Official Theatrical Trailer of Gulaab Gang

It's time to witness the power of pink! This Women's Day, two icons of Indian cinema come together on the big screen to create a revolution... are you joining Gulaab Gang?

Here's presenting the trailer of Gulaab Gang, presented by Bharat Shah, produced by Anubhav Sinha and directed by Soumik Sen, starring Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla in never-seen-before avatars. Releasing 7th Mar 2014.

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Credits: youtube

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look forward to a power packed performance by Juhi Chawla... she is in a never done role before.. Madhuri looks good as well

What a trailer!!!!!!!!! Juhi is brilliant!!! Love it!

Juhiiiiii is a hidden gem! Amazing in trailer

Madhuri is certainly going to win all Best actress award this year. But the National award would be an icing on the cake.
National awards requires too much lobbying. They have been very controversial. A non actress like Raveena won it for Daman as she campaigned for some politician. Even worse Saif ali khan won it for Hum Tum (joke of the millennium) and why? No points for guessing....Sharmila Tagore's position made him win a National award otherwise he could not win even a single award in the last 2 decades. There are many more in the list who won due to their political connections.
Sridevi deserved it for Sadma, Lamhe.
Madhuri deserved it for Anjaam, Mrityudand

I think this will be Juhi Chawla's best performance till date! have high hopes from this pretty diva..

Juhi is awesomeness personified! hope the entire performance is as good as the trailer!

A few fans of another actress are running a Madhuri hate club and they are pulling her down everywhere. Check Twitter. They are creating fake accounts to bad mouth Madhuri and have also created some blogs to show how lowly Madhuri is. Within 2 days after Dedh isqiya released they called it Flop everywhere in an attempt to negatively affect film's business. Its such a sick thing :(
Are such people not scared of God. Not only Madhuri but the whole team of Dedh ishqiya must have worked so hard and itz so bad as a human being to malign someone's hard work.

Madhuri rocks as Rajjo. She would surely get the elusive National award for this role.

Juhi Juhi Juhi.. she is mind blowing in this trailer! OMG, could have never imagined her in a negative role and she has proven me so wrong.. super impressed by Ms.Chawla in this one.. Madhuri looks good too.. but Juhi is a clear winner for me!

so glad trailer is now available on youtube with English subtitles. I was so curious to understand what they were speaking to each other. Oh boy what an awesome start to the year. Madhuri is surely gonna win all the awards for this flick and hopeful Juhi will also get awards for he negative role or may be in supporting category.

GG will be a milestone in Madhuri career. Hope it rocks Box Office as well.

I wish Juhi underplays this character otherwise would look ridiculous. Madhuri's screen presence is terrific

Never ever a woman oriented film's promo had this kind of impact on me. Have already watched it 5-6 times in the last half an hour

Excellent,....Madhuri rocks and so does Juhi :)

Madhuri's dialogue delivery is awesome. The last scene in the promo where she says NEECHE WALI JAB LETI HAI TOH PATLOON FAADH KAR LETI HAI gave me goosebumps......Madhuri's expressions are mind blowing. Even Juhi was good except in that very first dialogue where she says KISE DENGE AAP APNA VOTE. I personally prefer subtle acting like how Madhuri does.....loud acting n making faces isn't my type.

"Sanghatan ki shakti hai aur akeli me aapki fat ti hai " ....ha ha ha...good one
Is movie me to bahut sitiyaan marni padegi Bhai log....

Tabu/ Raveena Tondon were the original choice for Juhi's role. Both declined the offer as GG is all about Madhuri. Juhi is one brave woman now (if not in the 90s)

Hats off to Madhuri Dixit. This is called Acting. Neither Over the Top nor underplayed. Brilliant acting :)))
Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Anushka, Priyanka etc .....Watch this promo atleast a million times to learn Acting.

Mark my words....this Madhuri Dixit movie will create History. She's outstanding in the promo. Salute to the Director/ team for making such an impact on the audience with just a 2.30 min long trailer. Never that a women oriented film has developed such a rage among the viewers. Women based movies in India used to be too sad and would portray woman protagonist as an avenger or a victim. I'm glad Gulaab gang is changing this perception and the best part is it's woman V/S woman in this flick otherwise the impact would not have been that strong.

Madhuri is only a dance diva... Her strength is her DAnCInG not her acting... DEDH ISHQIYA is a BIG FLOP...

Dedh Ishqiya declared hit. Get your facts right! Lol...

I am amazed to Juhi chawla in this one! She is over shadowing Madhuri in every way!

Juhi early standsout in the promo.. Madhuri looks a little expressionless to me( i never thought i would say that about her, for me she was queen of expressions!, but her botoxed face limits her expressions).. Juhi is simly brilliant in this one and there is no doubt in that!

Whoa!! Rocking Juhi

juhi juhi juhi....u r the only one. killer performance...killer looks...killer expressions...

I wish all these people who are interested to comment here like crazy go and watch the film at least.

Madhuri Dixit is an icon. She doesn't have anything left to prove to anyone. By the time she touched 30 she already became a legend. See today's girls, they are struggling to be accepted even in their mid 30s.
Madhuri rocks!!!

Congratulations Madhuri on a super comeback. You always challenged Industry rules and

emerged as a winner. I'm glad you didn't dress up in white cotton sarees and playing an ignored

mother/ wife to 3 grown up children. Instead Madhuri you're playing a seductress in Dedh Ishqiya

which clearly shows some heroines are ever green. They don't have to justify their age by

choosing old characters but can play younger roles as long as they want. Aftter all, it's the

audience who want to see you that way. Madhuri in a way challenged Khans (who are still playing

young boy roles) and she emerged as a winner yet again. You were already a winner Madhuri

when you woked with 15 yrs junior Ranbir Kapoor :)))) It takes a strong woman to fight

discrimination in society.
Let the weaker ones play motherly roles :

Madhuri is a winner. She gives younger lot a run for their money...

Oh yeah come on madhuri's fans...its clear verdict on the wall that DEDH ISHQIA is flop...and reason behind most of the people saying due to her the movie got badly VIDYA performance in ISHQIA....which was high light on that year...So its second time madhuri got the flop tag AGAIN after miserable Aaja nach le.....its not easy to get SRI DEVI akaa Last Queen of bollywood tag for madhuri....I am scared due to her lack of acting abilities and talent Gulaab Gaang might will affect...and juhi's efforts may go un notice too...:(

One suggestion be a little subtle when you want to criticize someone otherwise your hatred will become too obvious and people will not take your views seriously. You're clearly a Madhuri hater so your views don't really matter.

Mahduri is getting the roles of a life time. All female oriented films where she's playing the central lead and HUma/Juhi etc playing the second fiddle. Madhuri is the only actress who debuted in the 80s but is relevant even today. Her seniors like Sri are doing Mommy roles and contemporaries like Juhi have either no work or are working in very low budget films where they have nothing much to do. Even Kajol is only dependent on Johars/ Chopras and SRK. MADHURI DIXIT ..the name says it all.

LOL....Madhuri also played mom in Aaja Nachle. All she is getting to do are these tacky downmarket films and melodramatic revenge dramas that used to be made in the 80s. No one's offering her a classy film like Kahaani or English Vinglish.

People who are saying that Juhi is doing a good job as, its very tough to stand in front of Madz forgot what Karishma Kapoor did to Madz in DTPH ;)
Swept all awards including the much coveted National Award... So, pls dont just say things to put other actors down... If given a good role anyone can excel.. and Madz is no Shaban or Sri... She hardly has any range as an actor.... She could not even eclipse Aish in Devdas so, pls Juhi is way ahead in versatility...

Oh Juhi is a way better actor. Madhuri is a way better dancer. The characters Juhi took on after Teen Deewarien are incomparable. Just that they didn't get the hype useless films like We are family or whatever got, for obvious reasons.

If Madhuri is so lowly, why is she giving you sleepless nights? Why you're here and writing such longggggg sentences. I never liked Aishwarya as an actress but never do I've the time, energy & inclination to go to her pages and write against her as she doesn't matter to me. Madhuri matters big time to you haters, so you're spending so much of time & energy to pull her down as she's getting so much of success even though she's in her late 40s. GET A LIFE HATERS.
And, as a matter of fact: MADHURI WON ALL THE "BEST ACTRESS" AWARDS FOR "DIL TO PAGAL HAI". Karishma had a supporting role and she performed really well but without taking anything away from Madhuri.

If Madhuri is so lowly, why is she giving you sleepless nights? Why you're here and writing such longggggg sentences. I never liked Aishwarya as an actress but never do I've the time, energy & inclination to go to her pages and write against her as she doesn't matter to me. Madhuri matters big time to you haters, so you're spending so much of time & energy to pull her down as she's getting so much of success even though she's in her late 40s. GET A LIFE HATERS.
And, as a matter of fact: MADHURI WON ALL THE "BEST ACTRESS" AWARDS FOR "DIL TO PAGAL HAI". Karishma had a supporting role and she performed really well but without taking anything away from Madhuri.

Juhi was great in the promo. It's an achievement she didn't look bad infront of Madhuri who is notorious for stealing the show even from the film's heroes let alone heroines. Madhuri, no doubt is excellent. I love the chemistry between Mahduri & Juhi

Madhuri gets the lead/ central role whenever she wants to work. Wish the Industry also treated Juhi, Sridevi & others in the same manner. Obviously Madhuri gets better roles as she's not only a great actress but also a huge superstar, a crowd puller. The same can't be said about Juhi/ Sridadi n others

You obviously chose not to see English Vinglish where Sridevi was the ONLY lead. Madhuri needed the support of Naseer, Huma and Arshad in DI and Juhi in GG. Sri made EV an international success all by herself. Get a life.

Sridevi is no doubt a good actress but comparing Madhuri to Juhi is like bringing a candle close to the sun.As for you who claims Madhuri isn't a good actress, can you name an actress aside Meena Kumari that has 4 filmfare awards to her credit?
Talking about acting power,charm and elegance, Madhuri is second to none.Go and check the reviews of DEDH ISHQIYA bfor running your mouth. Comming to songs and dances,it is a gift no other actress has post the era of Vijayanthimala.
So keep cool guys, Madhuri is here to reign if Sridevi is worth the salt let her join the race.

You call Filmfare a proper Award for excellence of Acting? lol

Who ever said this below:
"Madhuri never over acts...her acting style is very western, very subtle."
You are very right. Madhuri never over acts because she does-not know how to act at all. Don't try to put Juhi down by making such statements. The fact she is neither subtle nor has any western style of acting. It seems to have become a trend in India to compare with westeren actors and say things like 'it's very subtle' or 'he/she has given a nuance performance' or 'has layers and layers' and blah blah blah... and most often people who can barely act say it most of the times to conceal their inability. Unable to show any expressions and blank face is not subtle... Watch some Irani movies the actors are so infectiously talented and their expressions are so natural.. in a movie like A Separation when the lady cries she cries her heart out and with emotions oozing out.. so, its not ott... and its appreciated.. even in western movies some actors are master of exoressions.. so, better accept that Madhuri's power lies in her dancing... she still has a long way to go where acting is concerned... Even actors like Tabu, Manisha Koirala, Konkana who didnt get quite the recognition are way ahead of her in Histrionics dept... Juhi is way ahead in versatility and Sridevi is a far fetched dream for Madhuri to match when it comes to range.

ossm trailer!!!!

The one who says Sridevi's fans are insecure:
He/She must realise that its a big honour for Madz to be compared to Sri because she cant even act even one fourth of what Sridevi is capable off... Madz tries to run a movie on her name 7 years back called Aaja Nachle and it flopped miserably and shamelessly... So, she realised its not her cup of tea.. she better work in movies that has other male actors so, movies can be pulled by them... Sri doesnt need that.. The Queen rides in after the long gap of 15 years and carries off the movie on her shoulder with elan.. No cheap dancing, double meaning songs just PURE REFINED SRI ;)... Long Live the Queen ;)

I love all the three ladies Sridevi, Madhuri and Juhi.... and so good to see all the talent back where it belongs i.e. On Silver Screen... They make look new actresses like a joke.. But i still think of all the three Madz is not aging that gracefully.... She dances still like a muse but looks much older as compared to Sri & Juhi.... In certain scenes she looks quite haggard in the movie or may be its bad make-up or light or dont know what.

Enjoying watching both the actress in one film .Both are icons and doing their role perfectly :)

Pinkvilla admins must not allow any negative comments towards either Madhuri or Juhi. They are legends & super achievers and should be either respected or shouldn't be talked about at all.

They are too graceful :) Love Madhuri nd Juhi

Maduri without make-up looking so beautifully .Better than other botox heroines.

For me both Madhuri N Juhi rocks .Awesome n powerful dialogues .Madhuri stunts are two good.

I dont know what look more ridiculous, madhuri act like salman khan or madhuri non acting performance!
Juhi is clearly good!!!
I swear on my unborn children this movie will more popular and make 300 crore with katrina kaif and deepika!!!!

Go katrina and deepika you are the best the rest is a shit in front of you

hey iam nobodys fan.. but juhi is rocking here.. botox or no botox no doubt madhuri is aging badly and it clearly shows even with makeup.. on other hand juhi is totaally rocking

wow...awsome promo

Sridevi fans are very very creative & insecure. Since late 80s after Madhuri replaced Sridevi, they have been her most loyal haters.
They are not praising Juhi as Juhi was good in the trailer but to belittle Madhuri. This is a typical Sridevi fan's attitude. And I find it very funny, amusing and down-market where we have to make someone else look bad to make our-self look good. A typical Loser attitude

Don't insult these three extremely talented but extremely varied actresses! Buy I do feel Mads n Sri always walked away with the accolades and awards for whatever they did! Juhi however never clambered for all this, she had a small little space, did movies she liked with people she loved! Just take an example of magazine covers- have u recently seen Juhi on one? How many of Sri n Mads were there last year?? But whatever it is, Juhi nailed this role! Her posture, expressions, dialogue delivery gave me goosebumps! Juhi, come back from Antartica fast!

Someone said below : "can't believe Im saying this but looks like Juhi will walk away with all the accolades in this one...shes overshadowing Mads here and that's not an easy thing!"

You really need some reality check as, over-shadowing Madhuri is perhaps the most easy thing to do for any average actor of today or yesteryear...... Sorry, but if there is no dance and song in the movie then Madhuri has almost nothing to offer.... In this movie also her expressions are almost too tacky and then she is even making Sampath pal dance.. lol
That's the thing about her that she always plays Madhuri Dixit whereas Juhi is an actress.... TBH in this movie Juhi looks good and acts far better than Madz.. inspite of good punching dialogues Madz fails miserably due to no expressions....

Sridevi fans are having sleepless nights :P

Madhuri - for once try and age like Juhi. Watch and learn.

No one wants to see oldie madhuri.Look at the way dedh ishqiya floppedd!

So apparently madhuri can act!lmao

Juhi can kill it with her unmatched talent.The other one,well,just can dance!

Oh pls!Madhuri is no talent,Juhi is.Tabu should have been casted.Both ways it is a flop though.

I really hope they give Juhi a proper role, sick of filmmakers giving her half baked roles! But she so scored in the trailer, she was awesome!

I love juhi!! Even though shes playing a negative role she is still very likeable


juhi is best

Madhuri my queen is back and how...loved the trailer. Madhuri's voice & diction are superb.

Omg cannot wait! Loved it.

But here after watching trailer I must say one thing
SRI DEVI in English Vinglish performance = Juhi + Madhuri in Gulaab gang......although both are talented but here Juhi stole the show.

Sri devi ENGLISH VINGLISH performance = madhuri + juhi in Gulaab gaang

Ohh really???? That's why the highly talented Sridevi won all the awards for English Vinglish...ha ha ha...... Loser actress, loser fans

Trailer is great. Good to see Juhi back after a long time.

cannot wait to see juhi on screen again! absolutely love her

can someone translate all JUHI's dialogues from the trailer. I miss the punch since I can't understand. pls pls

I love my Juhi, all the way!!! She was mind blowing in every dialogue. Especially the "Ghanta..." one. I wondered how she would be as a negative character knowing her lovely but infectious giggly laugh, but man...she is awesome. Sigh...Only if her talent was explored to its fullest during her time. Nevertheless, waiting to watch this movie.

These two women are national gems...talent like this is rarely given to the beautiful

Yay! I love Juhi♥

This movie is gonna be legendary! I really miss Juhi!

When Bollywood will learn to stop doing over the type actions... which the over-use of ropes in them are unfortunately too obvious to ignore!!
I wonder how will be Bollywood's action scenes if you take all the ropes and threads away? How the people will fly to air then?!!! This goes with Salman Khan movies as well. And when middle aged women are doing it, it looks even more ridiculous! In Hollywood as an example... and I'm not even a Hollywood fan... but you see there women fighting really well too, theirs also are not necessarily real at all, but at least they seem convincing and believable to some certain extent.
I love both these women, Juhi and Madhuri. I'm glad they are back. And they deserve to be back. I also love Bollywood, though I'm not Indian. Because I think India has a very special kind of cinema with unique ways of doing things. But seriously these type of action scenes, prevents me to show these movies to my friends and tell them I'm a Bollywood fan. Because that's exactly what make other people make fun of Bollywood. And I'm only talking about OTT fight scenes here.

Oh, please, OTT fight scenes haven't stopped Hong Kong movies from being accepted all over the world, and they're ones the South Indian movies borrowing that fighting style from (before the Bollywood movies borrowed it from South India). If your friends make fun of Indian films for that, they're showing their own ignorance and indifference to global cinema. It's okay to not care for this kind of fighting, but it's hardly the only thing non-Bollywood fans have a problem with. (What about the cartoony foreigners in My Name is Khan?)

i don't mind about 'over the type action' because when salman, sharukh, rajnikant and other male actor does than its 'fine' (WTF). actresses can also do it and people like u should accept it, period.

I think some of the people below are not giving Madhuri enough credit...her character seems to be strong and stoic and always a little bit angry, like a female version of what Salman and Ajay do in the movies. I think Madhuri does that very well, but the villain or villainess is often a more colorful character, so Juhi gets to be more flamboyant and less stoic. They are both doing what they need to do for the movie, so far as I can see, and doing it very well.

I totally agree with you! Spot on!

Finally someone is there who also thinks like me. Madhuri never over acts...her acting style is very western, very subtle. She keeps it natural, doesn't make too many faces and has amazing diction & dialogue delivery. Juhi is doing a negative role which always stands out and though I liked her in the promo, she's over-doing it.

Haha! Looks like fun.


Oh boy I feel sad watching this trailer. Only to see how under rated and under utilized Juhi Chawla was in her time. She would have raised the standard of female actresses in Bollywood long time ago if her talent was used properly.
instead we had Kajol weeping through out the whole 3 hours in the movie and made believe that was good acting. No offence to fans but sadly the truth.

Great Trailer. I think the movie will be awesome.

OMG just kickass preview, I am going to watch this movie.. just amazing..Mads and Juhi together what a jodi, I am so sick of Salman type of movies, glad this is something different.. Awesome...All power to the team, hope they do really well..When you see these two you really know what you are missing in today's cinema, with all these wooden faces, non talented so called actresses...

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