Rare: Hema Malini Dharmendra wedding photos

Well, there have been so many rumors circulating around as to whether or not Hema and Dharmendra are actually married or not.

I just got a mail forward from my friend - these are newspaper clippings of the Hema Malini Dharmendra wedding photos which took place on May 2 , 1980. the wedding took place in Iyengar style [hema malini is an iyengar].

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sccccccccccccccccccccccccccc nice

ap sabku kya problem hai yeh unki personal life hai unki beti shaadi se pehle thi shaadi ke baad huwi y all the hell u people's need to know apni apni life mein dekho na kitni pareshaiya hai phir bhi dusro ke ghar ki koj chaiye hum sabko ( jo jo unpr allegations lagare ) unn sabko bol rahi hu main huh ....

my favorite actors are Amitabachan & Darmendar,

Who said its lasted this long? Word on the street is they separated a while back....a married man should keep it in his pants and if he wants to screw around or marry again he should divorce his first wife not convert to a religion he clearly doesn't follow to take a second wife. I think deep down Hema regrets marrying Dharam. She has always played second best to Oarkash and the other family. What a life Aisha B and Dilawar Khan have led!

i like both of u. i would like 2 meet 2 u.

If you call their relationship that lasted this long illegal what do you call the live in relationships of these days that even hardly last you find youngsters jumping from one bed to another? Irresponsible illegal and so many awful things you can think of

Nothing wrong with wedding date and Hema was not pregnant then. Wedding date is may 2nd 1980 and Esha was born November 2nd 1982

something wrong with the wedding date... it is said that hema was already pregnant with esha before her marriage to dharam. can somebody clear the confusion?

True love will always prevail

hema malin &dharmendra is very-2sexy couple

Love this couple...their love must be true

I don't think she should have married dharam because he was already married and have four childre she should not break up a home

Iyengars most of them if not all, do anything for money,fame and luxurious life.They never bother to throw out traditions and culture simply for the above but interested to play humbug to show to the outside world that they are most genuine and interested people in following their traditions and culture.
Most of them belong to this creed undoubtedly!

Do Dharmendra's 2 families get on? We never see his sons in the same movie with Hema's daughter?
We never see them all together as a family??/

He is a Sikh and thus cannot have 2 wifes or 2 marriages at the same time. His 2nd marriage is illegal, null and void since his first wife is living/alive and he never got a divorce. How did he manage to marry the 2nd time? And he always stayed with his first wife.

Well, Dharmendra has 4 children from his first wife Parkash Kaur - 2 girls and 2 boys.
His 2 daughters from first wife are named Ajeeta Deol and Vijeta Deol,
they are married and settled in California, USA. They never came to film industry.

Hema and Dharmendra must have fallen very hard in love. Did she not know that he is already married and has 4 kids already? Anyway one reaps karma from one's deeds. She was stunningly beautiful though.

this is unbiliving

hema jee is a hot and beauty heroin in indian cinema.

very nice

Did they invite Prakash and sunny/bobby?

hemamalini&drarmender looking so sexy &hot

what a man!

Dharmender Sir really he man in his life and my massage for every one should be like as him

Both are looking so handsome.And hema is looking so sexy and hot.I like it

excellent man and beautiful lady...both of them are good human beings and good actors..best wishes..


Shouldnt they have had a nikah?

Prakash probably ironed his shirt that morning!

Yeah dharam made a real effort for his 'wedding'. Guess he dressed up more for his first wedding to prakash.

lol ...dharmender in pant shirt........

Ive got an old stardust magazine from 1972 with photos of hema and sanjeev kumar. He was crazy for her and they were definately a couple. Will post the pictures when i get time. Dharam betrayed his wife of 25 years when he married hema. As for hema - well i know you cant help how u feel about a person but u should respect the guy is married with 4 kids and leave well alone!!!'. Theres an old interview with prakash kaur from the early 80s on memsaabstory.com. In it she states which man wouldnt fall in love with hema as she is so beautiful. I felt sorry for prakash. Anyway i hear hema and dharam seperated a while ago so looks like prakash won in the end.

Sanjeev kumar loved hema very much and according to an interview i read with sulakshana pandit they were at one point due to wed in the early 70s For some reason the marriage never happened and sanjeev kumar started to drink heavily. In the early 80s sulakshana asked sanjeev to marry her but he refused stating he was still in love with hema. Sulakshana stAted he still cried for her every day. Dharam was a close friend of sanjeev so when he married hema they stopped talking. Sanjeevs heart problems were heriditry his father died young as did both his brothers. He died some 10 years after he and hema split so u cant really blame her!!!

Bad photos

@anon 4.11: pls don't comment nonsense if u don't know the traditions..this is how an iyengar bride gets married, by sitting on the lap of the father/brother and the groom ties the mangalsutra.. Its one of the important customs followed, not to be ridiculed by idiots like u!

I love your daughter

Ewewww why is she sitting on some half naked dude's lap?

i like wedding photo

it is a very good even big people give full right and justice for the tradition i love you hemajis and dharmaji i know the the truth behind and as for Mr:Sanjeev kumar did not die of heart attack of hemajis marriage. point of correction.So Hemaji you are always on prayer list Me and My mother always pray for you and your family for your good health.

some what shocking



nice baby

i know its not none of my business but how is this marriage legitimate.....hes sikh n shes hindu
they converted to islam just to get married but instead of a nikaah they did hindu style wedding...

perfect jodi hema ji happy with dharam

Its sad to know that she was a home breaker too :-/ dharams first wife must've been soooooo shattered!
P.s hema is of my community and is distantly related to me!

God joined these people together its made in heaven they also marry against all odds. God knows best so do not judge them..they so much look gud together

bahut jabrdst jorhi hai ji punjab de putar te dream girl di.


punjab da puttar te dream gal nice jodi ji

hi it is really beautiful moment .i am so serious fan of dharam paaji .

sala dharam tu bara kamina nikla, sahee ja raha hey .

Dharmendra is a vile man .. both Hema and dharm converted to Islam in order to get married, dharmendra is still married to his wife Prakash.

Some of you sound as if hema was so innocent that she didn't know he was married with kids!!!!

Poor Sanjeev kumar,died of heart attack thinking of the failure that Hema had refused his proposal..

Someone here said a woman is a woman's biggest enemy. She must be a woman, because she totally forgave Dharam for the scores of love affairs. The worst he did was to go after vulnerable Hema. She was totally sheltered. He charmed her blind, she even breached Amma's Lakhsman Rekha to fall desperately in love. What is amazing is that she never ever drew him away from his first family. Dharam acted in a totally adharam manner. His first wife has stood through many love affairs. Hema is the love of his life. She never released him. So she is fine as the materfamilias. Hema has shown dignity, independence, and courage. Yay to her! As for Dharm. the less said the better.

@Anonymous Thursay, Hema did not go after Dharam. He relentlessly pursued her. Her mother was a guard, who wanted to marry her off to one of her many pursuers. She had tons of following, famous in cinema and outside. However, sneaky Dharmendra with his practiced lothario act, pulled the innocent Hema into his web.
To this date she has remained dignified, and has definitely been shafted.

how did his wife put up with this?

dharam's first wife stood by his infidelities meena kumari through all the others because she was from da pind. it was the way there. hema was blindsided. something has to be said about hema's dignity through it all for not making demands on dharam when she could have.
as for women who stand by philandering men, sorry they have something to gain by standing there. dimple on the other hand, deserves another salute for walking out on rajesh and making it on her own.
yay for independent women!

Hema sure is independent....so independent that she actually went after a married man. I agree Dharam might be a womanizer, but what happened to hema's character? Was she that innocent that she didn't know she's ruining someone else's married life. I don't salute Hema, but instead Dharam's first wife...who stuck around with her man even after knowing there's a other woman involved. A woman is Woman's biggest enemy.

she is beautifull.swarna hansani

she is beautifull.and good...



Jeetendra and Sanjeev kumar were in love with her, but she left them for Dharmendra
and he left his 1st wife(who is the mother of bobby and sunny) for her
but kinda really sad how they left for their loved ones for someone else...
from what i heard,

sanjeev kumar commit sucide himself because he really want to marry her but she refused so
Jeetendra and hema were going to get marry but then she got cold feet and didnt want to marry
so then jeetendra got married to his childhood sweetheart shobha kapoor

so that the story

now they are happily married... so let them be :)

why should we even discuss such people who have no sense of propriety in their personal conduct? We are wasting our time as their value system is very different

hasnt stopped him or her from making money

Iyangars are Tamil Brahmins n sitting on brother's lap is one of the ceremoney. Other Brahmins also have such ceremonies n everything has significence attached to it. I am also a Brahmin n knw this. Its sad for Hema tht she settled for Darmendra..he is my fav actor but not for his character for sure

Hema, an Iyengar beauty could have had any man. The southies are so qualified and educated. She was controlled by mother amma, and despite all the adulation from men in the industry...jeetu, sanjeev, karnad, she did not yield. dharm was known for his ladykilling rep...he already cheated on first wife with many others including meena kumari. this innocent hema was his conquest, and she went beyond the boundaries of amma to fall into his web. what has she gotten in return?
dharam has never left his first wife
bobby deol a terror, never acknowledges his stepsisters even for a rakhi. what is their fault?
hema is an independent woman, who has made no demands on dharam's time
she has kept her dignity, her silence, and must be sad at the unfairness of the choices she made.
catherine zeta pulled out michael from his wife, and has started a new family
sridevi made boney divorce his first wife.
this lady is so dignified and independent. she probably cried nights alone when she had to raise two daughters who incidentally have turned out into nice ladies.
i salute hema, a truly independent woman.

Hi, I also wondered why hema malini sat on that man's lap? Then I googled Iyenger wedding ceremony...my god they have so many ceremonies!! yeah there was a long list came up, that certain brahmins in iyenger community do it this way. while they give away the bride (khanyadaan) the bride sits on her fathers lap. It is there tradition but putting mala on each other is okay,but no sitting on laps if she is a muslim women.

Hema malini's father refused years ago before she got married to her Dharam. That he is not a iyenger or brahmin. So she was single since the "Raja jani" days. She said she will wait till her father passes away.

And another thing as she thinks girls should get married before she hits her 30's so may be she got married when she was 29. I don't know about numerous lovers may be friends? I know as she got married suddenly in 1979 in August and this ceremony for family peace in 1980 May, so even if she is pregnant thats her life. There is a certificate of of there islamic nikkah.

She also has a brother who could have done this bride give away ceremony. I am only saying because she was suppose to be strict women? it is astonishing on how she dresses up she is in her 70's and the sleeveless blouses and see through sari's and sunglasses to hide her pain. poor hema malini but she had the best of films and beauty and lata mangeshkar songs.

I think if she plays her cards safe and right with her dance choregraphy for esha, script writing for her daughter, and film directions then more strong films will come her and her daughter eshas way. Politics can be tire some and may be not so rewarding.


Made for each other. Really good looking couple, thry are true lovers.

Date of Birth of Esha Deol:2 November 1981, Bombay, Maharashtra, India
she born after 18 months when they married two Mega Stars, really love story

hi dharmendar uncle how are u i are u good actress

was hema pregnant with esha at the time of their marriage? is that why they got married? is that why they settled for this namesake realtionship?! i have never even seen them together.....

how can they get married when he was already married? this ceremony is just eye wash! i am sure they did something else to get married! if hema is a home wrecker then dharmendra is a cheat. both are same. i don't think either of them deserves any sympathy. i can't stand the deols!

Hema was quietly Wild as Rekha but did not get the bad reputation as Man-Eater!

gor all her hoity toity attitude, at the end day she went after a married man n bcame his 2nd wife living separately as he still didnt giv up his life with his 1st fam

Jeetu, Sanjeev kumar and various southern producers/directors were her past loves before Garam Dharam

how did her family agree to this, he was already married? was she pregnant with esha during this ceremony?
how and what do you tell your kids?

She's wonderful.. she just donated 40 lakhs to the Patna Art Center.. how nice is that?

they loved each other and are 2gether.i appreciate hema malini for getting so very loyal 2 dharmendra.she kud have found ny man but she got marid 2 d one she truly loved and she still is.

why is hema sitting on the priest's lap? (2nd pic)

good for them, but how did they marry when he already was married, regardless of whether his wife had problems with that or not

someone below asked why Dharm would have a non-punjabi sikh wedding because he's sikh. well, as you can see from the photo captions, Hema is an iyengar and so they had it in that style. open your mind. we are all Indians!

in hindu religion if ur partner is alive u cant get married to someone else n its illegal. But since Dharmendra's wife didn have ny objection noone can say anything abt it.It's strange tht Dharmendra n Sunny Deol had affair with other actresses but still dont show their real wives to media..

Dharmendra had two more girls with his first wife after getting married to Hema ..how cool is tht

beautiful couples

1st of all i wonder y dey did so?
i never saw sunny mother/
i never saw hema and de sons
dhemndra is a punjabi sikh den did he do this kind of marriage well i m not racist but still i wonderrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

so they didn't convert to islam to marry
how did prakash, dharmendra's wife agree to this and hema's family?

Esha was born before such as decree of nullity was declared by court (Section 16 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955), which renders Hema-Dharam marriage as null and void

Gulzar, Sawan Kumar Tak and Dharmendra were among the many men who were involved with Meena Kumari. But they only exploited her emotionally and financially. They ruined her. None of them really cared for her. Her relationship with Dharmendra brought her a lot of heartbreak, because he used her as and when he pleased.

Anonymous on Mon, 2009-04-13 19:15: that is so sad. are they still together.. and does not that boss-fellow feel any remorse for his ex?

in this case, though, we cannot judge. leave it alone.

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