Akshay, Kajol, Ranbir & Anushka in Dabboo Ratnani's 2012 calendar

Credits: twittermid-day

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Beutiful pictures... Kajol looks so amazing ! Ranbir so hansome!

Akshay is such a beautiful men.. WHy isnt he endorsing underwear and all that business, he would look awesome

kajol is the best

kajol looks the bestttttttttttt

kajol looks the best

Kajol, you looks so beautiful, darling! Miss you lots onscreen!!

Anuska's pic is a fail for me. :(

kajol looks the best !
love her

Kajoool is d best of d best.....
Cm back soon dea.....
In a role of gal n smwt different.......
An actress of xceptions :D

All who think that Kajol's Pic is photoshopppd should watch The Making Of , their is no difference to this Pic ! She had the time to get a great Body ! She has make a break up since 2010 ! So all Kajol Haters = SHUT UP !

kajol is the bestttttttttttt
she is really fit now
i saw her video photoshoot and love it

kajol looks stunninggggggggg
love her!

I hope Dabboo took a nice payment from Eveready to advertise their product in his calendar!

ajay's photo is looking the best

OMG I Can't Believe kajol is mother of 2 ! she is so hot and sexy
even now hotter than years ago

I just love kajol!

Ranbir u just kill me jaan.........................

akshay and ranbir look the best....ranbir looks supercuteee! and kajol looks the WORST! ewww...her pic is completely photoshopped!


for me the hottest Girls of Dabboo Ratnani's Calendar 2012 are Kajol & Priyanka , the hottest Guys are SRK & Hrithik

akshay has an "everready" battery in his ear because he's always charged and ready for hanky panky

kajol ......i am loving it

Oh my Ranbir! Hes the hottest cuttest and everything. Kisses

I just love Akshay!

i love kajol's pic , she is fit !
please come back soon

kajol is so hotttttttttt ! i love her pic !

OMG kajol is the best ! she is hot !

pc pic is best this year.

Ranbir is the worst .... :/ eww

Guys the idea is not the battery..lol.Its the brand on the battery which signifies Akshay that he is Eveready

anushka and ranbir have the best pics,
not loving kajols.

Why is there a battery sticking out of Akshay's ear???

I do not understand sometimes the subject of Dabboo Pictures
Why enter the battery in the ear of Akshay Is this art or something
Anyway I liked Kajol Picture Looks beautiful.

Loved Akshay and Ajay's pics!

anushka's pic has to be the worst.She's so gorgeous and the the pic didnt do justice.How did kajol become so thin ?

Welcome to today's generation...settling for anything..Ranbir is a hottieeeee LOL

omg Ajay. omg. im dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE Akshay's photo. What a kadak wink. He is super handsome! And Ranbir my dear man's pic is also really cute. Nice expression. Disappointed however with both Anushka's and Kajol's photos (don't like the expression). They could have been a lot more impressive. I like the playful/surprising touches like the battery and 25% off.

White washed and photoshopped to death.

i like the 25% tag on ranbir

ranbir is sucha hottie - kisses

i never liked kajol as an actress or her looks - she is so irrelevant

akshay is hot and young i love him

Kajol looks stunning!

the pictures of anushka is nice. it's a bit different than anything else she's done before. i don't like ranbir's picture. i think it's the photographer is trying to play off this whole rumers surrounding ranbir and i think the whole industry needs to give him a break already.for all we know these rumers are made up by the media again.

Ranbir Ranbirr's photo could have been belooks handsome as always but dabbo has lack of creativity, he tried but cant execute. Ranbir's photo could have been better and anushka too.

Kajol photoshopped? Pffft

kajol looks stunning - this reminds me of when she was young in her baazigar days.

Kajol looks HOT !! Its time for her comeback in films !! She really lools so young and sexy !! WOW!

Ranbir is a darling ! LOVE him !!

OMG......KAJOL SIMPLY LOOKS FAB.............!!!!!

WOW ranbir looks hot! Akshay is SO handsome! I dont like Anushka's at all and even though the set looks really nice for Kajol, I'm not liking the post.

Akshay, SRK, Aishwarya and Priyanka's were the best this year. But still I feel Dabboo Ratnani is not a creative photographer. Nothing exciting about his pictures anymore.

Kajol looks so stupid and outta place.

KAJOL is the Hottest of them !!!! she has gotten a really Body

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