Daddy's Day Out: Hrithik Roshan spotted with kids

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Hrithik Roshan may be the ultimate super hero of Bollywood. However, he is also Daddy Cool to adorable kids Hrehaan and Hridhaan. He is seen here with sons and nephews, enjoying a day at the theme park Imagica in Mumbai.

Sis-in-law Farah who accompanied Hrithik says, “Susanne and Zayed were supposed to come but they ditched us at the last minute. So we thought we will take the kids out.”

Apparently, this was a long pending trip with Hrithik being busy with Krrish 3 and its promotion. A close source added, "Though Hrithik is a workaholic, he is a doting father and always manages to take time out for his kids.”

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Credits: pinkvilla

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I really hope Sussane is not leaving him. They have beautiful kids. Hrithik makes a good living and is a famous star.
Hrithik parents pampers Sussane and those kids. Hrithik parents and Sussane parents are friends.
You cannot imagine what went wrong between the couple. Hrithik loves her so much Infidelity is out of question.
Hrithik has left for US and will stay in US till next year to avoid New Years party because Hrirhik and Sussane always are seen at party with friends to avoid that he will stay in USA. I hope God intervenes and get them united soon.

aww...adorable hrithik...single,happy and on the top of the world:):)so happy for him

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was hrithik and suzanne presnt @ the awards..
hrithik yes but no suzanne

As expected .......................
where can I find details abt this??

was hrithik and suzanne presnt @ the awards..

Hrithik is a good dad. Suzanne is from a filmi family she did not leave Hrithik after Kareena scandal,Barbara Mori Scandal then she is not going to leave him after 13 years of marrige and two kids.

then where is she...forget krrish 3 promos...where is she with the kids day out!!!!!!!!!!!!

One million dollar question is .....Will Suzanne really attend it...

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wat award function is going to be held tomorrow...and who confirmed it tat both will be there

Faridoon Shahryar ‏@iFaridoon 10 h

First Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in Mumbai tomo Nov 14...@iHrithik and @sussannekroshan are expected to be present..

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" Papers might say things are bad for me, describe my world as gloomy but that's not true. I have a wife I love, a happy family and films to look forward to, why should I be upset?
dude that's an old quote

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" Papers might say things are bad for me, describe my world as gloomy but that's not true. I have a wife I love, a happy family and films to look forward to, why should I be upset?
for the first time he is reacting directly to the news tat is there in the papers which said it is in-laws problem.
i'm his die hard fan and i have never seen or heard him saying that
where did you get this quote from?

" Papers might say things are bad for me, describe my world as gloomy but that's not true. I have a wife I love, a happy family and films to look forward to, why should I be upset?
for the first time he is reacting directly to the news tat is there in the papers which said it is in-laws problem..

wat award function is going to be held tomorrow...and who confirmed it tat both will be there

Oh boy, the gossip is going to be ON once Shuddhi starts shooting. Saif better be prepared.

The minute he signed a movie with Kareena i knew there was trouble in paradise. No way would Susanne have let him do that, not after his affair with Bebo almost derailed their marriage before it even begun! Hrithik's been talking a lot about living with fear in the past and everyone knows that undergoing major surgery can cause some serious reevaluation of one's life. They've probably been unhappy for a while and but have only decided to do something about it recently. He looks great though, so perhaps this is for the best.

i think everything is alright tomorrow they are expected to be present at an award function

wat award function??????????????

He seems to have more fun than his kids. I understand why Suzanne don´t want him anymore. He´s like a adult child but not a man. Only looking good is not enough for a marriage. The only think he works on is not his marriage but his movies and his dance moves.

aww cute pics. Really hope everything is okay on the personal front.

what ever goes comes back...someone or else has to face the action...
years back what suzzane parents did to zeenat is what is coming back to them....neways i dont like her mom..thats what i feel.. else Hrithik looks down to earth and loves his wife..
but still who knows other side of story...

something's up for sure. not one appearance during krrish promotions. that's not normal-- especially for suzzane. I hope things get better :/

I always thought Sussane was like a lovesick puppy who would never leave Hrithik no matter what. She seemed soooo in love. I just can't even believe it !! So sad.

No comment. =(

Poor kids. I hope Suzzane realizes her actions will impact these children.

Every time when Priyanka is next, marriages failed! First SRK and now Hrithik. Sad!

But this time its bacoz of kareena. Sad!

Now I totally understand why he is doing a movie with Kareena. It is clear him and Suzanne have separated. She is never seen with him anymore. I am pretty sure they are still married but live separately.

I think that Hrithik is single now! but he doesn't want to reveal it now; may be after few ,he will talk about it.

its weird how Farah Khan supports and hangs around HR like that!

Why are u always hinting at something sleazy? Dont u have anything better to do?

just goes to prove, that Hrithik is not the problem, if there even are any problems at all?

Somehow I feel that Hrithik maybe nice, goodlooking and down to earth but he does not seem man enough to handle his family. He relies mostly on his parents especially dad for everything. I have a feeling Suzanne got frustrated because of this..She needs a man and not mamma's boy.

seriously! I am amazed at the gossiping-aunty nature of some of you. How old are you actually? It is Hrithik we are talking about. Someone who's the bread and butter of the whole Roshan family, not only his wife and kids but his extended family, uncle's family etc included!

Hmmm...I don't agree with u ...I wud say he is responsible guy who wants to take care of his parents , divorced sis and her daughter...he is the man of the house and they all depend on him....Hats off to him for being so responsible ..this suzanne looks adamant and head strong...he can't run behind her leaving his family...I don't think any in-law wud support a DIL who is partying hard and doing drugs...this must have led to tensions...
When hrithik affair was creating fuss..his family including his sis stood by suzanne...
Suzanne is socializing too much with all the other star wives...obviously everybody wud plant some or the other poisonous things in her...She shud stop tat socializing first...

U sound like u live in a cave. This is a bolkywood family they are used to heavy partying. Chk out the skin baring outfits pinky roshan wears. Shes not ur conservative mil. everyone wud get fed up of living with in laws after 15 yrs. Its high time hrithik moved out. They can have a better relation all round if he does. Btw rakesh roshan doesnt neef hrithik financially so he needs to give his son some freefom

Something is definitely afoot in the Roshan household...

It just came in the papers two days back suzanne is having issues with her inlaws thus she is still at her parents place. Hrithik is trying his best to woo her and get her back. She has no issues with hrithik she has issues with her inlaws specially mother in law. Hopefully hrithik will sort it out he talks abt his wife and kids in the same way in all interviews these days like always hope all goes well for him. He had a tough year first brain surgery and thankfully his film is a success.

what kind of wife and mother just "ditches" her hubby and kids at the last min, especially on a family outing?? deffo something fishy going on. and is just me or does hrithik seem to be spending more time with his sis-in-law than his wife lately??

I feel bad for Hrithik. On one hand he is experiencing the biggest hit of his career and on the other hand facing trouble on the personal front. I hope Hrithik n Sussanne sort out the matter and get back together. They really were the perfect example of a happily married couple.

hrithik is doing everything to get suzanne back....Now if she comes back to him , she will have a hold on him...he will have to be her slave forever...else she wud leave him....wat a blackmail...wat a pathetic life for a successful superstar..

Hrithik is too good for a girl like Suzanne..he needs someone very grounded not drug addict suzanne..someone like sushmita who has seen life's ups and downs and can understand some health problems of hrithik but can still love him..poor guy.for society sake they may not divorce..but they r not together either..what a pity for such a star..

poor guy?
The guy is a big time cheater so no poor guy

he is seriously fooling the plp is for sure there is lot of trouble in his paradise...this total cover up...wonder this farah is actual helping him or watching him suffer.....if she can really help she cud have by now played a peacemaker between him and suzanne and come to a conclusion...

Beta hrithik tum kisse Ullu bana rahe ho. Suzane'll never come with you again.

Suzanne aye ya na aye! Hrithik and HR juniors together is enough

At least he's out with his kids! Hrehaan on the far right is the cutest!

There's trouble in paradise.

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