Suddenly I was single, there were too many men proposing: Bipasha Basu opens up

Suddenly I was single, there were too many men proposing: Bipasha Basu opens up 0
Suddenly I was single, there were too many men proposing: Bipasha Basu opens up 0

Bipasha Basu and ex-boyfriend John Abraham's relationship was perhaps one of the most talked about and loved affair of B-town. It therefore came as a shock to one and all when their rock-solid nine year old relationship came to an end, a couple years back. But it seems like both of them have moved on. While John is said to be going steady with girlfriend Priya Runchal, Bipasha has been linked to 'good friend' Harman Baweja.

In an interview to DNA, Bipasha talks about Harman and the good space that she is in, currently. When asked about Harman she says, " A good friend! I’m kidding with you! This is the problem with me. I can’t get serious. I can’t categorise. He’s a friend, a great guy, I get along well with him... We will see what happens in life."

When asked if she is in love, Bips says, "I don’t know... I can’t figure myself right now... It’s a bad idea to say that I am in love. At some point I have to be. I am a very difficult person to figure and right now I am not giving myself too much attention. I am a very loving person. With time I can get attached to anything but making a big statement would be premature for me."

Talking about insecurity, Bipasha opens up saying, "It was just before I signed Raaz 3. I went through that but it just stemmed from the fact that my life was changing. As a girl I had lived my life in a particular way. For it to change completely and come to terms with it and everything around it..."

"It was a bit of scary. Suddenly I was single, suddenly there were too many men proposing, asking me out. I look like a very brave girl but inside I was very scared. When people would ask me out I used to be like why? later I started enjoying it. My friends and family who are my support system, helped me to get over that dark phase. But I think I came out of that space brilliantly. You have to find your own strength."

There is the Bong beauty for you.

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Anonymous's picture

Priya n john may look like an odd couple but you can see the glow on johns face which shows who really has moved on and is in a happy space and who is still bitter and chanting about her breakup?

Anonymous's picture

Hahaha good john n bipasha have brokeup thats why john is successful now and was NOT when he was with bipasha egostic basu

Anonymous's picture

Clarifying in every single interview really shows how much you have moved on manly basu

Anonymous's picture

this is bipasha my eternal love as a girl,i havenot loved someone in my whole life ever but the love i have to bipasha is just unbelievable shes beautiful sexy kind and any thing else u can find in a human being i wish i could be in india ig i was then i would always go in front of her house and waiting if she would show off let alone talking to her i adore bipasha and sometimes,,i feel like no one likes her more than i do i burst into tears by seeing her photos i just cant believe my self for me bipasha is my love my friend my mother and my eternal beauty love you girl just see what u have done to me

Anonymous's picture

John this, John that! Shut up already! Has John said anything at all about this matter, ever? NO! Keep it moving! This break up did him good, look where he is now, successful films and a great producer. Bips, where are you?

Anonymous's picture

Bipasha we get it you moved on but theres no need to keep CLARIYING in every interview it loser

Real Talk's picture

keep it up girl! remain strong!

srkpatie's picture

Bips baby! I am so glad for you. Its not all about muscles but a good heart and I think harman has that. You make a peaceful pair. Although is Salman was less of a Jon character like Id have said ud make a happening pair

milanax's picture

I like Bipasha - she is a cool and strong woman.

Anonymous's picture

She is beautiful (what a photo there...the skin is amazing). And a strong lady. I like her, just as I like PC. I like strong ladies.

Anonymous's picture

Why is she still talking about this ? Like seriously I haven't heard John harp on about her and she insists on talking about it a couple of years later ?

Anonymous's picture

I'm a John fan and I don't believe he cheated at all. IF you are actually a fan and watch all his interviews then you know that he is not the type of person Bips keeps saying he is. She's also got a bad habit of always talking bad about John with the media and in her interviews. When have you ever seen/read/heard John saying bad things about her and saying she's this and she's that? I mean whatever, but I do hope she's in a better place now.

Anonymous's picture

She has one of the most beautiful faces in Bollywood ever, such gorgeous features!

Green's picture

Love Bipasha's interviews. After she broke up with John, she seemed very upset and bitter. Now, it seems like she has moved on. Good luck to her!

Anonymous's picture

Bipasha and Salman both suit eachother so they should get married and retire from bollywood.
Bipasha cannot stick to one man and salman cannot stick to one woman and he abuses them while bipasha cheats on every man she seese on the street.

Anonymous's picture

Bipasha is trying to act all inocent and wanting sypathy when its crystal clear that she was the cause of her breakup with john

Anonymous's picture

More like bipasha was runnning after every man possible to propose her, but they have refused because of her selfish self and egostic personality.

prince24's picture

she's trying too hard to sound mature but failed miserably. A complete failure that she is , she better stay mum

Anonymous's picture

Yahyy, Bipasha is another honest person just like Kareena. I deserves the best, and it's a good thing, the loser is out of her life. Should have been sooner than later but hey now she doesn't to have to settle and pick the one she really likes. Shahid and her would make an amazing couple, they both are "underdog" good-hearted people.

princess johdar's picture

May you find the happiness you're looking for Bips:).

Anonymous's picture

Bipasha darling, what a load of crap..c'mon it was during ur relationship with John that you practically smotherd Ronaldo with kisses and were all over him ! and here u act all coy and babe in the woods !

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

She is one of the few actresses in Bollywood who can play a very strong female character. I would like to see her use this more to her advantage.

Anonymous's picture

Well, proposing is different from asking out. :P But, that doesn't take away from the fact that she is piping hot. Lacks an interesting personality though. Well, good luck to her and Harman.

Anonymous's picture

The act of asking someone out is a form of proposition; therefore it is proposing.

Gohar's picture

This is a very honest interview. This is one of the reasons why I like Bipasha. She is a brave, honest, beautiful, hot and very friendly girl. I wish her all the best in life.

Anonymous's picture

I dont know why some people confuse proposing for a guy approaching u. Unless u say what was actually proposed, a propsal means asking ur hand in marriage.

Anonymous's picture

i know what you mean but i think in india there is no real concept of a man asking for a womans hand in marriage..they propose to be in a relationship and then just decide to get engaged and married..and thats what you call a "love marriage" where the parents arent involved in the "proposal" part

Anonymous's picture

You are aware that the word 'propose' means 'offering up an idea or plan' up for consideration to another party', right? Proposition doesn't just mean 'marriage proposal'.

She's not saying that everywhere she goes men drop to their knees and beg her to marry them. She's saying men have been asking her out on dates. She's not conceited.

Anonymous's picture

NO, to propose means to put forth an idea or suggestion. Different cultures will use it for different context. When some asks you out, that is just as much a proposal in dictionary terms as asking a hand in marriage. Use of language differs and varies according to culture and geography. Indians are not using the word propose incorrectly.


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