Mid-Day Blind Item: This producer-director's wife is in denial

Here's the latest blind item from Mid-Day. Any guesses??

For a while now, there has been buzz about an affair between this producer-director and a newcomer. He gave the new actress a break in his film last year, after which rumours about their relationship surfaced. Interestingly, the former’s wife has preferred to not react to what is now being called a torrid affair. A source says that the filmmaker’s wife, also an actress, is aware of her husband’s infidelity and has yet chosen to stay mum about it. “The starlet is single but the filmmaker has been married for quite a few years now. His wife has been turning a blind eye to his antics,” says the source. However, the actress wife, once active on the social circuit, has stopped making public appearances with the filmmaker. “She keeps herself busy by taking up roles occasionally,” says the source. Meanwhile, the filmmaker has been aggressively promoting this starlet. “In fact, one of the actors in his upcoming film wasn’t too keen to have her on board, but the filmmaker shot down the actor’s suggestions,” says the source.

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Credits: http://www.mid-day.com/articles/shot-in-the-dark-this-producer-directors-wife-is-in-denial/15089091#

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Katrina and David dhawan??!

Karisma hrithik or ash arbaaz

Poor Shefali, she has had some bad luck with relationships.

Shefali dumped her husband Harsh Chaya for Vipul and now Vipul is seeing pooja chopra. Karma

Shefali shah herself did same thing long before she was married to strugler tv actor harsh chayya. At that time she was popular in tv soaps n she started seeing vipul shah. She dump her husband n married vipul, today her karma is paying her back.

Vipul shah,his wife shefali and the starlet pooja chopra who was I traduced last year.

it's not huma-anurag-kalki, but yeah it might be vipul-shefali

Diana Penty and Saif Ali khan...

LMAO!!!! This is quite original!

Seriously, guys? After Anurag and Kalki have both requested the media to leave Huma alone and out of these horrid rumours and you still take her name?

surely its vipul shah and shefali shah . my car sumtime back was once adjacent to deir car ven we wer stuck in traffic . she was continuously smoking . She was definately luking disturbed . With a rock in her fingers, an luxurious car , husband besides her , d natural good looks she possess , she shld hv been happy . But was lukin as if shes nt bothered of whos watchin her or nething . So Sad this industry can b . Really !!!!!!

Vipul and Shefali Shah, clearly.

Vipul shah and that starlet

i just hope this isnt kalki anurag !

Vipul Shah and his Commando heroine Pooja Chopra. This is old news as I remember reading somewhere that he even paid for Pooja's plastic surgery during the shooting of the film. His wife is actress Shefali Shah.

It's Vipul Shah- Shefali Shah and the actress is Pooja Chopra (she made her debut in Commando, which was produced by Shah)

Vipul shah and that chick from his film with vidyut Jamwal. The actress wife is shefali Chaya .

Huma and Anurag?

Malaika - Arjun Kapoor. Old news


Maybe you should've read the article before commenting.

So Malika has a wife or Arjun Kapoor is having affair with Arbaaz Khan ;) ?

and they have joined YRF and produced Ishaqzaade!!! LOL


This really made me ROFL!

u r funny

Anurag..kalki and huma....pati..patni aur woh...

Huma Qureshi and Anurag kashyap

The only names that came to my mind were Anurag and Huma, but it cannot be true as her debut was in 2012. Also Kalki and Anurag are separated.


Vipul shah and shefali shah

Vipul Shah. Old news. That starlet is not even worth destroying a marriage over. Can't even remember her name!


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