Stills from 'Joker' dance number

Stills from 'Joker' dance number.

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Credits: Pinkvilla

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this film soundz qwite intresting...jus read bout it on wiki

it is really getting boring to see her the same way all the time!

Sonakshi is the biggest threat to katrina...i think kat is falling down...after the three khan deal she will loose her position...newcomers are comming in big way...they can act better than kat...look more indian..kat's looks and poses are the same yawnnnn and they can do good bollywood dances better than kat...

cannot wait sonakshi......true desi girl....well done .

TMK+ Rowdy Rathore... Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

The next real superstar!!!! Katrina should be shaking in her boots right now. Get it Sonakshi, make us proud!

wow sonakshi looks so cute.. so fresh

Sonakshi is getting typecasted in these styles.

Is that a color to wear ?

Another Dabang + Rowdy Rathore in making.

How is this showing skin in sari? Showing skin in sari is like the Cocktail song promo, second hand Jaawani or whatever it's called.

Sonakshi Sinha back at doing what she does best--riding off successful 40+ heroes and playing 5 min arm candy roles..keep it up girl!!!

definitely suits the name.

what do you mean "showing skin in sari"..this pic isnt sleazy. its supposed to be a dabang dance lol sic..i agree sonakshi is getting repetitive though..bollywood is getting repetitive! le sigh

nice stills,sonakshi is looking good,don't like the sunglasses in the first picture,though.

And another dance number showing skin in sari with so much colors around Sigh...........

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