Style Files: Esha Gupta

Style Files: Esha Gupta 0
Style Files: Esha Gupta 0

Another new one on the block, Esha Gupta has made quite an impression with her sartorial choices. She has fared pretty well in our style books.

Esha seems to have a penchant for gowns and maxis, having sported them in a range of pop colours and a variety of cuts. Even her choice of dresses has been distinctly different, with no style being repeated ever. We also noticed Esha mainly sported creations by Indian designers and was particularly experimental with her hairstyles.

We see a fashion icon in the making. What about you?

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Catharina Amalia's picture

her face is a combi of angelina jolie and lara dutta......

kohinoor's picture

She has an ok style quotient
Nothing too bad or jaw dropping

Anonymous's picture

OH wow another source of inspiration! she has a lot of mediocre stuff but one or two inspiring ones to be considered a bonafide fashionista

mystic river's picture

She looks better on screen than photos.

angelicious's picture


Voiceswriter's picture

She's okay, nothing jaw-dropping. She needs to ease off of the Angelina Jolie thing.


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