DNA Blind Item: Mr Money Bags wants a B-town date

Courtesy: DNA India

This one’s about one NRI type of financer Mr Money Bags, whose heavy pockets always ensured that he could at least get to pose with a bevy of top Bollywood beauties, when they would attend the filmi events, he’d organise abroad to host them. But as is with most women, it’s usually not hard for the heroines too, to guess, what the big guy is really after. But unaware of his reputation and having committed already, the least they could do is pose for a few pictures before looking for the nearest exit on the pretext of an upcoming shoot. So, while dreams of having candle-light dinners with the Bollywood heroines is still a fantasy for him, he’s not giving up yet. And all those who’ve had the chance to visit his rather Bollywoodian house in the UK, reveal how the walls of his house are adorned with pictures of him posing with several Bollywood heroines. Unfortunately, the only ones who seem to fall for his powerful connections with the heroines are aspiring starlets, whom he promises to make as big as the heroines in the photographs. Mr Money Bags in the meantime is not complaining — after all, a bird in hand is better than two in the pic.

Credits: http://epaper.dnaindia.com/epapermain.aspx?pgNo=3&edcode=820004&eddate=2012-3-05

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I have this feeling that Masand gets most of information from B-town people who're plain jelouse,jobless and have become bored of life.I guess most of the stupid starwives,struggling actors,rejected celebrities fit the bill!!!What say???


random NRI

i'd like to interview masand on his blind items. someone please do it. i'm curious to know his motivation and philosophy behind this venture directly from him.

Ok, so which rich millionaire is not looking to bang a starlet ????
What a disappointing NON-STORY.

Not Siddharth Mallya , he's too young and hot to fit the bill.
Idk any prominent nri businessmen, could be anyone...

This is NOT about sid mallya.
- he doesnt own his own home in the UK
hes not committed
and he doesnt know that many bollywood heroines.

the article says this man promises to make wannabe starlets into heroines. but sid mallya doesnt have connections in the movie industry.

looks like some made up story just to keep the readers guessing!!

Lolz...laxmi mittal is anything but a banker.. Lolz.its not him.

This one is kinda boring, rich guy + beautiful girl has been going on for centuries and it's not about to change anytime soon!

could this be siddhartha malya

I KNEW HIM ................................................................................................................... SILLY MAN !!!

Sid Mallya ??

lakshmi mittal???

no clues here at all.

wowww who is this??

who is he...i am curious now

Who is it man?

wtf. this is completely irrelevant.

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