shetty is the strongest man in bollywood
1.sunil shetty
2.sunny deol and sunjay dutt

Sunny is Sunny is the strongest/Better Actor............ !!!! we cant compare him with otherssss in bollywood Actor.

sunny to sab hero ka baap hain nd othrwise hero sab bekar h

Shani. Dhanmendra ka bhi baap hoga aur amitabh iska bhaatija hoga

sunny deol has the natural body....we cant compare him with otherssss,,,,,

sunny deol is sexy as f^%$

Sunil shetty is Bollywood
Arnold schwarzenegger is Hollywood

Sunny deol is the best ever

Sunny Deol anyday.
The best looking, better natural physique, best Action Hero, Original Macho Man.
He started pure action oriented flicks, the most intense one.

Sunny is the best, most intense, best looking, better pedigree

suniel shetty is the best actor and power body i like you suniel super super hero

Sanju Baba: See his movie YALGAAR AND KHalnayak to know who he is.

Best actor, Awesome Body,

Sunny Deol : See his movie Arjun , Gadar to know who he is

The way he shouts, no one else can.

He is a gem

Suniel shetty : SEE His old movies Rakshak and Mohra

Superb Acting

Only one sunny

All 3 are real men and have real body.All the Khans, Kapoors, Bachchans, Dutts, Devgans are nuts in front of them.Sunny Deol was marvellous in Indian , Suniel Shetty was marvellous in Rakshak and Sanjay Dutt was marvellous in Kurukshetra.
Sunny Deol and Suniel Shetty show anger by shouting but Sanjay Dutt remains silent.
Sunny Deol acts best in patriotic films , Suniel Shetty acts good and Sanjay Dutt acts well overall.


Offcourse Sunny Deol. All the Khans, Kapoors, Bachchans, Dutts, Devgans are nuts in front of him..
He is the true action hero of Indian cinema. The unbeatable action king of Bollywood. When he fights
the application & facial expressions itself indicates how sicere he is in action. Infact other actors should
learn from Sunny that actually how action is to be done..

All Or having there good body , But Sunny is body is different, his body is real body which had been built by exercising which have power too. at this age still his body have a strength and power watch out his arms in hero. His body as compare other is really at this age is still good than other .Watched his Ghayal, Ghatak, Jeet,ETC for body,

sunny deol is super star in bollywood sunny macho man in bollywood

Sanjay Dutt and Suniel Shetty both are he man of bollywood..

greatest word is so shortest word in front of sanjay dutt, i have no words to cleayfy that he is nice and good and better than every person of this universe and in this era, i must say he is my superstar and he is strongest in my eyes, i must say he is baba means pita (father) for my friends and me, no one can take place of him. if he is reading this statement which is written by me, baba you are like my father, i want to be different person like you in this era and of this universe in acting and health, and in height (must). i like your health and height and acting, i like your talking style and walking style and facing expression.I want to be like are my angel. i must say to my angel that you are very different person in front of sunny deol and sunil shetty, your comparsion is not perfact with sunil and sunny, you are not perfact for them because thay both are nothing in front of you, i said in first line that geatrest word is so shortest in front of you. you are an angel for many guys in health and in height and in acting, your couple (with madhuri) i like this couple.

sunil shetty have strongest body in bollywood.
sanjay dutt is good too.
sunny deol is fat, he dont have strong body and strong man.
he dont know how to act.

1)sunil shetty
2)sanjay dutt
both r strongest actor in bollywood nobody can beat them in fight.

sanny is best

sunnydeol de reese koi nhi kr sakda oh tan punjabi jatt a ohde koi reese nhi kr sakda he is the bigest man in the world

East to west Anna (Sunil Shetty) is the best.

The only one strongest actor in bollywood is Sunju baba and i like him very much................!

Only one sunny deol is strong

Shuniel shetty is macho man & a good boxer

sunny deol is a Indian Rambo. I like him

Sunny,Sanjay,Sunil in order

Only dharmendra and sunny deol r very very strong hero in bollywood

sunil shetty has no personality. no looks, no neck, nothing. sunny deol has been, sanjay...still entertaining.

Only dharmendra and sunny deol r very very strong hero in bollywood

sunil daaaaaaaaaaaaaa

sunny deol is good body

Sunny as the strongest, Sunil is also a very good actor.
I like Sanjay Dutts old movies.
They are all good in their own way.

sunny cha naad karaycha nahi nahi tar bad hohil

Sunil Shetty who show his strong body in MOHRA May be first time in Bollywood, people saw a perfect Bodybuilder
Hero... He is natural Actor

Sunny deol is fat whereas the other 2 are muscle plus deol can't act

only one sunny deol is strongest hero in bollywood

sunny deol has a real,natural body.he is the powerful man than sanjay and sunil

dev anand is the best bodybuilder

sunny deol is the best fighter and best actor in the industry.he is a action hero man.but sanjay dutt or suniel is good actor


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