Akshay Kumar & John Abraham at Umang 2014

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The Mumbai police show, Umang 2014 took place yesterday. The show was hosted by Manish Paul and was a star studded event like always! Seen here are Akshay Kumar and John Abraham.


love you akki da best

OMG Akshay is handsome or what... SO HOT!

Paaji's style is too good, I always copy his fashion sense and not even embarrassed to admit it...

Akki You are the best.

Akshay is starting to show his real age-which is plus 50 years old. He is bald (he's got a great toupee-Ranbir should ask him where he bought it), has completely white beard, belly. He is good looking still but he is looking like Shruti's father in their next film.

Feeling amused after reading that. How do you know all that about him? Source of your information ?

That's not a toupee in the pics above, that's a combover (guy wearing his hair long and having it styled to cover the thin spots). You are entitled to think whatever you want about his age; to me he looks pretty much like a man of 46 who happened to be unlucky when it came to hair genetics and doesn't care as much about looking younger than his real age as Salman and Aamir do.

Akshay ! Love of my life ! XOXOXO

HOTTIE KUMAR! AKSHAY AKSHAY AKSHAY!!! Looking awesome as always!

hottie akshay

Wow Akshay!

John Abraham is seriously overrated. Saw him on Race 2 and his acting was terrible. That constant low angle glare.
He used to be so charming in his Jism days. Now he has bulked up like crazy and just looks too thick.

John is overrated? LOL when was he ever rated?

Lol I know. Even Jaqueline was better than him in Race 2

She sure was good at her performance in race 2 but with the help of voice dubbing incase you forgot to mention that.

Oh so ever since hes left bipasha hes lost hes charm aahh what a shame.
John atleast does not over act like others which makes him different.

What does it have to do with Bipasha? I just think he was sexy and charming when get was lean but toned/muscular. Now he is too bulky which makes him look bad. His acting has been good in other movies but it was bad in Race 2.0, especially that glaring expression. That's my opinion and you are welcome to disagree. But why bring Bipasha into it?

Because mogority of the people say that hes lost hes charm because of bipasha.

John has not lost hes charm after hes breakup with bipasha infact hes glowing.

why does john dress so sloppy?

Becsuse he does and hes not gonna change just for you

John looks cute and akshay looks macho

Love Akshay

wish akshay kumar would do better films, havent seen much of his lately except for special 26

The word 'dapper' is invented for akki

AkshY sir mmmmm

Akki akki akki, try to watch his next movies and make them a blockbuster instead of praise him on PV

I am not Amitabh or Dilip kumar or any star's son.I am s simple Akshay

Akki the man

Akki is the only guy in Bollywood who is effortlessly sexy.. he has the looks that make you believe yes any woman can die for him unlike Shah Rukh Khan. I still don't know why women like SRK. sometimes he looks like Michael Jackson.


AKKI the best forget the rest

Akki Akki Akki

Akki *.*

hah. John's trying to get people to not look at him, and Akshay's trying to get people to not talk to him. They do look good though.

Akki U hot man! John! WTF u wearing? have some respect for the police or don't show up

Who r u to say what john should and shouldn't wear.
He can wear what he wants so deal with it.

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