IIFA Awards 2011 Winners

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Winners of the 2011 IIFA Awards:

Best Leading Actor (Male): Shah Rukh Khan for My Name Is Khan
Best Leading Actor (Female): Anushka Sharma for Band Baaja Baraat
Best Director: Karan Johar for My Name Is Khan
Best Film: Dabangg
Lifetime Achievement Award: Asha Bhosle
Best Performance in a Supporting Role (Female): Prachi Desai for Once Upon A Time in Mumbai
Best Performance in a Supporting Role (Male): Arjun Rampal for Rajneeti
Best Performace in Negative Role: Sonu Sood for Dabangg
Best Actor in Comic Performance: Riteish Deshmukh for Housefull
Hottest Pair in Bollywood: Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh
Best Debut (Female): Sonakshi Sinha - Dabangg
Best Debut (Male): Ranveer Singh - Band Baaja Baaraat
Best Lyrics: Niranjan Iyengar for Sajdaa My Name Is Khan
Best Male Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for Tere Mast Mast Do Nain
Best Female Singer: Mamta Sharma for Munni Badnaam Hui
Best Music: Sajid Wajid and Lalit Pandit for Dabangg
Best Screenplay: Abhinav Kashyap and Dilip Shukla for Dabangg
Best Dialogue: Vishal Bhardwaj for Ishqiya
Best Story: Shivani Bhatija for My Name Is Khan
Outstanding achievement in cinema: Sharmila Tagore
Hottest Pair of Bollywood: Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh
Achievement in international cinema: Irrfan Khan
Best Costume Design: Niharika Khan for Band Baaja Baaraat
Best Action: S Vijayan for Dabangg
Best Makeup: Banu (For Rajinikanth) for Robot
Best Background Score: Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy for My Name Is Khan
Best Song Recording: Vijay Dayal for Ainvayi Ainvayi
Best Choreography Award: Farah Khan for Munni Badnaam
Best Editing: Namrata Rao for Band Baaja Baaraat
Best Sound Recording: Pritam Das for Love, Sex Aur Dhokha
Best Sound Re-recording: Leslie Fernandes for Dabangg
Best Cinematography: Sudeep Chatterjee for Guzaarish
Best Art Direction: Sabu Cyril for Robot
Best Special Effects: Indian Artists for Robot


aishwarya deserved the best actress.....anushka was completely OTT....!!

anushka looks beautiful.

Anushka was almost ignored in 2008 though RBDJ was a superhit. Look where she is today!

Ok guys, let's get real. Guzaarish wasn't THAT good of a movie, Hrithik was the only good thing about it.
Aishwarya was a live mannequin for Sabaysachi's outfits, and honestly SLB could've done SO MUCH WITH THE MOVIE

& remember, SRK also played someone with Asperger's Syndrome - not easy. At times Hrithik DID overact, he was doing too much, & at the end, he lifted his own glass -- thought you were paralyzed.

As for Best Actress, for some odd reason Kajol wasn't nominated, and she's honestly the only one that deserved it. Anushka was better than Vidya or Aishwarya. Vidya I agree was good, but again, a little too much - and the movie didnt really work. Anushka did a fantastic job and the movie was a hit because of her and Ranveer. Aishwarya just stood there... as usual, she has no talent - she's an older version of Katrina Kaif.

We all have our opinions, but remember - the public votes for IIFA...

Priyanka Chopra also got an award for her contribution to the environment , or something like that.

Srk!!!!!!! Really r thy stupid or worse thn tht? Salman is the one who should hve won nw i totally believe tht thy give awards for the ones thy want n not for the ones who deserves the award!
Thts y no one won awards all those years but SRK for his silly n repegitive perfomances! So silly!

srk is still winning awards for MNIK, in 2011? WTF. MNIK was a horrible movie btw, i cant believe its even won awards.

do u call iifa even a award the dumb ones get it not srk inclu bt rest are pethatic!

Seriously, SRK for MNIK! I don't believe this! Hrithik was much better in Guzaarish! Huh, now I understand why SRK wanted Hrithik to attend the awards function! Only to feel humiliated for not getting one award! And yea! Anushka Sharma for an unsubstancial movie like BBB! Vidya or Aishwarya shud have got it! Guzaarish deserved many awards but I 4got awards are bought nowadays!! Thumbs down to IIfa, Filmfare and Star Screen!

My name is Khan n Band Baja Baraat for same year?? I thot MNIK was last year stuff....

can someone upload the whole interview of simi selects with sidhartha mallya?

Yay!!! no awards for stupid sheila ki jawani song
Anushka deserves it...she has done a great job also I don't see anything special about the movie Dabang...what was so big deal about that movie?

is this a popular award or critic's award?? Anushka was good in BBB but compared to kajol and Vidya...? again no mentions of Salman and Hritik.... SRK came inspite of operated leg and danced coz he knew he was getting the award..lol!

LOL...srk was the most naturaly in mik...

funny parts about these awards...when it comes to srk... if he gets the biggest grosser of the year (which hasn't happened in ages...poor self proclaimed king khan) he HAS to win best actor... yet salman and aamir who have TRUELY BEEN BOX OFFICE KINGS SOLELY ON THEIR STAR POWER, don't ever win for their over 100cr grosses...and this is in india alone....!!!!

I cringe thinking of the number of awards srk has won for his hamming... he is everything that is bad about acting... his body language and dialogue delivery.... and just looking at him in Ra1... cheesy to the core... and gosh... he has so much of make-up on as mr superhero...even more than kareena....lol!!!! Take a leaf out of salman my friend... the guy can't act to save his life... but he doesn't go around proclaiming to be king...it's called humility and humbleness.. .something you will never have!

it's too easy to tell who got an award - it's only the people that are present that will get an award! :( and KATRINA nominated for best actress and KAJOL NOT?! how the hell does that work?????
@ Sun, 2011-06-26 17:42 — Anonymous - i have started taking these awards seriously less and less now (i do believe some of the choices they have made are right) but there is a limit to everything - not giving away awards to the obvious choices? you can definitely tell that some of these awards were actually bought which is an insult to some people who have put in hard work as well ( not saying anushka etc haven't) but have come out with a better performance. yes anushka gave a good performance not the worst but not the best either for me.
@ raj5721 - that's my dream too!

i'm glad arjun won rajneeti, he was brilliant, he should do more more strong roles like this. srk was obvious, but anushka surprising, yay, sharmilaji won my fav, ritesh for housefull, seriously they couldn't find anyone else?

I wish we had atleast ONE Bollywood award show where awards were given to people who truly deserve it. The people who have serious talent are not encouraged and never make it big like they deserve.


You people take these "awards" functions too seriously. They are nothing more than the regular "Star Shows" that tour North America and Europe. So just enjoy them as entertainment rather than bickering about who should have won what awards.

anushka sharma for best actress??? u have got to be serious!

Only reason Anushka got the best actress award was because she attended IIFA. And I don't understand how Katrina Kaif was nominated for best actress and Kajol wasn't.
I'm so happy that Arjun Rampal won supporting actor and Sonu Sood won best actor in a negative role.

@schmuck, i very much agree with u here, it should be Hritik to get the ebst actor award, not a big fan of him but u can always see the good work... SRK is just plain dumb to get the award.. luks like IIFA takes money and gives awards, nothing is critics based i guess. the awards should be based on performance and ACTING most importantly and not on who is more famous!!

Ew, Malaika looks so trashy.

Ranvir with his parents neetu and rishi....lol

they gave the awards to srk because salman doesn't accept awards =)

Seriously, Nothing for Udaan? Disappointed. and what happened to Guzarish, Hrithik was great! aww major let down.

Sun, 2011-06-26 01:25 — Schmuck
Schmuck's picture

Not a single major award for Udaan, LSD, Ishqiyaa, Guzaarish or Stanley Ka Dabba. Are you effin' kidding me? Only those people won who attended/performed. Shame! And lame.


Udaan a beautiful film no award.

WOW iffa well done nonsense

Yes... it is a Karan Johar-Yash Chopra awards event. Dabanng made it in because it was just too big to be ignored.
I personally don't think that MNIK and BBB deserve the amount of awards they received.

its a shame there's not one bollywood award that actually gives awards based on quality. IIFA should have tried to be that different one but they are just like all the rest.

only the people who win ...attend these functions! Anushka Sharma, SRK, KJ as winners? U gotta b kidding me! Any one know who the jury is on this?

I'm So Happy That Anushka Won Best Actress! Shes Deserves It!
But I Wise Salman Got Best Actor For Dabangg

Can't believe Udaan wasn''t even nominated for best film. And SRK for My Name is Khan? Please *rolls eyes*

he he only those who attended won.. not one for udaan..im shocked..

Except Shahrukh,Ranveer,malaika nobody is good in style

Quoting the last comment:"..Not a single major award for Udaan, LSD, Ishqiyaa, Guzaarish or Stanley Ka Dabba. Are you effin' kidding me? Only those people won who attended/performed. Shame! And lame. .."

Dabangg has got too many awards this year. I believe now Sonakshi Sinha's ego (if she would be called an "actress") has raised so much.

I'm not a Sonakshi hater,but i don't think she's ready to receive all these awards because for her "village-belle-porcelain-like" image (and i believe only ONE line throughout the movie) when there's Vidya Balan who did an amazing job in Ishqiyaa for example.

And what's up with the HOTTEST PAIR OF BOLLYWOOD???wtf.

no wonder Aamir Khan never attends these award functions!!!

exactly my views! how come Udaan did not win anything??

Not a single major award for Udaan, LSD, Ishqiyaa, Guzaarish or Stanley Ka Dabba. Are you effin' kidding me? Only those people won who attended/performed. Shame! And lame.

Happy for Anushka, but my goodness! Her teeth look huge in that picture!

how come Udaan did not win anything?!?

anushka for best actress?? thats interesting!!

Congratulations Anushka! You definitely deserve this!!!

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