Housefull 2 cast at the IIFA 2012 Voting Weekend

Housefull 2 cast at the IIFA 2012 Voting Weekend  0
Housefull 2 cast at the IIFA 2012 Voting Weekend  0

The 13th International Indian Film Academy celebrations started today. Many bollywood starts came forward to cast their vote for IIFA Awards 2012. The Housefull 2 team also attended the event.

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unicom's picture

zarine is so beutyfull

Shakuntela's picture

I think Zarine Khan is pretty and sexy, but needs to loose weight seriously. If she wants her career to go upwards she needs to act fast

Anonymous's picture

asin and asin only!!!!!!!!!! i like john too.he is so sexy!

Anonymous's picture

asin only ,she is so damn beautiful..jakie too looks cute.

Anonymous's picture

All r beautiful actresses but Zarine looks most beautiful

Anonymous's picture

i agree zarine looks the best

Anonymous's picture

in real only zarine look s the prettiest.....

Anonymous's picture

zarine and her sweaty underarms..huge turnoff

luvtohate's picture

Miss the old John...Now he looks disgusting.....WHY ARE ALL THE GIRLS DRESSED SO TACKY? especially Jacky looks very trashy & tacky!

Anonymous's picture

Zarine looks the CUTEST of all!!!

Anonymous's picture

Zarine has a really pretty!!!1

Anonymous's picture

in iifa voting why are stars of the film fraternity allowed to cast vote before the general public.we are limited to the choices left by them.poor system

Anonymous's picture

john always givrs this thumbs up pose to flex his biceps

Anonymous's picture

asin looks the best again.amazing curves


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