Shah Rukh Khan & Gauri Khan at the launch of 'Bandra 190'

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Shah Rukh Khan & Gauri Khan attended the launch of the Sussanne Roshan, Seema Khan and Maheep Kapoor's retail boutique 'Bandra 190'.

Dressed in red and black, the couple looked impeccable.


Lovely couple. God bless them. people should refer from writing pathetic comments.

Gauri is looking good & is obviously putting in a massive front to show that all is going well with her & sharukh -- But SRK looks totally disconnected as if he would rather be some place else or maybe he was MISSING Hirthik

Love them! They look great:))

His affair with Priyanka I do not care. But to bring a child into the world just to continue the affair in peace is disgusting. Suddenly everyone believes in his innocence. That was his ultimate goal with Abram. The poor little boy must now grow up with parents who do not love.

also, was not your excuse before, they do not appear together any more and when they appear, you create another thing then turn to the excuse they do not appear together any more on latter posts, is this a woman who is forced to live with betrayal, is this how a forced or unhappy woman can look to you, give us touchable evidence or stop your shit because that gets stupid, you tell things we all know but has no evidence for them so personally I do not believe as they are still together and had new baby, do not say it is srk plan and so on, as that is not realistic, what a shit, she can be divorced as suzan did, now every thing is obvious and dislike the comment several times as you always do with your gang

Classy couple. No one can deny that!

Just saw some pics in their car when they arrived/droved off. Both looked annoyed out of their windows. They definitely had a dispute.

Yes you can also see them on the video but i think srk was angry he was absolutely bored.but i think gori was ok.

Just saw some pics in their when they arrived/droved off. Both looked annoyed out of their windows. They definitely had a dispute.

Get a life! There were people outside banging the car and the driver couldn't move. Whether you like it or not. They are together having their own hell of a great life while you here not adjusting this fact. Sad people like make me sick.

The first couple. How lovely they are:))

Gauri is glowing! Looks happy too..... and SRK as usual looks as if he needs couple of days sleep :p

Love the clothes in the background. ..but think they are very expensive :(

Awesome couple, they both look great together!

P.S. It is high time PV banned the same anon who writes nonsense about SRK and Gauri anywhere and everywhere and writes repeated replies to him/herself too. Everything should have a limit, this person is madly obsessed in a bad way with SRK and Gauri and that is not good at all.

you sound obsessed.

Are you SRK `s voice? If he wanted the rumors would have long fallen silent. But no, he has no need to deny it. As long as he doesn`t do that the rumors persist.
The family will have continue to suffer. Sad! And I agree with the people who watching their tweets. It's obvious!

Are you SRK `s voice? If he wanted the rumors would have long fallen silent. But no, he has no need to deny it. As long as he doesn`t do that the rumors persist. The family will have continue to suffer. Sad! And I agree with the people who watching their tweets. It's obvious!

Gauri looks so pretty with that little weight

shahrukh looks tired, seems like hes been busy with the underworld a lot lately.

Gauri looks great in red.

Never seen Gauri smile so much ever! And SRK looks odd almost saying to the camera 'mujhe yahan se bachao!'

Gauri looks good :)

she is pretty and he is sexy. and they make a wonderful couple. would love to see their new baby now!

This man loves his wife and she loves him back. And I mean LOVE LOVE not something like whatever. I really find them amazing.

Gauri looks hot! Srk is always the true gentleman.

Gauri looks good!! Red is definitely her color.

Both look nice and classy. I genuinely respect this couple.

Never seen Gauri smiling so much! SRK needs to stop using gel to change his hair colour and stop using so much gel.

Great good looking couple:))

Sussanne shd learn something from GAURI, how to keep ur man. rough patches happen, and i think sussanne is surrounded by page 3 housewives who BS n gossip a lot, but look at gauris dignity,grace, she didnt leave the house but srk had option to leave the house, gauri is strong woman, she worked on it and won in the end for kids/family.

Excuse me! Did you know them personally! You have no idea what happend and how srk and gauri together. Just becuase you hear gossip doesn't mean it applau to them. These two have been together since 1984! Their bound is since they were young teens. So to compare them with Suzzane and HR is funny cause you don't know. Leave them out of this public seekers please.

I'm so sorry for Gauri. The whole industry is laughing at SRK and Priyanka and Gauri desperately tries to salvage the situation. Even the baby can not save this marriage. He`s still cheating behind her back.

They make a Lovely pair!

Gauri is looking great!! SRK rockssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry but SRK looks bored out of his mind. The same facial expression in ALL shots.

but did SRK and Salman speak to each other over a drink??? come on chaps lets be human???especially Salman that is his motto right????

They look so good together and red is Gauri's color! A new baby has infused life into her.. bless motherhood, nothing like it in the world.

what is gauri's aukaad? that she is srk's wife? i dont give two hoots.
I like to watch srk on screen and that is that.

I dont understand why ppl are here are obsessed with a person who does literally nothing different from anybody ordinary - infact that is easy considering she has ton of staff to run her house!

Taking care of house, family and children is no easy joke.

again millions of women do it. gauri relatively has it easy than my help or me - who work and look after home and children as well.

she is the producer

acc. 2 her own admission, she only signs cheques, film production is a lot more than that.

I am not judging her, I am just asking why her photos must be put up or praise her for no achievement of her own.

SRK, hrithik matter to us - awesome stars/actors, Gauri or Suzanne - no. That is all I am saying.

I mean Kiran rao, yes, she did a marvelous offbeat movie called dhobighat.

Because Gauri and Suzanne are INTERESTING to look at and always fashionably dressed with fun personalities, and that's why you need to be featured in entertainment blogs. Without them, SRK and Hrithik are so boring, I don't even click on thumbnails if it's just the heroes. Beckham may be the sportstar, but it is Victoria who made him into the star that he is and cultivated their image together.
One of the major factors about the SRK aura is how devoted he was to his wife right from his debut, they had a grand fairytale story, now that that's damaged, I see him in a very different light. Gauri made his image.

she is a major part of srk's life and career (including financial decision,movie signing, etc.,) thank god you didn't ask 'what is mrs.. ob a ma's / first lady's importance'..

There are first lady's duties - but she is definitely not doing an important job as obama is. but on her own right, Michelle obama is accomplished.

Gauri Khan.., no not really. And i dont agree abt srk's popularity tied to gauri. movie watchign public doesnt care abt gauri. SRK might have some brownie points for being faithful to his wife - but just the fact that he is faithful to his wife - people really dont care who the wife is.

People care. A man or woman (especially successful ones) are always watched and admired for the relationships,family, and everyone wants to find out about their friends, background, biography etc., people love to read about famous people and family is a major part of a person's biography because they have a huge impact on that person's well being

You can tell the kind of lover SRK is by the look on Gauri's face and her glow here. Red hot kinda love.

shahrukh looks like he has a small dick he is skinny as hell! and anorexic for a man. but you can go back to your sick perverted fantasy. are you a frustrated housewife???

LMAO! PV thanks for posting these crazzzzzy comments. Hilarious!

LOL this made me laugh so hard!

Lol! Someone really has a small thing you know what! Poor you! Your comment shows your own security. And no one told that men with big fat hands have it big down there! Just look at SRK and you can tell. Bu I guess you are looking at someone's else hands ( you!) LOL

Really feel sorry for you.

what a creepy thing to say.

What a creepy response to my natural and normal opinion. If you don't like it, skip it next time yeah? Bet if Gauri and SRK themselves saw the comment, they'd laugh instead of over think it like Dr. Anonymous PV Esq.

Wow. This is their first public appearance together in a long time!

He had to do this. After his tweet disaster the whole industry lauhgs abt his faux pas ;-)

WOW. Omg, I thought it was all BS, but I see that it's not. The lyrics he quoted are relevant to PC, he's thinking of her. And she responded pretty much without any subtlety by posting a sexy pic and the lyrics of the same song! damn. I don't understand why Gauri is still holding on to the charade...

no they are not the same at all, the song is hey little girl, ans she says hey lil girl, she always says lil not little and the other words are different, how could you think of that even, she posted a photo and said drenched and sun soaked, what is the relation of that with I am on fire song and also after srk tweet with two hours, she did not post song lyrics, it is normal words, also every one hears bruce, why do you assume this special one must be srk, prove to me too it is srk who introduced her to bruce in relity, I am not idiot like the ones who liked your comment to go with such things you tell with no proof, you are some one behind his laptop who types things with no confrontation, how desperate person you are

Priyanka had said in her Vogue interview that somebody special introduced her to Bruce Springsteen song.

LOL, yes noticed his tweet. Bruce Springsteen`s song *fire* and then his desires .... uuuuuh ;-). And his sweetheart answered: "hey lil girl ...., " the first line of this song.
Clear provocation and the fans fooled. Poor Gauri and kids!

Wow. That's really blatant.

You do too much research on srk n priyanka. And some morons like u create these false stories to seek attention. C'mon u can do much better than this.

No need for research, they are both tweeting songs to each other back and firth and deliberately creating rumors. How sick.

Oh wow. I just looked and you are right, though they've been quite clever about it, they're both tweeting about the same Bruce Springsteen song. A song with rather provocative lyrics indeed. I'm starting to wonder...

And I'm starting to wonder if he keeps stupid his teenaged kids. So publicly display the affair. How much it must hurt the kids when he humiliates her mother so publicly. Sad, very sad :-(

what is his tweet disaster?

The whole story to read here on PV: I'm not a saint and I haven’t come here to be one: PriyankaChopra

The whole story to read here *I'm not a saint and I haven’t come here to be one: PriyankaChopra * ;-)

what is this cheap acting you do bunch of idiots, i can not stop laughing, you assume things and asume same lyrics, hey littile and hey lil, hahaha, she is not even tweeting about a song, it is her photos in holiday with her family and then say sad, very sad, add some tears please too, the man is with his wife and three kids, and his wife has all the right to leave him if she knows he is with another woman, she has own dignity but now she had another baby too with the choice of both, she could say no but she wanted a kid to be a bigger connection between them, how can he cheat with a new baby from his wife, he could marry pc and have a baby from her instead of surrogacy and she appears with him always and happy too, so what is your problem, well the person who invents stories and all the industry knows and por gauri and such words is cheap PR, well it is so clear as no nrmal person will do such search and comments about the same thing on each post if not so, he seems free but what is with the oneswho like his comment, stupid person or maybe it is himtoo

I guess after the Hrithik-Suzanne separation, they are reiterating to the public that they are not planning to split up.

... but it`s too late. The marriage is destroyed by Priyanka.

Both looking so great! I guess all's well between SRK, Gauri-- Sussane.

Gauri Looks better with a little weight. She looks so young.

The only couple that I really believe in their love story to begin with. Love them and admire the class that they lead their lives with. Gauri seems so in love with him always yet very poised and confident without the need to show it much at times. Shows how her husband really gives her such attitude and confidence and care. Just look how he is leaning back to let her be in main of the attention.

Gauri is looking great...I wonder if they will start taking sides now since Hrithik is good friends with PC and all...

I don't think so. Especially from srk. Anyway, find srk looking quite awkward and bored! Hehe...can't blame him. Guess he is too busy to know the real stories and all and just hearing the summery from his wife and come with her! But it is nice to see him and gauri here. His wife looking lovely.

Wow Gauri smiling so much is a rare sight indeed...they look happy and thats what matters!

Gauri's put on weight, which is good she looks better than before!

Did somebody vacuum the life out of SRK? He looks sick and in need of a holiday and some healthy food. He should lay off the cigarettes.

He was looking amazing two days ago. I guess he is tired and bored that's it.

It's like night and day. I cannot reconcile this pix of Gauri as the same woman looking glamorous and fashion forward in the December Magazine spread. Photo shop is really amazing.

... but same with SRK :p

Now l cant believe anything in this industry. All fake smiles, friendship, relationship. .everythings.....and poor us :(

Does this also stop all the nonsense about an SRK-Kjo feud? They seem to be fine with each other here

they never pose next to each other or speak to each is just cold tolerance...

Success party......haha.....
every one are happy but i think srk looks a little sad.

Gauri looks lovely! And I LOVE U SRK!!

no pics of Gauri with Sussanne??

srk has such a pretty wife. Love how he always make her the centre of the pictures in events when she is with him. Shows such a strong cool character he is.

Interesting developments. Everyone is smiling and happy looking.

Love them!:))

Gauri is a hot momma. SRK looks a bit dishevelled.

Gauri's looking weird here.

srk I love you :* You are the best in everything you do :)

they look reallly gud together!!!

Gourie seems to have gained some weight. Gosh wat is she doing with that man... and how on earth does a person with that face become an actor is beyond me.

Lol. You have to admit, despite the bad PR he is getting now for his comments, HR is one fine man. I'm sure we were all jealous at some point.

i cannot believe it no one is supporting hrithik..even his so called best friend karan n srk.

I LOOOOOOVE this couple! gauri is glowing and looks happy within. SRK is care free in picture as always which I find soooooo sexy!

wow gauri give a rare full happy smile...nice to see, seems like lilk abram has brought much joy to her

Beautiful couple...

Why no pictures with Suzzanne? Wasn't Gauri there to support her gf?

Awww bless... they look happy

SRK_Gauri Love u guys
____from Spain______

aawwww! How sweet.

hello SRK's hatters.......he and Gauri are still together ................haha now I want to know what you said about that?
Very beautiful Gauri and Shahrukh..such awesome couple !

These pics are only made for the media and the fans. The affair with Priyanka is still ongoing. Read their tweets than all`s clear.
Now I want to know what you say? :p

Classy couple:))

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