Imran Khan, Gul Panag at Chivas Art and Music Unplugged

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Imran Khan, Gul Panag at Chivas Art and Music Unplugged. Imran is seen here with wife Avantika.

Chivas presented the first ever ‘Art and Music Unplugged’ concept that was showcased in a contemporary and an unconventional setting keeping the uniqueness and individuality of the artists in mind. The evening saw an interesting synergy between art and music.Shwetambari Soni and Reshma Jani of Gallerie Angel Arts along with Shruti Seth collaborated for this event to happen.

According to Reshma and Shwetambari , “Rhythm is everything and believe that art and music is a mirror to each other in the works on display”.

A total of 14 artworks which includes 3 sculptures and 2 large installations by Arzan Khambatta were previewed along with an acoustic performance by renowned singer Anushka Manchanda.


imrans wife is short but shes kinda hot..

Phew! Avantika got it right this time with the clothes!

I agree with voiceswriter.

cute couple regardless of the height difference they still look good together

Imran and Avantika Happy couple!!! They always look Chilled...

Awww I miss Shruti's YRF tv show, it only lasted 1 season. Imran and Avantika are adorable.

Good to see Uncle and nephew have the same great taste in women.

Lol even in heels Avantika is so short! They look happy together.. :)
Shruti!!! People should cast her in movies .. Love her!

Avantika looks like she will be announcing some happy news in a few months. The clutch and her healthy glow give it away. ;)

Gul ..pregnant?

avantika looks cute for a change

God what is happening with imran and avntika they look like a disasetr strike

Imran and Avantika r too cute!!

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