Ahana Deol at Esha Deol's wedding ceremony

Ahana Deol stuck to the South Indian Thavani(half-sari) at sister Esha Deol's wedding. Not too fond of her outfit, but she looked good ;-)
Also love the traditional south Indian jewelery she is sporting. I too own the pink-gold necklace she has on ;-)

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Credits: Solaris Images

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her South Indian Mom taught her well: love that they are proud of their Tamil culture! (i'm not even Tamil btw).

Sat, 2012-06-30 23:17 — Anonymous

She has no collar-bones y'all !!
who needs one? , if you have a face like that...:D

A gorgeous mother and two beautiful daughters and who do they get to design their clothes.. Neeta and Niskha Lulla. Seriously??

The dress is a mess...but the girl looks cute...no matter what...

Too much color for me :S

She has no collar-bones y'all !!

Sat, 2012-06-30 15:31 — Voiceswriter
Great on them for not sticking to Deol Punjabi traditions.
so true....half punjus in bollywood like Pc,Bebo etc act more punju than the full punjoos.Thats why i like them ...self respect is the key to life.

Ahana looks cute. She should to movies.

Great on them for not sticking to Deol Punjabi traditions.

if i was hema ji s daughter i would come in bollywood with a big dhmakas not like them wasting all opritunitys so sad she dont know how to dress in sis s wedding

ewww Tacky!

Being a south Indian Brahmin myself I feel this dhaavani is over the top with various colours and stuff.. Personally I feel it would've looked better if the designer had stuck to the authentic fabric and less colours, exactly the way we wear it.. This one looks so messed up, probably the designer wanted to amalgamate different cultures into one outfit.. Doesn't work! :( but Ahana looks pretty! :)

she is lookin gowgessss..loveing it..wowww

Ahna looks beautiful!
BTW the necklaces she is wearing are with Ruby's, typical south indian jewelry pieces.
So gorgeous!

her facelooks gorgeous...the outfit, not so much..

Ahana looks gorgeous!

South Indian half sari is called Davani not Thavani
Ahana looks pretty

both esha and ahana are wearing south indian outfit with marwari colour , idk why?

I have seen young gilrs wearing 'Davani' in Tamil and Mallu weddings ,made of pure kanchipuram , this is tacky.Thankfully the girl is too beautiful and feminine to overshadow the dresss

i like her simplicity

She looks nice :)


For me ahana actually looks a bit like namrata shirodkar than esha..

wow! she is very beautiful! for some reason, in the very few pictures of hema and her two daughters, ahana looked very bad in them..i don't know why. but seeing her in these pictures, I gotta say she is a very pretty girl.

Ok,fair enough wedding is traditional and all with the outfits. Just find the colours too busy

Is she dating anyone?

The dress is quite simple. But it's nice that they honoured their south indian heritage by doing a traditional wedding.

She can easily be confused for Esha if she would've dressed up too much..she's a good sister...she let her sister shine!

the clothes worn by esha and ahana for the wedding looks so tacky.. they could've worn kanchipuram sarees like their mom..

She he self looks beautiful!!

Awful Outfit!!!!!

Oh I hate this type of sari. But it's just a trend and will go away very soon just like that silly sari dress fad in the 90s

she is too beautiful ! really !

Her face looks beautiful. The jewlery is nice. Are those corals? The outfit would have been nicer without the parrot green. Dark Blue or Black in place of green would have been fine. Who is the designer behind this? I'm so glad I wore my kanjeevarams/and other sarees at my wedding..... None of this shiny designer stuff.

Too many colours going on her outfit. It's a Tamilian half sari ,not a lehenga.

she is beautiful girl, i wish she do a film in the future,bollywood needs a simple girl like her

I like her pink and gold jewellary!!

me neither...I don't like the outfit. Hemaji look better with her sari.

It's not lehenga...she's wearing the south indian style "thavani" (half-saree)

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