DNA Blind Item: Time for some drama, girl?

Courtesy DNA India:

Well, now comebacks have just become a fad. Even if the actors are doing a movie post a break, during which they have been busy doing ads and TV shows, it is considered a comeback. However, this actor was busy with a lot of other things as well. And now she is working actively on her comeback film but unlike her contemporaries, her comeback hasn’t been able to create any buzz and this is upsetting the actor. If sources close to her are to be believed, this has not gone down too well with the star. “She has been a good actor and her films have mostly done good business at the box office. But in today’s competitive marketing age, her film is not garnering any buzz. This obviously is a put off for anyone, so it isn’t any different for her,” adds the source. Though the film isn’t completed yet, the star is already feeling the pressure of not being able to create any substantial buzz around her film. Guess, soon we will see her flashing her new arm candy or getting into a cat fight.

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Credits: http://epaper.dnaindia.com/epapermain.aspx?pgNo=3&edcode=820004&eddate=2012-05-07

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Sridevi (EnglishVinglish) or Preity (IshqInParis)

Its PREITY ZINTA and her new film!

Preity for sure. The clues all fit.

Its Amisha Patel... she has been doing production and magazine shoots... present at all the main events and parties... She has done ads as well...
Its not Manisha cuz she wasn't doing any other work in the industry except for painting & exhibitions...

How can a movie which is not complete can generate enough buzz without any single trailor available for public viewing?.

I agree

Ameesha patel...

Sri devi... not preity zinta!

My guess is Preity. I don't feel any buzz around her movie nor am I myself excited bout it. But then she doesn't get involved in cat fights. She is good and positive towards everyone. Nor does Karisma (she is so grown up and sensible). So who is it.

Preity Zinta

Manisha Koirala? Preity?

it may be amisha patel,she may be with arm candy and she been in cat fights too with bips and others.Or may be preity zinta but preity rarely been in cat fights and on other hand she been doing adds and chat shows during her break from movies.

Tue, 2012-05-08 12:22 — Anonymous... Good point. Could be Manisha Koirala with her ghost themed movie, RGV has been trying to promote that one via twitter (naming contest, etc) and maybe response was not as expected? Manisha is definitely well known for her outbursts of drama!

Can we get some real dirt? Like who's porking who in bollywood

It's someone who's not married so can't be sridevi or karishma.

cant be karisma for sure..........may be preity

How can a movie which is not complete can generate enough buzz without any single trailor available for public viewing?. When people see the trailer or poster then only people can decide whether to see the film or skip it. It should be Karisma's movie only. Usually the buzz will be created only when the film's release date is coming nearer. Karisma is promoting the movie endlessly, u can clearly see the nervousness on her face. The trailer of the movie is quite disappointing.

Madhuri Dixit

This is Preity Zinta...!!

Film is not complete yet..how can it be Karisma?? Seriously people, think!!

It's Preity Zinta..she's the only actress whom I can think of who'll appear with an arm candy or a catfight..LOL

Preity Zinta. Has been busy with other things,has her own TV show ,reasonably good actor with mostly hit movies....Currently shooting for Ishq in Paris with Gaurav Chanana. Flashing her new arm candy is the biggest hint. Karisma & Madhuri are married,Rani is more or less an unofficial Chopra.

Sri devil

They are talking about Manisha Koyrala and her Ghost movi with RAm G Verma

Preity Zinta!!

Guys, it's PZ. She has hosted her own TV show and is working on the film but has not completed yet. The clues are in there. Madhuri, Rani, Karishma do not have their "own" tv show. Karishma's film is complete and set for release whereas Rani and Madhuri have only started again.

not karishma, dangerous ishq is releasing in 3 days. Masand says 'though the film is not completed' so it's got to be someone else.

Its Preity..cant be Karishma as it says "the film is not completed yet" and Dangerous Ishq is set to release or cant be Rani as both Talaash and Aiyaa have a lot of buzz around them!

karishma kapoor ?

I thought it might be Karishma, but since she wont be flashing arm candy ( it has to be a single lady). Could be PZ, Rani.

Karishma Kapoor, new film: Dangerous Ishq! :)

karisma? her upcoming movie seems like a bore..

Karishma kapoor indeed!!




Guessing karishma kapoor

I'm not thinking, that's indeed PZ :P

Madhuri ? Karishma?

Madhuri ?

I'm thinking that it's Preity Zinta. She's still shooting for Ishk in Paris but in the meanwhile, produced her on TV show. And I don't think that the film is creating much buzz.

Priety Zinta

kk or ezy pz

madhuri with gulab gang?
or is it karisma with dangerous ishq? cos neither of these films have any buzz whatsoever.

karisma kapoor...

boring article.I'm not even interested in guessing anyone.Masand's puzzle has gone into my head.

This one looks easy. Karisma kapoor and upcoming movie which is not able to generate the hype is Dangerous Ishq. The trailor reminds me of one of her earlier movies, Baaz.

Yeah... Sridevi.


Karishma Kapoor! I want to see who is her new arm candy. And who she choose to get into a cat fight with. Fun!

preity zinta!

Hmmm interesting cud it be Amrita Rao?

periti zinta

preity zinta

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