Salman Katrina starrer Ek Tha Tiger Facing Problems in Ireland

One of the leading dailies from Ireland Herald , carried this piece of news today. The article that reads "Threats that could kill off our multi-million euro film industry" goes on like this.

IRELAND'S potential as a base for multi-million euro Bollywood movies is being jeopardised by a handful of industry protesters.

Two A-list actors have been left frightened by protests at the filming of a major movie in Dublin city centre, it has been claimed.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, described as the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie of the Indian movie scene, were said to be "frightened and worried" by the targeting of their filming sessions.

Fears have now been expressed that the disruption may hamper efforts to promote Ireland as a location for films.

Industry workers demonstrating over claims of poor pay and conditions picketed a weekend shoot of blockbuster Ek Tha Tiger beside the capital's Ha'penny Bridge on the North Quays.

Gardai were called to the scene after the 30 or more protesters allegedly used klaxon horns and other methods to ensure filming was seriously interrupted.

When the officers from Store Street left at around 2pm on Sunday, the demonstrators seized their chance and "went mad", it was claimed today.

"They started to shout and stick their placards across the wall at the crew and cast," one source told the Herald.

The filmmakers voiced concern that Mr Khan and Ms Kaif were "quite worried" and "quite frightened" by the situation, the insider said.

However, a shop steward for Irish film workers, John Arkins, rejected the claims, pointing out the shoot took place on All-Ireland final day when football fans were blowing horns and chanting.

Irish production company Fantastic Films told the Herald the firm had "worked long and hard" to bring Ek Tha Tiger to Ireland.

"The film is a high profile, Bollywood production that will reach an audience of over 100 million people in India, the Middle East and to the world wide Indian diaspora," a spokeswoman said.

She added: "The film is also being shot in Thailand, Turkey, Cuba and India. It's a wonderful opportunity to showcase all Ireland has to offer.

"It also platforms Ireland as a location to international filmmakers, as well as breathing life into the Irish film industry, creating jobs in Ireland and generating revenue for the Irish economy.

"The production is spending €1.5m in Ireland in the two-month period it is based here and has created in excess of 1,000 short-term jobs for Irish people.

"This includes more than 45 Irish film crew members. Additionally, hundreds of thousands of euro are being spent on Irish hotels, Irish catering and Irish transport."


Referring to the protests, the spokeswoman said "it is disappointing that the actions of a very small minority of people" would "jeopardise the reputation of Irish filmmaking internationally".

"They do not represent the majority of those who work full time in the Irish film industry," she added.

Shop steward Mr Arkins, who was at Sunday's protest, said the shoot took place in the city centre at a time when hundreds of Dublin and Kerry fans were passing.

"What sort of genius said 'let's film 100 metres from O'Connell Street on All-Ireland final day'? I was standing across the road. I witnessed the Viking tour bus blowing its horn, people blowing car horns -- that's what I witnessed," said Mr Arkins, who works as a stagehand.

He said the demonstrators were highlighting low rates of pay, long hours with no overtime and a lack of regulation within the Irish film industry.

Mr Arkins doubted the claims that the Bollywood stars were frightened, saying "you have hundreds and thousands" of fans "chasing these people around the streets" in India.


Filming of Ek Tha Tiger -- a spy-thriller featuring the Bollywood staples of music and dance -- will take place around Dublin until October 15, having started on September 11.

The storyline involves a world renowned scientist working at Trinity College who is suspected of selling missile technology secrets to Pakistan.

Vice-Provost for Global Relations at TCD, Professor Jane Ohlmeyer, said: "The filming of Ek Tha Tiger at TCD is a great opportunity for us to increase our understanding of modern Indian culture and live the Bollywood experience here at Trinity."

The movie by one of India's most prominent film companies, Yash Raj Films, is being directed by the award-winning Indian director Kabir Kahn.

It is being co-produced by Fantastic Films and is expected to be released in June 2012.


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After reading this Brad Pitt will kill himself

katrina is the best

Katrina is faaaaaaaaaaaar far far far far in all the senses to be an Angelina!

Who wrote this @smitag?????

lol only Salman's and Katrina's fans to say this!

Does Hollywood knows them???

What a joke! I live in Frence and no one knows this man, except these Indians here!

LOL!!!!!! Sallu? ok his PR burn their asses to call him like that but... KATRINA-ANGELINA? Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy w is this???

Hello everyone, I am from Italy and I never watched a Salman's movie, he's not known here (but I would liek to watch his movies can someone tell me how?) anyways as for this Angelina-Brad of Bollywood, this has went for Aish-Abhi when they got married. This was commented on a magazine due to their money, fame, power and Aishwarya's good looking of course.

Ohhhhhhhh if by chance Angie and Brad hears that, they will shit of laughing so much!

hahaha, katrina is the angelina jolie. biggest joke of the year.


a small bunch of protesting workers in ireland is threatening the making of Ek Tha Tiger?
lol. who out this piece of scintillating news? Salman and Kats enemy?

It's about time Indian producers and directors to prefer South Europe instead of North.We have better weather conditions and we are more friendly and's a fact.Why so many movies are filmed in London?What so special about London?And now Dublin!! Whats so special about Dublin? And why do you think if your movie is associated somehow with England,then it will be super!! Just get over it.....English empire don't exist anymore.
South and East Europe are miles better!! Italy,Greece,Spain,Malta or cities as Prague,Budapest are wonderful places for shootings.

"frightened and worried" these words doest go well with salmans personality. anyways haters they compare then with brad and angelina on their popularity basis. salman and katrina are more popular in india than brad and angelina in america. so get lost haters

have u guys noticed her legs in the pic...i must admit they are not at all nice

Wowwwwwwwwwwww i am in love with Salman khan:)))

aishwarya as angelina......ha ha joke of the year...she had more flops than hits in her career...most overrated actress

kareena kapoor is angelina jolie right now!! because she is as versatile, naturally beautiful, famous and no. 1actress of bollywood! most of ash bachan's btown movies are flop so she is nothing.kareena kapoor is angelina jolie right now!! because she is as versatile, naturally beautiful, famous and no. 1actress of bollywood! most of ash bachan's btown movies are flop so she is nothing.

kareena kapoor is angelina jolie right now!! because she is as versatile, naturally beautiful, famous and no. 1actress of bollywood! most of ash bachan's btown movies are flop so she is nothing.

kareena is angelina jolie right now!! because she is as versatile, naturally beautiful, famous and no. 1actress of bollywood! most of ash bachan's btown movies are flop so she is nothing.

kareena is angelina jolie right now!! because she is as versatile, beautiful, famous and no. 1actress of bollywood!

Salman khan can be compared to Brad Pit and Aishwarya Rai is always being compared with angelina jolie .. How come Katrina vs Angelina??!!
If angelina jolie is at no 1 place in a list thn in the same list katrina is not able to come no 10.. Seriously guys!!
Kat is a horrible actress.. Good as model.. But worst as actress.. MBKD me jo hindi boli hai uff is se to behtar tha chup hi rehti mute karne ko dil ho raha tha uske dialogues atleast dubbing hi karwa lete.. Par is se zada diff shayad nahi partha kyunki acting itni bakwaas thi k imran n ali phir behtar lag rahe acting me jab k un dono ko bhi koi khas acting nahi aati.

"My point is Angelina Jolie does it al on her own"
>>Angie herself is the daughter of an oscar winning actor and he brought her along to awards functions etc and introduced her to that world. So your comment is not entirely true.

Haha, oh well, maybe the Bollywood productions will learn a thing or two about fair wages and providing decent working conditions for the behind the scenes staff. We all know how those people are treated in India, like second class citizens...

Salman may be a desi Brad Pitt, but Katrina is more a Scarlett Jo of India rather than Angelina.

Was this article written by The PR team of Katrina Kaif & Salman Khan? Can you imagine these talentless hacks being compared to Angelina & Brad? What a JOKE!

Salman-Kat are compared to Brad-Angie on the basis of their immense popularity in india as Brad-Angie are abroad popular.
Brad-Angie do charity like Salman, they are couple just like Salman-Kat are rumoured to be a couple.
Both couples are considered most beautiful in their respective countries and always top popularity charts.
Acting wise they all had some good and some bad movies.

How the hell can someone compare them to brad and angelina? So upsetting! Can someone please explain to me why Isabelle who studied at the acclaimed Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute still hasn't found a job? I mean she should have gotten her big break by now in an hollywood movie. Poor thing unlike big sis Kat she can't find a single hollywood or bollywood actor who can help her getting into movies. I actually like to help Issy by hinting her a name like Leonardo Dicaprio however he seems to be more into blondes...

My point is Angelina Jolie does it al on her own. Katrina Kaif is today in Dublin thanks to Salman. Kaif should be kissing Salman's feet.

brad and angelina of bollywood? HEELLL YEAHHH,,get lost haters

yes they are branglinas of india, let the haters get even more jealous.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif = Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie = FRIGHTENING.

Angelina Jolie = Changeling, A mighty heart, Girl interrupted. Not to forget she won an oscar.
Katrina Kaif = LOL Namastey London...was that really so hard for her??? Playing a British indian girl? New York...give me a break that was totally John and Neil.

Brad Pitt = Too many movies to name from Seven to Inglorious Bastards talk about versatility.
Salman Khan = Tere Naam??? No offense he is entertaining but is he a fabulous actor??? Please don't lie not really...where is his Benjamin Button?

Now this is what i'm frightened about guess this is Salman and Turcotte's mr and mrs smith moment lol.

angelina jolie my ass.

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