Farah Khan with her husband Aqeel & Kids

Aqeel Ali & Farah Khan-Ali with son Azaan (8) and daughter Fiza (5) .

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yaha pe to phir better lagri he ya and iska husband!!!! her kids are cute!!

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oh my god he soo doesnt look nice.benoori and benooora..
allah has token the light of their faces
muslim names bt i do not think they follow the religion ISLAM..
as u get many people who have muslim names bt they are not muslims.
i hope allah does some rehem on them.and everyone else who is lost in any religion to guide them bak into their religion..

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nice family

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rudest celeb on twitter

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farah ji u r looking beaitiful

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Wow, what a gorgeous family, Aqeel looks smokin hot, and the kids are so cute especially fiza, she looks more like her mothers family.


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