Gauhar and Kushal -- The Real Deal?

Everyone who's been watching Bigg Boss 7 has an opinion about the Gauhar-Kushal story. Love them or hate them, but you can't ignore them. From being virtual strangers in week 1 to be being called lovebirds in week 3 to being almost inseparable in week 5, these two have had quite a journey. So is it all real, is it scripted for TRP or is it a little bit of both?

Let's first lay out all the information:

1. Gauhar was dating Nihar Pandya (deepika's ex, EX) for a while(few years) before BB7. They broke up before she got into the house. Gauhar's close friends cite religious differences as the reason for their split. Nihar wanted to live family life in the traditional Gujju way, while Gauhar wanted to continue practicing her religious beliefs. Considering they'd thought about having a family, getting married etc., their relationship sounds like a serious one.

2. Kushal's had pretty interesting history too. He dated some chick called Candy Brar (Vivek was seen taunting Kushal about it). Then he was with Elena, this Bulgarian model who he was with on a dance reality show. Now, although Kushal maintains that he's broken up with Elena, Elena's twitter says a very different story. She tweeted, "Dont take me wrong,been super busy and have problem understanding Hindi. No braking up, no drama, please, no bad words about him. Ok?" Her display picture on Twitter is of her, with her arm around Kushal, smiling sweetly.

3. Gauhar and Kushal's PDAing is pretty evident. 84 cameras remember!? Ousted contestant Vivek Mishra said in his interview that there was DEFINITELY something going on between these two (although he also said there's nothing between Armaan and Tanisha-- so can we really even trust him?). Vivek also said in an interview that Gauhar and Kushal were locked up in the restroom for a good 15 minutes. Now it's possible that he was just holding her hair back while she was throwing up (she was sick), but then why didn't Gauhar ask anyone else to accompany her? Did she take Kushal along because he's her best friend in the house? Or did they need some alone time after all the drama?

That brings us to the big question, are these two really in love or is this scripted? If Kushal has a girlfriend waiting for him, then isn't he lying to Gauhar about being single? Gauhar's just broken up with her long-term boyfriend, is she just playing along to get more screen time? Are they using the same old trick that sana-rajeev, rahul-payal, ashmit-veena, sky-pooja used to stay in the game? What do y'all think?


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It's just a game policy or nothingelse. Both are very sleek and camera alert so they know what they need to do to get attention, more footage than any one (5 weeks left for final) and make public fool. Also Kushal s taking advantage of his 3 weeks vacations where he gets a second chance for entering the Bigg Boss house again. Anyway whatever they do can't win BB 7 as there are other ppl whom are more deserving than them to win the show. We have seen lots of Hindi serials and movies romancing with actor-actress so it does not new thing for BB7. Marriage also happened in BB6 but it lasted only few months. So Gou-ku's fake love story will last till the end of BB7.

gauhar is a genuine person, though i have doubts about kushal from day one!

Whatever it is it looks good.. And btw writing about these two constantly is in no way distracting publics attention from the real deal Cochise-cooing couple in the big boss house. So fake PR people stop with the antics.. Public can see through your sham.. Pinkvilla please publish my comment.. Gracias !!

Whether this lasts or not, it is definitely real. And very sweet.

These are just for time-pass..frivolous 2-3months affair..when the mind is empty you need something to keep it occupied with.Gauhar-Kushal thing would have been cute, but the way they are overdoing, is just making it DISGUSTING.

Why suddenly an article on them? repercussions of the sat episode to project them in a bad light?

they are in love till they are inside the BB house..
Havent we seen these stories already

they are in love till they are inside the BB house..
Havent we seen these stories already

they are in love till they are inside the BB house..
Havent we seen these stories already

Sun, 2013-10-27 18:21 — LordVoldemort
I absolutely agree wid you

I think dere feelings are genuine and dey are vry adorable to look at
I like to c der part:) its interesting and cute nthn vulgar or cringe worthy

Since last week I have started hating kaushal and gauhar

Gauhar and Kushal know each other modeling days...they are friends here to support each other because they are paired together know that they will get tons of media attention. Gauhar is using him and he is using her...I dont think there is anything real, other than them two using each other might that be for money or physical use.

It seems very genuine to me. From both their sides. I don't think you can put on such a facade, 24 hours for five weeks. Maybe it's circumstance, being so close, locked up but for now think they're real. I think they're really cute together & nothing repulsive or vulgar. He kisses her forehead very sweetly, does the hand holding & the teasing jokes but, thankfully, they've yet to go for a frolic in the smoking room, climb into each others beds and be all over each other or start giving each other massages. It's very cute to watch.

Love Gauhar Khan so much! Hope she wins BB7

Ok thry are madly in love. Only somepne whos in love will risk her carrier for screaming and defanding kushal

Gauhar is a real & genuine person so I have no doubt that they are the real deal

I love Gauhar!! Best person in BB7. Watch only for her!

Seems genuine!

Umm, I highly doubt that it's real, she is using him for show whereas he really thinks this is all genuine.

I feel there's genuine chemistry between the two. And a more stronger inclination from Khushal's side.

Gauahar the gorgeous is the most honest most real most fair contestant in BB unlike disgusting Tanisha, and yes Gauhar and Kushals lovestory is real, coz they have known eachother verywell amd u can't be fake 24hours

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