Deepika padukone on cover of Grazia [september 2009]

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She gives the same expressions in all her shoots.

She is in a Louis vuitton fall 2009 gown.They have chanelled her look completely on the model, the hairstyle, the pose etc..

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you guys dont have a life lol

why are her eyes drooping ? lips as if shes gonna say something nice dress

we girls can recognize beauty in its purest form, and are not attracted by unnecessary exposure, deepika seeks attention, sonam is blessed with it. deepika shows skin, sonam portrays talent. deepika expresses sleaziness, sonam radiates charm. deepika is beautiful, sonam is awe-inspiring. deepika has beauty that tempts, sonam has beauty thats rare and perfectly exquisite .guys, ud like sonam once she strts dancing around in bikinis, singing hopelessly, and attracting you for nuts. But she's got something tht deepika does'nt, and its called class.

who cares what a girl thinks, unless you're lesbian

deepika is much above average but sonam is better

- coming from a girl

sonam is average and deepika is hot

-coming from a guy

Sonam is better!!

god.. since movies are not working out, sonam kapoor is giving tips on how to being a fashionista... lol, somebody tell her it's not all about buying (or rather freely taking) branded stuff... rather make more with less...

the dress does not look dat good on her as it does on the model... plus the dress does not even seem ironed like it does on the model... definately prefer the model, they should have given deepika some other pose...

she looks Gorgeous!

She looks gorgeous. She has the super model looks that no other actress does. Gorgeous face and body.

she is so stiff on covers, ads, presenting awards, in her movies BIG YAWN!!! I used to like her but not anymore.

lol how original

the 'stupid' sonam kapoor is better,,,and she's not stupid

she looks sleepy! really boring with her photoshoots. i prefer sonam's or priyanka's photoshoots much more.

Anonymous on Thu, 2009-09-03 01:31

lol awwww

Agree fashionita.. she looks good BUT Its always the same pose and all..

Needs more energy.. Looks like Elizabeth Taylor.. Good!

she looks lovely!! but she lacks energy...thas the reason she looks so bland!!

she is elegance personified...

what a regal beauty with the tennis-ace heritage !

they showed her the picture of the model and said "pose like this" lol but have to see a better quality photo to properly judge the shoot.

im sori, but i find her so boring and bland, she hasn't got that spark about her thatmost actresses have. everytym i c her im just lukin at wat she wears, more suited to modelling.

She looks gorgeous.

omg she is so hot and if anyone brings up stupid sonam kapoor i am going to throw a fit.

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