Shahid Kapoor & Imran Khan at HT Mumbai's Most Stylish 2013

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Shahid Kapoor looked handsome wearing a sharp suit by Kunal Rawal & Imran Khan looked dashing in a Tom Ford suit at Hindustan Times Mumbai's Most Stylish 2013 Awards.

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Credits: Viral Bhayani

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Shahid needs to stop wearing makeup, his foundation is so visible. Doesnt he look around at the other male actors, nobody but him wears makeup to public events.

@pink_villa_boy: Imran was also posing alone in front of the posters. The pictures of him with Sonam are from inside the event. There are pictures of Shahid with Sonam, Jacqueline, et al. inside as well.

Shahid looks dapper, the most handsome and cutest Bollywood actor! Imran ewww he looks weird, dont like him in this look.

Shahaid is posing as usual ALONE! TSK TSK!
Sonam & Imran look good together!

Shahid is looking dapper...I love him so much...may god bless you dear.

Imran's super tall and Sonam is even taller (with heels) !

imran looking yuck..esp with his bleached beard

wooooow Shahid

Stylish blokes.

Shahid look good

Shahid please come to Toronto again:( can't wait to see you again!

Shahid looks HOTTT!!! YUMM!!! =P
I love Imran, but he looks weird in these pics! Also, someone should cast him opposite Sonam ASAP!!! They make a great couple!!! Loved them in IHLS!

Good to see Shahid. I really wish him success in his forthcoming movie.

BIG YAYY for both Imran and Sonam

Shahid HHOOOTTT. He looks cool and handsome1 We would love to see him more often.
Interesting that his picture was taken with PC's poster in the background ;) Even if it was just co-incidence, it is fun.

So happy to see Sasha!

Aaaawww shahid kapur looks so handsome!! Just love him his such a cutie pie xxx

Shahid looks great! I miss him on screen :-(

Shahid!!! I want to eat you!

Shahid in front of priyanka's poster. : (tounge in cheek)

imran looks so

handsome shahid, cute Imran

Shahid looks dapper.

Shahid Kapoor is always stylish and sexy!

shahid looks delicious

shahid looks good :)

Not liking Imran Khan's curly hair on his forehead at all...Shahid looks HOT as always!


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