Race 2 New Poster Unveiled with Jacqueline Fernandez

You've seen Deepika, John and Saif set the temperatures soaring, and now here's Jacqueline to crank it up even more. Presenting the latest Race 2 poster. What do you guys think of it?

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Credits: Pinkvilla

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why people so jealous about jacqueline ?? I like her so much
keep it up ur work jacqueline , I can remember people scold Katrina when she debuted , but see now she is a huge star, never give up jackie , love ya

lol the same silly fan posting so many comments.. she is plain average.. there are way better girls both in looks and acting.. some have already debuted.. bye bye miss sri lanka

jacqueline is the best, she still learning hindi , i love the way she speaks hindi, im gonna watch this movie only because of jackie

@morisim yes hopefully. Bcoz bips is doing a cameo in Race 2

She is hot and I love the way she responds in hindi during interviews. Hard working self made girl it seems.

Interesting! Are they going to tell what happened to Bips character?

I want to see Ameesha's poster, she is the best actress among Deepika and Jaqueline!
HAHA what??? You must be joking? She's definitely the worst out of the 3 of them.

sexy girl.

She's so Hot. And I agree with the anon @Fri, 2012-11-09 22:57 she speaks better Hindi than Kat :)

Better than Deepika's for sure. John's poster and this poster are the best so far.

They messed up her silhouette, looks like she's got a saggy diaper on.

she is a pure beauty, blessed with everything perfect

I want to see Ameesha's poster, she is the best actress among Deepika and Jaqueline!

again...photoshop on face

best race 2 poster so far because this is more natural.Others are too photoshopped

Jackie looks amazing
The best poster so far

Looking good!

Bollywood hottie.

This girl is fantastic. She speaks better hindi than Katrina. Can't wait to watch this movie.

She is hot.

hot and stunning. much better than dipee.

deepika's poster was far ahead btr den dis one....bt still jacky too luks hot out here...... n yes it took a bit time to recognize her.....shez amazing...!! deadly waiting for d mavei man....!!!

Why are all these posters so incredibly photoshopped and edited? The whole cast is freakin HOT. They don't need it!

I thot it was Koena Mitra at first. :A

Best poster among race 2.

I find jacky's body is better than deepika. And her face has more appeal but only problem that she can't speak hindi.

This is much more hotter than deepika.


Hotter than Deepeee

She looks like Chitrangda Singh at this pic

hmmm...Ok Ok types

Was not able to recognize her at first

she looks hot here, she kinda lost her charm when she dated this sajid khan ...

Took me 5 minutes to recognise her!

she looks hot and amazing here! no bad photoshop done like Deepika's one

This is a MUCH better poster than Deepika's.

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