Gauhar and Kushal's vacation pictures

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Love-birds Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan, who started their relationship amidst 84 cameras in the Bigg Boss 7 house, are seen vacationing in Goa. Kushal tweeted these pictures saying, "Wishin all gaushal fans a very happy newyear.....rock ur 14 ;-) god bless ."

Gauhar Khan went on to win the Bigg Boss 7 season and won a prize money of Rs. 50 lakhs. Boyfriend Kushal was evicted a couple of weeks before the grand finale.

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luv u gaushal chak de fatte

love ya gau

After watching their love story for 3 months on BB7 people are interested I seeing them, if you aren't don't like on their topics & comment! Simple! All the best to Gauhar & Kushal.

Kushal lagta hai saalon se nahaya nahi n gauhar lied about her age. Inferiority complexed girl

Lots of love to my fav Gauahar Khan! Be happy! All the best!

Both of thema re soooo desprate for attention...PLEASE JUST GO AWAY!

i wonder whether they had sexed!!

Having been endeavour hearing nd talking of you nd seeing too , gaushal when are you both going to declare about ur marriage.........just keep enjoying ur selves nd keep off the worthless things all the way.

Having always been endeavour and amazing seeing you 'Gaushal' together nd making us wait dat when probably going to hear of relationship licence means marriage if it is possible bit soon so than so be it nd let us be the witness of it nd than to go wd be rather satisfied all the please go for it ....ready to take mess with anybody only for two of u my dearest guys....

Gosh....she is such a despo....self obsessed giddy headed she thinks she n bhoochaal tondon could be the next brangelina or what ? wats this GAUSHAL CRAP! serously ewww! pinkvilla plssssss post this

PLEASE! *cries and gets on knees* NO MORE! No more of gaushal or tanman. I'm sick of seeing these four attention seeking losers everywhere. I mean what have they really achieved other than publicity by abusing, fighting and yelling on a scripted reality show. None of them possess any talent whatsoever. Infact, it seems disrespectful to put their posts on the same page of many talented Bollywood actors.

Tanisha pr is still active to defame gauhar, hw cn b smeone be so insecure..??

Its hilarious that they like to call themselves as 'Gaushal'. Just add an extra 'a' at the end, and the word becomes 'Gaushala' which means Cowshed in Hindi :D! Its very clear that these guys are making the most of their flash in the pan fame. Which self respecting couple christens itself? Terms like 'Brangelina' and 'Saifeena' are all media created but these guys are shouting 'Look-we-have-joined-the bandwagon-too'! Anyways, Gauhar simply wants 'Superstardom', as if winning Bigg Boss is the simplest way to do so!

Milking their 15 minutes of fame for all its worth - which is clearly not very much LOL!

Super cute

oh god ... are we just gonna see pics of gaushal and tanman now on pv? lol

She looks a lot like a cross between Shilpa Shetty and Nicole Scherzinga

we'll be tortured by their news even after BB???? oh no

I miss Bigg Boss because of Gauhar!! She's the full package, love her! So glad she won!

We love u Gauhar n Kushal........!

Kushal's face is Torturous to the eyes! He is blessed with an Irritating face I must say! Drama Queen is looking Okay here.

They must have been busy making up for lost time ;).

Very sweet. I can't believe I miss Bigg Boss. Frustrating as hell but some awesome moments.

I think Gauhar can get someone much better than Kushal. Andy even told her so, why didn't she listen to him ahhhhh

i dont think kushal is parfact for gauhar

cute. I like her style most of the times.

........................................ I actually miss BiggBoss7

Kushal tweeted 1 more pic... add that to this post too Bolly-Freak! thanks!

love ya Gau

#WeLoveGaushal (their couple name) has been trending on Twitter in India and Pakistan for 2 days! hit jodi... super cute!

U got it totally wrong.. It was trending for not 2 days but just 2 minutes....

lmaoooo... you guys r funny

Love diz gal

awww I love them!


PV where is my post?

Uhhh using "Gaushal" too?

really cute!

Gauhar khan is 33 years old but she lied on national television by telling a wrong age. She is complexed about her age

hot couple

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