Kajol & Ayan Mukerji on Koffee with Karan

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After the Kapoor cousins, we will soon be seeing the Mukerji cousins on Koffee with Karan! Yes, Kajol and Ayan Mukerji are the newest guests on the show. It's always fun to hear Kajol speak her mind. This will be Ayan's first and it will be interesting to see the camaraderie the two cousins share! Excited much?

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i m only curious to kwk to listen what celebs speaks abt Ranbir. love Ayan bcoz of his friendship with Ranbir.

but she was coming with srk ohhhh noooo :(

anyway looking forward to it...

kajol looks stunning

Kajol looks GREAT! When is the PC and DP episode airing????

cunning cousins..both wannabes and think too high of themselves because of their so called friendships..

she looks gorgeous!!

Kajol and rani are both good. Why can't people just be civilized?

The one and only Kajol is again in the show. That's great news. She looks amazing and has a great humor. Looking forward to listen to family tales. She's a super star and doesn't need to have movies to be in demand. You can see how popular she is. Why are people jealous? If people wouldn't watch it, the channel would not agree that karan invites certain guests. Can't believe how naive and rude some people are. Do they think they experts and judge without understanding the business? I'm sure that this will be great show. Maybe rani and preity will come together on the show? Every actress has her own space and value.

SUPER-SUPER like !!!!
Especially for the last line :)


Kajol look beautiful ... really looking forward to this episode.
I wonder why rani fans are always getting all jealous about kajol ?!
lol at some comments that they think someone like kajol need to do a movie ، just for an interview in a talk show ?!
are u ok ? or just a blind and jealous ?!
kajol doesn't need to do a film to still be popular ! look at all bollywood polls this year ، she's still No.1 in all polls !
even ajay with 2 or 3 movies in a year can not be popular like that !

I want to see Kajol and Aishwarya in the show together. They are my most favorite actresses.

Kajol is such a icon!

Lol the comments from butthurts are too funny. Y'all seething and don't know what to do.

this is just too much frm kjo! again Kajol??? am not a hater nor a fan! but srsly she is not even working!

she is just a house wife n a mother NOW n seem onward!

every1 there in kwk is working...even madhuri has a film also juhi...even kareena thought her films are flop!

ayan...pc...deeps..aamir...every1 there is working!!!!!

then wots the reason to invite a housewife?yeah the only one was kiran.ok kajol should come as her ajay wife

nothing more!!!!! and she is not even working

will he invite others like PZ or rani or ash????

this is just too much kjo...or better say kajol obbssed?


Kajol is such a better person than rani.

Can't wait to see the two cousins!

Kajol doesn't need to do movies to be in the news. Everyone will always remember her

Love seeing kajol! She looks amazing!

kajol! ooo la la

Suddenly I checked about this post and I was with no words.....Man , She is looking so hot and thank God Karan did not pair her with khan uncle !!!! Every time she comes with a stunnig AVATAAR and punch the haters face so heavily that they fail to do write a "NEW BAD" thing about her....
Well leave it , Don"t know why but my brain is sending me a frequency that very very soon she is going to become a part of a VERY BIG MOVIE :) :)

What the heck?! Why Kajol when there are people like Katrina, Sonam, Anushka, Parineeti who could come on. What is there for Kajol to talk about now anyway??

The only actress who is overrated is Rani. Kajol has an immense and unique talent and has many awards although she has done few movies. She's very funny and entertaining. Looking forward to watch it.

I was so waiting for Srk-Kajol but what is this?

Why didn't they just invite Rani as well to make it a cousins special?
Any idea who Rani is coming with this season? I wonder if after Salman, Aamir and Akshay, Aditya would make an appearance...would LOVE IT! :)

god no, that episode was so awkward. Kajol was ignoring Rani and being overly chummy with SRK . Kajol is one of those girls who is only friendly with men. Like Aish. They see all girls as competition.

Yea I would put Kajol and Kareena in the same category, that's probably why Karan likes them so much...

I was thinking this too, but then I though that it's probably because Kajol and Rani don't get along. But I am hoping that Rani comes on too. If Karan is bringing on someone who hasn't been in a movie for ever, then I'm sure that he can bring on Rani!

It's a shame that Kajol is not acting more. My Name is Khan was an SRK dominated film with a weak role for her. She deserves something better.

I was actually surprised to see Filmfare giving best actress to Kajol for MNIK, not Aishwarya for Guzaarish. Both are my favorites but I think Aishwarya's role was more powerful than Kajol's. Kajol had very weak role in MNIK. KJO betrayed her in that film. The movie also sucked.

why surprised?!!! in Hollywood movies festivales some actors awarded for even just 20 min roles !
so kajol was great in the film with her powefull acting !
any way MNIK was hit in india and all time blockbuster in overseas ! while Guzaarish was flop !
and I agree with this recent tweet :
Nakuul Mehta ‏@NakuulMehta
Watched bits of MNIK on Doordarshan. Kajol for sure is the best we have. Such a rare talent.

This is going to be one boasting session. Where Kajol (the very over rated actress) will bajao her band in spite of not having any films in the last few years. Ayan is annoying. He and Karan will only talk about Ranbir, whom the two suck up to. What a bore it is going to be. Can give this chat show a miss.

I wonder if Ayan will still have the guts to say that Kajol and Rani didn't help him in the beginning...

Just conveniently forget Rani

waiting for itttttttttttttttttt just for kajoooooooooooool

LOVE IT !!!! :) :)

wow kajol looks so young and beautiful ! her outfit is simple but she rocks

I still don't get why Kajol is invited, but if he wanted to bring her, he should've have paired her with Aish. They're both married, with kids and their fans want them back on the screen. That would have been a more interesting jodi rather than Karan going on and on about his relationship with these two.

I knew she wouldn't appear wth srk. srk has fallen out with karan becos of pc affair and with kajol over ajay's sos vs jthj lawsuit. kajol can't admit ajay was wrong to bring a false case against yrf and karan can't forgive srk for the pc affair.

so much fools here! why u think some one like kajol need to do a film till to be on kwk ?! just get a life jealous people !



who is Ayan Mukerjee????

Ranbir Kapoor's chamcha!

Kajol is really lucky that she has someone like Karan to still keep her in the news when nobody else cares

You've got it the other way round. Kajol chooses to give her time only to her close friends like Karan even though everyone wants to work with her.

Funny how she didn't have a problem stabbing her 'good friend' Aditya Chopra in the back...

That's because she knows that doing a film with Karan can guarantee her BO success...otherwise why doesn't she work with those other people??

Why don't you speak for yourself. I care and I know Kajol has many fans so don't speak for some of us. Don't blame her that she doesn't need a film or a reality show to stay relevant FYI she won a poll this week for being the best actress in the past twenty years. Kajol doesn't need Karan she is doing fine on her own.

What has Kajol even done recently for her to come on KWK?? I can think of soo many others I would rather see who are way more relevant right now


Salman - from filmy family
Ranbir/kareena - from filmy family
Aamir - from filmy family
Arjun - from filmy family
Aliya - from filmy family
Kajol/Ayaan - from filmy family
Zoya - from filmy family
Karan - from filmy family

I can bet that at the end of this season, the nbr of guests from filmy families will far outnumber the ones that made it big as outsiders...Respect SRK, Akshay, Ranveer,Deepika, Anushka!!

Adding a few more to the list:
Varun Dhawan - from filmy family
Shradha kapoor - Filmy family
Shahid/Sonakshi -filmy family
Abhishek bachan - filmy family

like ayan so much. he has the ability to take a ordinary story and execute it very well. he's like the karan johar without melodrama.

aaahhh karan ! I wanted to see SRKajol together !
Why did not you do it ? because of Ajay ?

It's always fun to hear Kajol speak her mind. yes yes yes

hope they announce a film together ! because ayan said I love to direct kajol !
so Ayan should write a great script for her and direct her :))

kajol looks beautiful !

I dont care about rani's jealous fans that always writing a negative things about kajol !
I love kajol and just looking forward to it !

well this says a lot about a lot of things!!! why Kajol without Ajay but moreover why without SRK as Karan promised!!! Good for SRK stay away from this so called friend! He is seen in every camp claiming freinds since childhood, and not loyal!!! I don't think SRK coming on this season and I am good with that.....love SRK but do not want too see him on this show with Karan again!

Yeah can't wit!

so much fools here! why u think some one like kajol need to do a film till to be on kwk ?!
just get a life jealous people !

Wow so much jealousy here. Say what you want so much negativity comes from insecure people and fans of some insecure actresses!

She looks young

kajol we miss u plz do a film!

No matter who is NOT with shah rukh as long as his soul mate lover karan is with him.

LOL i used to think wow, Karan found this talent out of nowhere.
Obviously it would be Kajol's cousin I had no idea..

I wanna see.. Sridevi on his show!


My queen Kajol looks beautiful.

I have no interest in seeing Ranbir's boyfriend gush about him for an hour & Kajol has not been very entertaining on the show so far. I remember the episode with SRK & Rani and she was just so loud. Hopefully she'll be fun this time but I am not really excited for it. Hoping Karan gets Imran, Anushka, Parineeti, Rani, Ajay, Kangna, Sonam & Ali Zafar on. I'd want Govinda too but I just can't see him fitting on this show. He's too funny for Karan, anyway.

that episode was not srk & Rani's episode ! it was srkajol's episode ! rani was just in Corner just with her Statesmanlike behavior ! Lol
kajol was the first geast in 2 series of KWK and always she was fun ! just some jealous rani's fans like you cant accept it :D

I don't know what episode you were watching, but that episode was a Kajol-Rani episode, with SRK only coming towards the end.

Karan keeps shoving people he's fond of/launched down our throats. Really irritating and almost a waste of an episode. First SOTY (yawn!), then repeatedly bringing up either Ranbir or Katrina during every episode (we get it you're in love with Ranbir, KJo) and now this Ayan Mukherji. I can think of atleast 10 people who deserve to be on the show/could be more interesting on the show than this "chomu" director!

I completely agree with you. We have seen the SOTY couple enough times already and they are NOT fun. And exactly the Katrina Ranbir questions are not fun

Okay,I love Kajol but I have only one word for this pair:BORING!!

He's so right, love you Kajol:
Nakuul Mehta ‏@NakuulMehta (indischer Schauspieler der Serie Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara)
Watched bits of MNIK on Doordarshan. Kajol for sure is the best we have. Such a rare talent.

Kajol is the loveliest and best actress of India. The fact that she's appearing how much people like her although she's not doing movies at the moment. Looking forward to see her with Ayan, her first cousin, in the show. Couriers about what they will tell.

Kajol had the most awards and is one of the most popular actresses ever. Why wouldn't she be on the show?

This is going to be a lot of fun!
But honestly, i guess everyone was looking forward to seeing Kajol & Shahrukh together on KWK.
Nevertheless, can't wait for this episode!

Lol! Totally forgot they were cousins. Anyways, Kajol looks really good. Wish she returns to films soon.

I want see kajol and Ajay together in one episode ..

yaaaaaayyyyy my fav actress ever!!!! Looking forward to this episode!

Kajol is the best actress ever and also a good human being. I like bollywood thanks to her. She doesn't need to do movies, people still adore and love her. She beautiful and my favorite. She rocks. I'm sure that rani will also appear in the show.

Kajols the best actress ever!

Finally an episode with kajol!

Yayy! I love kajol!

Best episode ever!

Kajol look beautiful, really looking forward to this episode. Love how rani fans r getting all jealous and angry. Just remember kajol doesn't need to do a film to still be popular unlike rani who is forgotten.

Cant stand either of them!

I dont get it. She hasnt done a movie at all this year. Rani at least has done bombay talkies and has been in the news bcuz of her "engagement"

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