Imran & Avantika at Al Pitcher's Comedy Preview

Imran & Avantika at Al Pitcher's Comedy Preview 0
Imran & Avantika at Al Pitcher's Comedy Preview 0

Is her hair pink now??

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Mz Sass's picture

looks lik fat miget version of kristen stewart from twillight

Anonymous's picture

o my god! love truly is blind. Imran can not see how weird ol short fat lady he'z with! and she clearly has NO sense of fashion style!

Anonymous's picture

come on ppl
give her break
she looks cute so is imran

unthinkable's picture


Anonymous's picture

look at the girl in 3rd pic, she is trying her best not to expose her pante. I wonder why to wear this kind of dress when you dont want to expose

Anonymous's picture

come on guys
giv her break
they both look cute

Anonymous's picture

no avantika, your hair does NOT have to match your pants.
she looks a lot like anusha dandhekar in the first couple of pics
they obviously love each other a lot, i hope the industry doesn't crack their relationship

Spunky's picture

imran loooks so cute.

Anonymous's picture

Avantikaaa Darling, if i were u i would marrie him soon and have many many many kids, be4 somone else catches him...

Dey have no LIfe..they luk always the same everywhere..boring!!

Anonymous's picture

most boring couple in the hiistory of boring couples.. Imran displays not emotion ...

Anonymous's picture

they love each other and thats what matters...

bollychic19's picture

purple bag red pants, red hair=disaster. Not good.

smitten_kitten's picture

she looks tubby here.. maybe its the outfit.

applegirl's picture

this couple strikes the same pose in all the parties..

Anonymous's picture

shes cute.


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