Jacqueline Fernandez, Huma Qureshi at the IIFA Awards 2013

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Jacqueline Fernandez & Huma Qureshi are seen at the 14th IIFA Award Green Carpet ceremony.

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Credits: viral bhayani

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This colour does nothing for Jacqueline

Huma is looking so thin here... May be she's working out!!!

Jacky is hot.

Jacky looks FAB!

eww Jacqueline !! why ?:(
and no comments on Huma as always !!

Both are looking SOOO stunning! WOW!

i like jacqueline n her dress here

Woow sexy looks...

Jacquiline's hair style.. am not digging at all.

thanks goodness huma has not opted for her usual aunty look

Wooooooooooow Jacqueline looks amazing. Her collarbones wow.

jacqueline is looking cheap.. its not the dress ..its her face.. she never looks classy

yeah Jackie is a beauty queen after all! It shows

jacqueline is so tonned.love it..super hot

Gorgeous women!

jacky is just so beautiful...Huma looks like a wizard !

Jacqueline looks good but 28? Maybe 37

Jacqueline looks way too masculine w/that hair+ makeup ...not sexy at all but the dress is fab

Huma looks good!

Jacqueline looks fab.love the color on her.
Huma looks nice.

jackie luks stunning...huma on da other hand luks like a daayan

katrina part 2 is looking spectacular.....
one f da best so far

n huma is looking a member f da aaadddaams family!!!!!!
ting ting!!

Jacky's dress too tight. Huma looks pretty.

I like Huma.

The gold belt enhances her whole look in a sexy way. nice.

I like Jac's make up

Huma looks nice!

looks like jacky stole the show..too good

Jackie is soooo ravishing. From the hair to the make up to the outfit = a perfect 10!

Jackie looks like she is trying soo hard.

Huma is gorgeous

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