Katrina Kaif & Deepika Padukone share the stage at the IPL 6 opening ceremony

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The Indian Premier League (IPL) known to be the 'glamorous cricket' stood true to its reputation, when it sparkled and glittered on the opening night on Tuesday, at the Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata.

The sixth season of IPL began in style as the top notch bollywood stars including badshah Shahrukh himself, dazzled the stadium with power packed performances. SRK was joined by the lovely ladies of B-town Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone when they enthralled the live audience of 1,20,000. American rapper Pitbull also joined the Indian stars on stage with his popular numbers.

SRK made a grand entry to a 'Don' track with an American chopper. He jived to 'Tumse Milke' with 'Main Hoon Na' booming through the number that saw him doing the signature Qawwali steps.

What's interesting to see is Katrina & Deepika sharing the same stage. They are most definitely the most gorgeous and in-demand actresses of Bollywood. However, we rarely see them together on stage thanks to a Mr Kapoor to who both have been often linked.

This is therefore an iconic moment for all you fans of Katrina, Deepika & SRK. Enjoy!

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Credits: pinkvilla

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Just KaTrInA kAiF ♥♥



gosh...compare da galzz...deepika isnt slim..:O

Gosh...compare da galzz...deepika isnt slim..:O

Katrina looks sexy here!!

as much as i LOVE Katrina Kaif, i HATE HATE that outfit she is wearing. but i love the shots where she is wearing a crown. she looks like a Queen.

The trio rocked. SRK was in his element, he led the ceremony. Kat overshadowed Deepika. Pit bull was NOT needed. He didn't impress at all. Akon was perfect for it.

Katrina looks either bored or insecure due to Deepika's presence.

They say a smile is the sweetest revenge. Look at Deepika flashing that dimpled smile to her enemy! That's right, let the haters burn because you're happy in this phase of your life and they are just jealous, Katrina included :D

omg, in gohar's pics, the background dancers have a legit black-face. There would have been a huge ruckus if this had happened in the west.
Am Indian myself, but it's crazy how bollwood does racially insensitive things like this, yet when Ashton Kutcher did an ad imitation a bollywood producer in a non-offensive way, the Indian community objected and had the ad removed.

ewwwww srk looks oldddd!!

The only thing good was pitbull n SRK...both rocked...

dpad looks like that creature form the movie Predator

Srk is the only one who can bring these two together! Lol and I love how cool he is.


there should be kareena

Katrina's entry reminded me of Maleficent from sleeping beauty. She needs to play an evil queen one day.

gohar in ur posted pics kat looks wooden and depika looks cheap tacky.
I agree... but this is bollywood for you...

@Wed, 2013-04-03 21:28 — Anonymous
I agree... but this is bollywood for you...

gohar in ur posted pics kat looks wooden and depika looks cheap tacky.

must Bollywood stage outfits always be so tacky and atrocious?

The two girls are really tall and hot. There performances were mediocre. Katrina outfit was little tacky and deepika outfit makes her look wierd. Pitbull and srk were great.

Deepika looks amazing but I didn't like her performance at all. But it was better than Katrina because her immobile face kind of ruins whatever dancing skills she might have. SRK stole the show anyway!

Kareena is the queen katrina is 2nd Queen and then Priyanka , deepika comes last..thats the truth

ridiculous outfits.....the only highlight of the evening was pitbull. period.

god katrina...wud u just stop with ur midriff show already??? its always the same thing....n for the love of god, change ur hairstyle!!!!!!
n wats up with deepika's armour thingy??? looks awful.

SRK - no comments

but please...wud the organisers move away from the bollywood hoohaa in the next ipl edition?? its giving me a headache....they shud rope in more international talents. these bollywood wallahs are just EVERYWHERE. fashion shows, parties, awards....even book releases.

ipl is truly international tourney...even though it actually is a domestic one. dont bore the poor audience with the time-and-again bollywood star tamasha.

we actually crave for international acts. we truly do.

this is really an iconic moment as u say. just kept thinking about this yesterday when was seeing srk- katrina and deepika together on stage. very dignified and they are such great sports to have agreed to do this ,they did not seem remotely uncomfortable either to be together on the stage

thumbs up to the three :D

both are tall but both can't act on the other hand srk's other two heroines kk n pc can act

lol katrina kaif seems so lost!

wish there was ranbir instead of srk, then it would have been all the more exiciting to see
the trio kat-rk-dp

tacky outfits..
srk looks super cool though and deeps super hot

Pictures are not good. Seems like an old uncle with his two nieces. Urgh.

Raina29 plz stop trying to make deepika look better.

If u think she looks good...good for u...let others say their opinion! Not everyone will think deepika looks better...n u just have to accept it.

Anyways is anyone even gona bother to put up their performances? I thought it was really good!

I just don't get how an Hindi film actress doesn't need to speak Hindi

Well only SRK can bring kat-deepika and PC-bebo on same stage :D

Great... i don't like the outfits though.

srk and his grey make-up, yuck...

forget priyanka, deepika, real queen of bollywood and the best performer is KAREENA KAPOOR KHAN

Deepika is on weight....

deepika has the best bod evaaaah!

exactly. THIS is why PRIYANKA AND KAREENA rule Bollywood.

Haha awkward. they havent even looked at eachother forget making convo! Deepika is way hotter than kat love her.


This is what happened when you behaved like a bunch of 15 years olds kids on the Internet. This is not high school where you are having cat fights between losers.

Katrina looked stunning and her performance was amazing her songs are famous
BTW deepika has big hips big pear shape figure her performance was boring she has boring unknown songs

Love srk.

katrina's entry was very bad...................she was wearing a bad dress with her stupid crown.....she was looking like a joker.......only bcoz of her i laughed........thanx katrina for making me laugh.....


This is why Priyanka and Kareena are the queens of Bollywood.

Priyanka and Kareena did a better job last year.

There should be some guidelines as to how much vulgarity is allowed...Katrina was all Chikni and Zara zara touch me and I'm too sexy for you....Atleast Deepika was covered up and had family-friendly songs...IPL is watched by Indian families who are conservative and respectful

Y does kat have to do that boring hairstyle again... Gosh this lady needs to change hairstyle n evn makeup.. She sooo preettyy but she dont do something exciting.. Deepika always come up with new hair makeup n evn there what she wear.. Kat is as always boring.. Really need a change..
To clear m a katrina n deepika's fan.. N kat is beautiful but she need to change her tom boyish look n do somethin nice.. N let public watch somerhin new .


Earlier i used to think that katrina is unhappy when she is with salman. Now i belive that she is basically an unhappy person. I mean look at those pics she looks sad and boring. If i was her with all that lights and center stage i would be smiling all through my way.

deepika is so hot


re: Wed, 2013-04-03 08:21 — Voiceswriter

totally agree with you..these pics look like they were taken from an ancient south movie!

can anyone tell me why these bollywood stars wear such tacky outfits while they perform on stage??they look fat they look chamkile vadkile overall they look bad...

They kinda look ridiculous, even as much as I like SRK and Deepika...this is just so.....ugh. It could be the quality of the pics though.

kats gone cold loool

This should be interesting!

heard it was most boring opening ceremony, but i see SKR tries hard to bring Kat and Deepika together

hey, can anyone post the videos of this ?

katrina has a big belly button but her face is really beautiful.

If SRK can bring Bebo and PC together, he can bring these to as well. They both look great! But personally I think Deepika is more gorgeous, at least her face is, Katrina is beautiful too but Deepika's features are just amazing!

Katrina looks bored.

mental fans of deepika...hv lost it...cause of queen katrina...she is shining like a gem

Katrina and Deepika are mature enough but unfortunately not their fans... shame on the fans who are debating here....

Srk is acting so cool between them. Man he's awesome or what!!! Hehe

Katrina's opening song was "Tera Hone Laga Hoon" and Deepika's opening tune was "Khuda Jaane" from Bachna Ae Haseeno...Coincidence much?? Ranbir must have been laughing his ass off..
yikes, have some self-respect ladies!

Katrina is going through the motions but her face is blank and dis-interested . Hot bod tho!

Pitbull was smitten by Deepika...See the video...Katty was trying tooo hard

Respect Katrina
Yes, you must respect senior citizens :)

Deepika has been confirmed for Salman's next movie KICK with sajid nadiadwala
Really...OMG, I wish this is true...I want to see them together. After Aish it's only Deepika who will look good with Salman :)

Anonymous's picture

Both of them look hot!

Ya I agree, both SRK and DEEPIKA...

Tue, 2013-04-02 14:39 — RAINA29
RAINA29's picture

Haha SRK looks super duper cool with what I think is a du-rag on? And both ladies looks great, but I think Deepika looks hotter...I'm wondering how awkward it must be standing smack dab in the middle, seconds away from a cat fight :P Though SRK seems to be enjoying it haha.

Totally agree, and omg what is wrong with katrina, i think the more comfortable shes getting with her hits the less she cares about keeping her kashmiri image....they do seem to be avoiding each other though

Katty keeps looking at Deepika from the corner of her eye and Deepi gave her a royal IGNORE...LOL


sorry, but I see nothing of what you're talking about !!
Watch the video on Utube!

shahrukh looks silly with that thing on his head...


Love them!

i would have never imagined than katrina and deepika were the same height...they have really diff body types

Deepika looks gorgeous but I wish she had gone for slightly looser jeans - judging by the muffin top, they seem a little tight

Katrina has the hottest body. Gorgeous.

Tue, 2013-04-02 13:48 — Anonymous

Katty keeps looking at Deepika from the corner of her eye and Deepi gave her a royal IGNORE...LOL


Imagining things much???

Tue, 2013-04-02 15:17 — Hypatia

Katty keeps looking at Deepika from the corner of her eye and Deepi gave her a royal IGNORE...LOL


sorry, but I see nothing of what you're talking about !!

---------LOL I don't see it either.

Theres a sight i thought id never see...

I would dearly love to see back stage pics of this day! Lol

Honestly...i have seen both performances...and i must say..katrinas was far better and she looked far better...although deepika looked amazing in her own right!

But...deepika only had one custome...katr had many...amd kats entrance was amazing! Like a royal queen! I felt like ipl put more effort into kats performance...giving her more time, more costumes, a more royal entrance! Deepikas was boring..and she done the same dance moves as she had done in a earlier show!

Anyways...here are the two most sought after heroines! But between the two i think it shows the kat is still queen bee...but will deepika be over taking the throne? Lets see....


Katrina's opening song was "Tera Hone Laga Hoon" and Deepika's opening tune was "Khuda Jaane" from Bachna Ae Haseeno...Coincidence much?? Ranbir must have been laughing his ass off..

deepika is the best.........as usual

Katty keeps looking at Deepika from the corner of her eye and Deepi gave her a royal IGNORE...LOL


sorry, but I see nothing of what you're talking about !!

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