Hot! Rahul Khanna's photoshoot for GQ India[July 2011]

Rahul Khanna's photoshoot for GQ India July 2011. Shot by Tarun Vishwa and styled by Vijendra Bhardwaj,Rahul is showcasing this season's art inspired clothes. This is a very nice shoot. Rahul is fully clothed yet looks very hot and vulnerable at the same time. This is definetely one of my favorite shoots of recent times. Can't stop drooling over Rahul. Someone please cast him in a movie ASAP.

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Credits: gq

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I likies him thoda thode. I agree dat he has a charm & yes yes yes now i kno who he resembles - ross from friends

i likies him thoda thoda :)

Great photoshop!! That's w I'm talking abt, Daboo needs to learn from it!! lol

Rahul Khanna is a true charmer, usually when u meet someone u admire, you are let down....I met Rahul Khanna at an MTV show once and he is really funny and witty and so sophisticated!

hes sooo gorgeous...but then again so are all the men in his family..his dad vinod and brother akshaye also have sexy faces from back in the day when they were in their 20-30s :) rahul looks hot hot hot. just hope he isnt gay coz that would be such a waste of his beautiful genes - he needs to pass them on!!!

He looks Ah-Mazing!! Hot!

I've had a crush on him for the longest time ever! I think ever since I watched Bollywood/Hollywood.. lol. I kind of forgot about him but when I saw him in Wake Up Sid, I fell in love all over again haha. :)

Oh... nice pics! I could totally see him as a brooding artist! :)

@ 7-03.5:06... Ross from Friends! Hahaha... I don't see any resemblance AT ALL! :) (~thankfully~)

he is cute and acts well in movies

You should've seen girl drool all over him in Toronto........... he's dreamy


he's lovely....he kinda looks like Ross from 'FRIENDS'...

Woah... Hot.
Rahul Khanna always looked hot and still does. Not sure why he wasn't cast as a hero much.


ho ho ho....
what do i say, i love these pics, too hot to handle.

looks like a an idioit.
how is this supposed to be hot??

he is soo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aww this man is of the hottest man i hv ever came across in this gay type luking industry. sad he couldnt make it big.

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