Watch Mohit Marwah, Boxer Vijender Singh, Kiara Advani and Arfi Lamba in the trailer of 'Fugly'

Watch the official trailer of the Akshay Kumar production, Fugly. The young team consists of Mohit Marwah as Dev, Kiara Advani as Devi, Vijender Singh as Gaurav and Arfi Lamba as Aditya. Fugly also stars Jimmy Sheirgill as Chautala. The movie is directed by Kabir Sadanand and releases on 13th June.

Here's the synopsis of the movie - Set in the bylanes of Delhi, this fast paced Youth Entertainer has a miss a beat narrative, that would drive you to the edge of your seat in true blue Dilli ke rang! As they say in DELHI "Purra Da Purra Pomp and Show Kakke". Pulsating music, that is young, experimental and yet completely commercial... It's Kitsch and it puts the best of friends through the most bizarre events of their life... the game is FUGLY!

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Credits: pinkvilla

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Just becuz u look good doesnt mean u can act. the acting in the trailer isnt what i would up to standard. I mean jimmy just blew them out of the water

saving my pocket money for Heropanti.

Sure shot hit ... How hot is mohit !!!

this looks interesting...

did h e just wore The American flag as his underwear... that's offensive....

Wayyyyyyyyyy BETTER than two states...I dont understand who even likes arjun kapoor yaar!!I will pay for this movie..likei decided il go and watch Queen the day its trailer was out!!Overrated promotion the movie doesnt help movie!!When will these movie people understand that now the indian audience is not a bunch of fools...sighhhhh!!!

The newbie actors are.......... -.-.. Why do ppl not understand that every goodlooking oerson cannot act! Like for example the girls , well she looks good but such bad acting... The sabing grace is the story and jimmy.!

uff exciting film cant wait to watch

Reminds me of the movie Shaitan but this pales in comparison

the trailer takes a fab turn with jimmy's entry,,really such an underrated actor

someone sign Jimmy for a good script already, his acting is wasted on films like this and that one with saif/sonakshi

Love Mohit and his voice

Jimmy all the way

I think this movie will work. I remember hearing that the soundtrack is amazing for this movie.

Jimmy Shergill is such an underrated actor.

Suspenseful story intriguing, but cheesy cheap side jokes was a downer.

Jimmy Shergill an underrated action.

i love u mohit....

oh i love u mohit

lots of kisses my baby

such a pouty lips u hv mohit……

i want u mohit...

mohit mohit mohit mohit....

wat a voice mohit! hotty! i love u....

Akki should choose better scripts both to act in and also to produce. The actors look terrible in their skill and forced confidence projected on screen to cover that up. Good luck is all i can say.

I cannot tell the difference between the girl in this and Heropanti. They've become so generic!!

meh. jimmy looks good. but i am not so sure about the story. copy paste set of friends, copy paste friendly life. meh

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