Ekta kapoor and prachi desai at OUATIM success bash

Please count the accessories on Ekta and report to me:). Prachi looks great.

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Credits: pv

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i like so mochhhhhhhhh ekta kapoor . i m frm delhi. delhiboy466@yahoo.in

Yeah, Pra...chi CHI is there only because of this Lesbian Kapoor connection. The movies where she had done bit parts in could have been made without her. There were many other girls from TV.

Ekta Kap's girl friends only shine bright in movies. First Anita- Natasha and now she...She needed someone to mentor and bed.THE FAMILY - HER BROTHER ETC LIKE HER TO FOR SOME REASON

Pretend to be traditional and then suddenly turn western. Big Hypocrisy, double standards.And she doesn't look all that young.
she will never get any good role or female lead roles in her life no matter how much she tries...

ouatim should have 2nd part. it will really rock

Like Prachi, but this outfit has got to go, it looks awful on her. No more mini outfits Prachi, there not for
everyone. Good luck with your acting career thou.
Where is this "man" in your life you keep talking about.

Agree w/ the shweta tiwari's comment, think she can act n way beautiful than Prachi. I thnk Prachi got roles just cuz of ekta.

to the lesbian comment i wouldnt be surprised, it was ekta that discovered prachi in her serial and always casts prachi in her films, and neither of them have boyfriends in their life....hmmm

someone should do me a service (and do Ekta one too) by burning those chappals! Uffff!!!

prachi doesn't seem to have the confidence to stay in the industry.

Rumour is that Ekta is a lesbian and Prachi and her are having a live in relationship. Its just a romour im not sure though. But like look at Ekta she screams Lesbian.

money can't buy class - AGREED!!!

i still remember during jalak dhiklaja days b4 prachi was entering to bollywood she had problem with wearing mini & skimpy clothes..she was like dt she is never going to wear mini & skimpy clothes..but frm last few months i hv always seen she wearing this mini short dresses like priyanka chopra..dont like this girl..thr r much better good luking & talented actresses in television but cudnt make it in bollywwod..i thout shweta tiwari is much better choice for bollywood as far as luk & talent concerned.

Prachi desai looks really stupid..teribledress..

ekta needs to learn to stand like a lady...not with legs wide open in a skirt! grossss.Anyways, she sure looks wierd.

wjat is ekta wearing, those sandels are hideous
and prachi does not look good to, why is she wearing such a short skirt, she looks really cute with salwaar suit.

money cant buy class, thts for sure. Ekta Kapoor has all the money in the world but still chooses to dress like this. Personally, i dont like Prachi's dress at all..

ekta kapoor makes me sick ewwww her legs and face and everything! she needs to be covered from head to toe. and also she looks like a pandit or something with all those rings

omg i think i just puked in my mouth! ekta looks disgusting!

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