Freida Pinto Covers Esquire UK


Freida Pinto on the Cover of Esquire UK April 2012

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Okay, the thing is, if you're going to go the Esquire route and pose wearing next-to-nothing to further your Hollywood career, you better WORK the sexy. It needs to OOZE from every pore. Freida is posing so awkwardly, and if she's going to put on the whole "Ooohh, look, I'm tugging my skimpy little tank top so far down you might just be able to see my nips" act, you better do it like you mean it! It's not believable here to my eyes. I'm not feeling the sexiness.
She and her management are trying to market her as something that she's not, or at least, not capable of being yet.
The 2nd to last picture should have been cut completely. The posing is obvious and unnatural, and unless you're in the hands of an excellent photographer, you can't be made to look classy/artsy and sexy/naughty at the same time.

Whitened skin and photoshopped features. She is not attractive either way. I think some vomit came up when I saw this.

glad to see an indian girl who LOOKS indian and IS indian make it big internationally..but was this necessary? she looks saggy and gross..

Pinto must not be getting work. She is not talented and looks wise she looks like there is nothing special about her. Useless woman. Third rate cheapness this is.

Aishwarya Rai is hotter then this piece of cow filth

smelly freida is hella oogly

I like Freida. But these pictures unfortunately look really gross and are crying out desperation. These are so unflattering. She shouldn't have done it. There was no need.

glad to see an indian girl who LOOKS indian and IS indian make it big internationally..but was this necessary? she looks saggy and gross..

She is attractive but why objectify yourself?!

Aishwarya Rai is hotter then this piece of cow filth

she is not looking thattttt hot

she so not sexy.

she is last person I want to see in bikini

I for the life of me can't see what is so special in her....I guess it's just her luck...Good for her...And the photographs....doesn't suit her...

Its only bad because this is a british issue, they are not too fassy about looks like in America. if frida had these taken in the US the photographer would have made sure he comes out of it with clean shots and sexy ones because of the competition.

But for #4 all the pics are bad.

Actually looks like a shoot Freida didn't when she was a struggling model than something done just recently by a big name magazine.

she looks uncomfortable,and you can see that in her comes from within,it's
all about self confidence,which she is lacking in this photoshoot,that's why it's rather awkward
than sexy to me,sorry.


her face looks real cheap in the first two pics..badly done shoot

I agree, Freida can be sexy without this really low class photoshoot.

Her expressions are lacking.

Ummmm did not like it. It almost feels like she is merely following directions and asking silently this, ok? like this? move up more? she is not INTO the shoot both expression and movement wise (except maybe the shower pics). Physically she is fit but I am sorry she can't carry this off in other senses. AND I agree this doesn't suit her. Moreover, this photoshoot really doesn't look that professional to me. Freida, take a page off Mallika maybe or even Malaika. They are sensuous in a natural way.

she looks sexy but the top in first and 2nd pic could have been better

all I can say is urggggh disgusting yucky and im running out of words what was she thinking !!!

I really like Frieda and this does not suit her at all. The photographer did a really horrible job. She looks awkward and out of place.

Stop covering this foreign star.

Wow that's a risque photoshoot! And another international cover for Freida's collection! :)

Yes!!!!!!!! I have always wanted Freida to do sexy and hot. Those lips, eyes and the amazing body were getting so wasted when she was being this regular nice girl.


finally shes got sum hips and toned up...still flat chested but thats normal for indian girls...hard to maintain the hour glass figure naturally.

Why, oh why did she do this...give her some clothes somebody.

Freida has finally started to look hot with some weight and less clothing

Go Freida!

She looks in great shape.

OH EM GEEEEE! She looks AWFUL! What did they do to her?????? They look like .xxx shots!

And how do you manage to make someone as slim as her look so chunky?

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