The Xpose Movie Review

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Here are the reviews for the movie The Xpose. Watch out this space for more updates!

Rating:1/5 Review By:Nisha Tiwari Site:Rediff

There is nothing new, story wise, to speak of and it is eventually reduced to a desperately stylised murder mystery with its single dimensionally dysfunctional and ditzy characters, jazzy music, dark glasses and trench coats, random slo-mo action sequences and what have you.
But the good thing is, it never pretends to care. Instead, all its energies are expended on telling us how great an actor Himesh Reshammiya is. And that is the only big reveal that’ll strike you as amusing in this whodunit at the end, if shoddy direction, acting and story aren’t your thing.

Rating:3/5 Review By:Taran Adarsh Site:Bollywood Hungama

On the whole, THE XPOSE is a decently-crafted vintage musical-thriller that keeps you guessing about the identity of the murderer all through. An entertaining outing for fans of atypical Bollywood-style murder mysteries.

Rating:2/5 Review By:Mohar Basu Site:Koimoi

This film could be an out and out entertainer for you if you wish to see bad acting, and an unkempt storyline. Watch it if you need a good laugh! If you are going for the film hoping to catch up on some suspense thriller, The Xpose will surely disappoint you. It is a half baked attempt at creating a scandalous 60s era with underlined themes of sex, infidelity and murder.

Rating:3.5/5 Review By:Subhash K Jha Site:IANS

Admittedly some of the razzle-dazzle in the film (for example, the heroine emerging from the sea in a bikini) doesn't belong to the 1960s.
So who said the world of the make-believe had to follow any rules? Yup, there is no business like show business. This whodunit means business. The suspense drama is bright, bouncy,believable and entertaining.

Rating:2.5/5 Review By:Madhureeta Mukherjee Site:Times of India

It's pacy but the plot unravels stylishly, not intelligently (some suspects don't have a clear motive for murder). Sonali is stunning and impressive, Zoya makes a pretty picture and Yo Yo is best when he's grooving. Himesh slips well into his character, with quirkiness and confidence. This is far from a mind-bending thriller, but a decent effort which has some good 'ol masala to keep you entertained.

Rating:/ Review By:Suprateek Chatterjee Site:Firstpost

The Xposé has the good sense to be irreverent. It’s a stupid film that knows it’s a stupid film and celebrates it, without being melodramatic or overlong (it runs for just under two hours). Come to think of it, that’s a lot like every Yo Yo Honey Singh song ever.

Rating:1/5 Review By:Sarit Ray Site:Hindustan Times

Honey Singh (as music director Kenny Damania) gets a fair amount of screen time. And though he’s mostly required to sing, vigorously shake his head and be a lech, he is, in contrast to Plastic Reshammiya, a better actor. To be fair to Himesh is the star: he sings, dances and raises a toast decadently like Jay Gatsby. He’s also Sherlock Holmes as he solves the case, albeit using not an iota of logic. In his self-created universe, he nose all.

Rating:2/5 Review By:Shubhra Gupta Site:Indian Express

If they had maintained the tone, ‘The Xpose’ would have been a hoot. But songs get stuffed in, a love angle slows things, and it gets stuck in cop stations and courts. They should have just kept the cheese thick. Here’s a sampler, from early in the film. A producer tells an aspirant : “na dance na expression na pose, sirf xpose!”. Classic. Nothing more would have been needed.


I feel a little bad for them they were clearly passionate about the film lol but this film would have really worked as a spoof/comedy lol! What was Irfhaan doing in the film though?

Tushar Kapoor is sitting in a cinema hall rightnow somewhere in Mumbai and laughing uncontrollably thinking "I am a better actor than him.."

Give this comment a LIKE if you also agree that Himesh & Sajid Khan should team up for a movie as actor and director. I feel they deserve to be in a movie together so we can snub them both at the same time instead of separately twice a year.

Himesss looks like someone sucked him like a mango and this is whats left of him. We will never let you be a successful actor, do whatever u can! We challenge you Himesss

AAP managed to get more seats than Himesh reshamaiya's Xpose. Hahah.

Why does he still make movies? It's embarrassing now!

poor lady in the poster got shot in the leg

wow the movie was awesome i loved it . himesh really can act and he was super . zoya afroz was awesome i want to see her in more movies . she is different and sonal raut the monster was really awesome . the while actors were awesome even yo yo honey singh was super in acting in this movie besides the awesome songs . u have to watch it guys it is really good

^ Himesh Reshammiya spotted. A moment of silence for this guy who went and saw the movie.

no im not himesh . i just liked the movie what is the problem with that ? . the movie is so good u have to watch it

said no one ever -__-

said no one EVER -___-

LOL @ "It’s a stupid film that knows it’s a stupid film and celebrates it" :)

I am definitely watching this in the theater. I didn't watch Gatsby, so this is how I will compensate myself, for it. Oye Himmesh... Ahem Heonardo re diaperio, here I come. Can't wait to watch this classic (wink wink)

The movie has a song titled ice cream khaungi,
This I think is a clear indication of how crappy the movie is.

I can't stop laughing seeing the trailer, wonder what the film is like.

Aw..Poor Himesh Bhai.
I loved 'Dard Dil ko' song though.

hahaha!! firstpost review was right on:D
n does dat Taran Adarsh n Jha has ny shame.

Tum log ka to aisi ki taisi

The similarities to the great gatsby by scenes in trailer n songs are ain't no Leonardo di caprio, himesh

3/5?? Really? lol

Move over Khans, the Reshammiya era has begun.

I love Suprateek's review. Called the movie 'stupid film' twice in one sentence! LOL LOL.

Taran and SKJ should stop reviewing movies. Period !!

anything over a negative number is being generous

movie is crap and Reshammiya should stick to singing only

"I Am Serious About Acting This Time"- Himesh Reshammiya

oooooooooooooooooooooooo teraaaaaaaaa teraaaaaaa surooooooooooor

Loooooooooooooool I don't know why I'm laughing so hard at your comment lmaoo!

good reviews . im surprised as the movie didnt accepted well by the audience


Taran Adarsh has no shame at all. I hope he makes a movie one day and I get to write the review of it. I'll give him minus infinity stars.

Why would he make a movie? He is making a lot of money by writing these paid reviews. Same goes with that lousy Subhash Jha.


Huh? It's getting okay reviews. I'm so confused

Jha and Adarsh, the audience is on to you. You may be paid to give good reviews but no one is buying them.

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