DNA Blind Item: Na na karte pyaar

Courtesy: DNA India

Looks like B-Town will never get over the we-are-just-good-friends syndrome. Just when we thought the younger crop of actors were quite comfortable talking about their relationships, here is another pair who likes to play hide and seek. This young couple, who has been spotted on more than one occasion together, are seeing each other secretly from the past couple of months but like to use the term ‘good friends’ in front of everyone. Apparently they aren’t too keen about people in the industry getting wind of their relationship, especially because one amongst them just went through a messy break-up. Until a couple of months back, the guy was going all out trying to find love and now it does look like lady luck has come calling. While they think they have easily pulled a fast one on everyone, there have been enough eye witnesses to prove that the two of them are always hanging out with each other, attending parties together and gifting each other sweet stuff. The duo has even introduced each other to their set of friends and last heard they were all partying together at a suburban nightspot. Well, let’s see if this relationship lasts longer than the film’s duration.

Credits: http://epaper.dnaindia.com/epapermain.aspx?pgNo=3&edcode=820004&eddate=2012-4-16

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bipasha - shahid


It's Ranbir Kapoor and Amisha Patel

can't b neil n sonal because they are not dating.

sonal and neil nitin mukesh obviously

Shahid PC? Or Ranbir Deepika?

shahid and nargis...

neil broke up with asin thottumcal, over her family and their demands and is seeing sonal chauhan now

Lol,Katrina and Ranbir?Are you serious?THEY BROKE UP LONG TIME BACK!I reckon its Ranveer-Sonakshi

Well, let’s see if this relationship lasts longer than the film’s duration.
Obviously about 2 ppl doing a film together.I think IT'S RANVEER-sONAKSHI

Shahid and Anushka. Anushka had the messy break up with Ranveer and I think they're both doing Maneesh's YashRaj film together.

may be...may be....stop playing may be game....journalism is zero is india...all they do is this....

its not clear....it can be anybody....most of the time they are rumors....media needs spicy articles to make people read...

i think it's neil...broke up with asin...and seeing sonal nowadays.

neil and sonal

cant be katrina and ranbir they never dated.

Ranveer-sonakshi. Messy break up with Anushka ?

Katrina and Ranbir.

shahid nargis

prateik n amy


Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan. His messy breakup was with A-Sin

Ranbir & ??

Prateik-Amy? Sajid-Jacqueline?

Prateik and Amy?

Ranbir and Deepika?

Maybe Shahid and Nargis

Don't think Shahid Priyanka are reviving their love again. Sounds more like Shahid Nargis but it's mentioned in the article that "hope that this relationship lasts longer than the film". I don't think Shahid and Nargis are doing a film together.


Shahid and Nargis

Shahid and Nargis Fakri???

anuksha and ranvir

shahid and priyanka

shahid and priyanka

shahid priyanka!

If this Blind Item is about Shahid and Priyanka Chopra, then I feel sorry for Shahid, because this seem to be one of Priyanka's trick in the book to Media and Fans attention away from her and Shah Rukh. So Shahid is basically being used to help with that.

Howcome they are only hanging out and giving each other sweets, why nothing Romantic like touching, holding etc..? It's because she is still with Shah Rukh and he knows about this hook up/Plan with Shahid. This is just a Light hook up. Poor Shahid.

Neil Nitin Mukesh and some girl..

shahid nargis? or shahid priyanka? seriously how does priyanka get so many dudes falling for her one after one....she doesn't take a break does she? gosh!!!


Well, let’s see if this relationship lasts longer than the film’s duration.


Shahid Priyanka?

The Shahid - Nargis again?

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