Heroine,Barfi And Kahaani Among 11 Hindi Films Shortlisted For India’s Oscar Nomination

Although only three B-town cult movies — Mother India, Salaam Bombay and Lagaan — have managed to make it to the Oscars listing, the enthusiasm to nominate their films for selections to the big O is unabated among Indian filmmakers.

The Film Federation of India has recently shortlisted films for Oscar Nomination for the category of Best Foreign Language Film. This shortlist includes the names of 17 critically acclaimed Indian movies among which there are 11 Hindi films including-Paan Singh Tomar, Barfi!, Kahaani, The Dirty Picture, Heroine, Gangs of Wasseypur – Part 1 & 2. These films face competition from 6 other regional films,the biggest of which is SS Rajamouli’s Eega, one of the most critically and commercially successful films of the year.

Race to the Oscars:-
1)Eega (Telugu)
2)7am Arivu (Tamil)
3)Vazhakku Enn 18/9 (Tamil)
4)Akasathinte Niram (Malayalam)
5)Heroine (Hindi)
6)Paan Singh Tomar (Hindi)
7)Kahaani (Hindi)
8)Barfi! (Hindi)
9)GoW – part 1 & 2 (Hindi)
10)Arjun – The Warrior Prince (Hindi)
11)Gattu (Hindi)
12)Jalpari (Hindi)
13)The Dirty Picture (Hindi)
14)Ferrari Ki Sawari (Hindi)
15)Deool (Marathi)
16)Veer Hamirji – Somnath Ni Sakhate (Gujarati)
17)Anhey Ghore Da Daan (Punjabi)

The Film Federation of India will select and send one movie as Indian nomination for the category. The finalisation process for the Oscar entry will start from September 18th in Hyderabad and will last until the 26th of this month.

Credits: http://entertainment.oneindia.in/telugu/news/2012/rajamouli-eega-shortlist-oscar-indian-nomination-0http://postnoon.com/2012/09/18/eega-is-our-only-ray-of-hope/73876

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i am waiting for come to shudra the rising movie for oscor award nominated.

eega is only the filim ever done the super records ................. i wish eega to be nominated for oscar awards

Barfi is India's Official entry to the Oscars!!!! YAY!!!!!!

jalpari will rock as it is having a social issue so in oscar film festival they would love to watch movie like jalpari ........... and hope that it will get oscar..........

Guys, have you seen the Hollywood critics reviews of Barfi, they were not that good!! You see, Hollywood likes movies that usually are not hits in Bollywood, like Billu Barber, everyone in India hated it, but it got GREAT reviews in the west.

KAHAANI.......and dis movie deserves to win oscar award!!

Hoping dat gow goes through

Barfi will be sent coz this film has given strong inspiration to those disable who are afraid to do love. And has to disability

Black was a copy of The Miracle Worker, so no way did it deserve to go to Oscars. Maybe case same for Barfi, though I haven't seen it yet. The eligibility of movies for Oscars, and the merits they are assessed on, is totally different to the way movies are judged in India.

are you having a laugh bollywood?these movies will be laughed at for the joke that they are. they all lack originality.

For everyone who is rooting for barfi... do u guys have any idea how many scenes have been completely lifted ? 1 or 2 scenes is okay , but barfi has major chunk of it lifted from other movies... it will be disqualified and even sued if they send it to oscars..just like black which never made it to oscars and paheli went instead coz it was original ... dont just question their selection process, question your ignorance!

Filmmakers need to promote their films more internationally; they need to screen them in more countries; they also need to watch films from others industries, not just Hollywood. Also, just because a film is kind of "hatke" or unique in Bollywood, does not mean that the Oscars will find it different or interesting. And just because the film is interesting and different, does not mean it qualifies to be nominated. Oscars, if I believe, looks at every detail - acting, direction, costumes, cinematography, dialogues, editing, plot, everything. We have selected some wrong films in the past simply because we THINK that the movie is good enough to be considered. We need someone who is well educated in how the Oscar selection works.

Out of this list, I hope they select Gangs of Wasseypur. Maybe Kahaani.

y r heroine and tdp even considered is beyond my undertanding nd is very embarasing
nd a film like barfi is nothing new! theres 100s of films like that in hollywood...its nothing new
in my opinion i wud go for GOW, kahaani nd paan singh tomar....i gess these films r unique nd kind of reflect the true india, culture,poverty, how corupt it is etc somthing different for them

nothing to do with the films above but..
somtimes i wonder how r these goreh meant to understand india... the symbolism, traditions of rural india, tribes etc do they understand the importance of hindu deities and wot they represent other than it being just a statue of god, significance nd importance of a husband for a hindu women in rural india, the sindoor, the whole point of the ceromny where the bride leaves her parents etcc all these things are very symbolic nd very difficult for any other country to understand? so how can they judge films based on these issues coz wudnt it appear just silly to them plzz correct me if im rong in anything i said nd soz for my grammer lol

herione?? it's not released yet

rooting for barfi & gangs...all the best to both the anurags!!

They picked Heroine which hasn't even come out yet, and Ferrari, over Shanghai??? Mad people. At least GoW is there. Hope it goes through.

Wed, 2012-09-19 07:05 — Anonymous
Awww thanks soooo much.Glad you like my comments & posts. I agree Barfi is way too much like Life Is Beautiful,Charlie Chaplin,Buster Keaton,Mr.Bean,Amelie,etc,. In fact 2 scenes are absolutely note to note copy of two scenes from the Ryan Gosling-Rachel McAdams film The Notebook. Its not a completely original film nor is it perfect,but its feel good and the Acamedy lovvvessss feel good. BTW @Voicewriter I disagree. Kahaani's last scene is indeed very similar to taking lives and the ending did remind me of The Usual Suspects but other than that its completely original thriller and authentically Indian,in fact Barfi is more inspired from world cinema.No doubt its s modern masterpiece and its screenplay is vety unusual & unique,but then Barfi itself being inspired from Hollywood/European films should be out of the race too.So I believe after Barfi it has high chances at the Oscars. But I do agree with you on the publicity part. LOL Oscar campaigning is notorious & often the weaker film ends up winning. Ummmm....Shakespeare in Love over Saving Private Ryan,Ordinary People over Raging Bull,Crash over Brokeback Mountain??? I mean seriously? I salute Harvey Wenstein.

why heroine is even in the list?? it hasnt released yet....something fishy here

@pizzapasta: i hear what you're saying, re Barfi and it's lovely retro, europeanish style...but imo that's exactly what might work AGAINST it, as it's too much like Amelie. in fact, i'm sure they even used an Amelie instrumental in one of the trailers. still, i agree with you re it's nostalgic, feel-good, universal appeal, much like Life is Beautiful. in that sense it's very much like a French or Italian film, which seem to do well at the Oscars. oh & btw i love reading your posts and comments :)

Which is why anybody interested in a nomination needs to get out there and campaign. Take out ADs in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, Screen your film at film festivals, film institutes and campuses, sends FYC copies of your film to voting members of the academy and foreign press, screen your film for film critics and award show committees.

I get that but what I'm saying is that you have your European films which the Academy is most likely to nominate and then you have your Asian films and the odd African/Middle Eastern film which makes its mark, since we don't know most of the films our submission would be up against we can't make predictons on the nominations. Water was submitted as a Canadian film and it was nominated as a Canadian film not Indian.

@Mystic Rose I 100% agree with you. Shanghai should've definitely been in the list in place of Heroine/TDP/Ferrari Ki Sawari. Shanghai was such an excellent political thriller underrated by audiences. The screenplay,direction,performances were so crisp and well done,it should definitely have been there. The Indian Film Federation needs better selection choices. They almost always ignore regional films and send some of the weakest films like Paheli,Eklavya to the Oscars. Example Paheli was good but Black and Parineeta were far more deserving. I think its their selection process that's made us unsuccessful at the Oscars. Also these films needs some heavy promotion to get nominatef. They should probably rope in Harvey Weinstein,he is the best Oscar campaigner ever.

Barfi,Kahaani,GOW or PST would be my choice. Especially Barfi & Kahaani have a very universal theme more so Barfi-its nostalgic,it deals with a sensitive issue like disability and its quite artistic in nature like many European films-all the above things appeal to the Academy,case in point:The Artist,King's Speech,Life Is Beautiful,Amelie,etc. However it isn't a flawless film(the whoodunit angle was long drawn & unnecessary)& is very inspired from The Notebook,Chaplin,Buster Keaton,Life Is Beautiful & other French & Italian films.Kahaani too was a BRILLIANT film with an excellent screenplay but the Academy isn't too keen on thrillers. GOW and PST though amazingingly mind blowing films are set in rustic India & have a very nitty gritty plot. But then again the Academy has selected Lagaan too which had a rustic feeling so I would bet on them too. When I posted the article I was actually shocked at how TDP & Heroine could be in this list-they're good but not by international standards. I would remove them & replace them with Vicky Donor/English Vinglish/Talaash.I wouldn't underestimate Gattu too,it was released in a film festival & got excellent response. And then there are the regional films out of which Eaga would be a tough conpetition.

They are considering Ferrari ki Sawari and not Shanghai?

Anurag Kashyab already has an Oscar nominated work 'Water'...GOW would be his second time if it gets selected by the Academy but then again we can't make predictions on this because the Academy selects about 5 nominations out of 50 odd submitted films, most of these films are the ones we haven't even heard of.

Either 'Gang of Wasseypur', 'Paan Singh Tomar' or 'Shanghai' (surprised the latter hasn't made the list) should make the final entry, if they want to be taken seriously. 'Kahaani' is a great film, but not Oscar worthy, imo. 'Barfi' is also good, but won't get a look in at the Oscars as they have seen this type of film before and it's reminiscent of other movies. Then there is 'Midnight's Children', but don't know when that's releasing or if it's an Indian production.

Tue, 2012-09-18 17:59 — Anonymous

Barfi...should be selected cause the film doesn't need a language to convey the story which will melt all hearts!!!
----------------------u got the points!
and thanks to kitty.

If GOW makes it, I will dance on the ceiling in spite of rooting for PST.

Barfi! won't make it

Send heroine

where is Shanghai

i will decide my FAVORITE after 21st sep :)

'gangs of wasseypur' is very gritty, set in an indian context and has an original story - all of which would appeal to the americans. 'kahaani' is also a good choice, but 'barfi' may be too 'inspired' for the oscars. TDP and 'heroine' are too filmy (literally!). haven't see PST, but that could be another contender, going by the subject and the fact that it has irrfan in it.

haha, scream BARFI! all you want...i bet none of these make it and in the end some obscure regional movie which no-one's even heard of, gets the final vote. lol

How the heck can HEROINE be on the list when it hasn't even released yet?!! Talk about BIASED!!! Stinks!

The Oscras want a movie that has a message and that many people can relate to it. The only one I can feel has a such message is English Vinglish so far. It has an international appeal.

Heroine is a masala Bollywood. It has no chance at all
Barfi is just a follow up to the Artisit style which was given last year a best picture and nothing is new about it.
Kahaani again is not Oscar material

ferrari ki sawari?!?!?!

BARFI may be good for Indians who are used to stealing/copying ideas and passing them off as their own, but it wont hold up on an international platform. It's too derivative of other films, e.g. The Notebook, Chaplin and some others...and stylewise it's very similar to Amelie, e.g. some of the music and the way it's been shot.

i think GOW has the best chance, as it was an opener at cannes. also the excellent kahaani. have yet to see barfi and paan singh, but heard good things. ishaqzaade was also really good but it's not on the list, sadly. anyway those would be my choices.



If they send BARFI to the Academy, India will have to bee deeply embarrased.

its a fab bw movie. but it has atleast 2 scenes copied WORD TO WORD from The Notebook, which is not some obscure movie but a cult favourite.

From the ones, I've seen I think Paan Singh Tomar, Kahaani, Barfi or GOW should be nominated - leaning more towards the latter.

Its not even about winning, thats a long way off! These movies are going to be shortlisted and the one chosen would be sent to the Academy to be considered for nominations in their Best Foreign Film category. Wasn't Deepa Mehta's Water also nominated? It went as a Canadian film and not an Indian film though.

Pan Singh Tomaar and GOW.


Akashathinte Niram should win! Prithviraj was amazing in it!

Dear India, send Barfi or Paan Singh Tomar if you want to win.

Not heroine it will be embarrasing for india

People, learn more about the regional films listed before shouting Barfi!

I think Eega will be send for the Oscars!

...and only...

Don't mess around. It's the Oscars.

Barfi has full chance for Oscar ... No doubt abt it ... Its better than other movies !

Kahaani is good but no Dirty Picture


gangs of wasseypur or the dirty picture

barfi has potential as it's centered around acting not glamour and violence
also kahani, but that's far behind barfi. the others will have zero chance.this is oscars. not filmfare.

Barfi...should be selected cause the film doesn't need a language to convey the story which will melt all hearts!!!!

heroine should definately win oscar!! so that ash would be put into shame of what big mistake she did by being pregnant at the wrong time and making so many ppl suffer. as usual the kind-hearted kareena saving people's life by working on the movie and getting awsome praises.

Berfiiii to win!

I love it, TWO of vidya's movies are on this list.

But Pinkvillains, BARFI WILL NOT BE NOMINATED, and you want to know why? The movie itself is good, but scenes are EXACTLY COPIED from The Notebook! Like, exactly copied! If Anurag had just directed those scenes a bit differently, then it could've been nominated. But as it stands the Academy would not like a film with copied scences.

Tue, 2012-09-18 16:01 — Anonymous
Are you joking?????? Heroine and Arjun!! So laughable! The only film worthy to be in Oscar is BARFI!!!! Who manages this site, it seems that they are completely delusional and do not comprehend the totality of the OSCARS!
Do you really think that I myself or Pinkvilla has created this list? You are so delusional as to suggest that we would make lists ourselves for something as prestigious as Oscar nominations?And you call us delusional LOL! This is the official list released by TFFI,you can copy paste the links I've posted below,you'll see that you're wrong.Seriously please read the whole post before commenting.

Heroine is not even out!!!

I love Barfo, Kahaani and Vazhakku Enn 18/9

Barfi for me. i think its time hollywood notices Anurag and RK's talents. i am sure RK will give sleepless nights to Aamir Khan

Barfi should win oscars this time......its India's chance to shine.....

barfi should win oscars this time....its the best of indian cinema....

Are you joking?????? Heroine and Arjun!! So laughable! The only film worthy to be in Oscar is BARFI!!!! Who manages this site, it seems that they are completely delusional and do not comprehend the totality of the OSCARS!

Hollywood has films like BARFI already! But these kind of Films are not consider Top Hollywood Films, the are Television Films. Guys you should watch this film on Youtube called THE OTHER SISTER, it stars Jullette Lewis & Diane Keaton, and watch KALIFORNIA with Brad Pitt and Jullette Lewis. THE OTHER SISTER is a Beautiful Love Story of 2 Mentally Challenge People, it's very touching. Jullette did THE OTHER SISTER when she was much younger.

If Barfi does not make it then I'd be very disappointed. Its a fine movie to be showcased and recognized in international market!!!

ooh plz..atleast 8-10 scenes in barfi are directly lifted from notebook, chaplin, buster-keaton and mr bean movies ...soundtrack is also similar to amelie.. so it will be damn embarassing if they happen to send it to oscars ...those guys take plagiarism seriously you know?


Now hear People making their list of which film should go. I'm sure this post will be about 100 pages long.

i have a feeling barfi will get the final nomination

have not seen the regional movies, but foreign lang film should have an outstanding and touching story- so barfi and kahaani for me,
no dirty picture or heroine as they are too cliched for western world

How do they decide to include Heroine when it hasn't released? Maybe the Film Federation has watched it already? Someone explain this to me. To pick from the hindi films mentioned - I'd go with Kahaani. :)


i can tell that none of them are going to even make the nominations

I didn't watch 95% of films nominated but believe whatever those movies are, Ranbir's acting is worth to present to the world. He has the world class quality.

um , how can they choose heroine while it's not even out yet ? what if it turns out to be a total mess?

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