Rani Mukerji On The Cover Of Filmfare [Hindi]

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Well, what have they done to her gorgeous face?


She looks like Madhuri here, but ofcourse Rani is mch cuter than her :)

Madhuri is the Queen of Bollywood. She is one of the most beautiful women to have graced the silver screen. Ofcourse Rani is beautiful too but Madhuri Dixit is unparallel.

This doesn't look like Rani at all - kinda looks like Madhuri! The styling is so good though!

airbrushing airbrushing tell me is this Rani??

I love her look, I think even her beauty is versatile

this doesnt look like her. i almost thought it was Priyanka chopra.

its cute!

bad cover

Nice cover..the photo shopping is bad though.

She looks stunning, she's got such a cute face.

i think this is a cute cover n rani look nice

what they have done with this beauty! :O though she looks at least charming,thanks to her preity face! :(

wow amitabh bachchan is going to be 70 in a few days

That doesnt look like Rani what the hell??

IT IS PHOTOSHOPPED VERY AMATEURISHLY.... in the 2nd pic it doesn't look like she s biting on her lip..

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