Kajol & Karan Johar's photo shoot for Noblesse India

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Here is a sneak peak inside the Noblesse India February issue featuring Karan Johar and Kajol.

The Bollywood bigwigs are styled by Nandita Mahtani.

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Credits: twitter

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kajol majorly photoshopped and airbrushed

Kajol looks like a goddess! Please Kajol come back and enchant us again.

DAMNNNN SHE LOOKS GOOD IN THAT PINK GOWN! wowza!! come back kajol!!!!

Gorgeous and sexy Kajol. Please make us happy by playing in plenty of new and good movies with your amazing and unique acting ability. Love you.


LOL I read it as jobless :D mice pictures though (pinkvilla please post this)

Really kajol should come back in a romantic movie... It would be so easy to fall in love with her

Kajol is a good actress, but when it comes to her fans, she's pompous, fast-talker and so not modest, like what a lady should be.

wow! Kajol looks stunning

kajol looks stunning.

i am in love with her hair, she is amazingly gorgeous

Heard of extensions?

They both looks gorgeous, I must say!

beautifullll kajol

I love their friendship...kisi ke nazar na lage. Kajol is looking beautiful!

Kajol looks beautiful

White washed her

One abbrvtn....ROFL!!!!!!

I love them, I really love them. They are just perfect. This relationship is just superb.........But I can't wait for the day we will see Karan and Manish posing this way together for a mag cover. That will be THE day !!

One of the best photoshoots of Kajol *-* Every pic is just amazing. If people please shut up about photoshop. It's common now to do so
Kajol and Karan are so cute together. Can't wait to read their interview n see the BTS :)

Worlds BEST COMBO of Directors & Actress Jodi .... KaranJohar & Kajol .. ! Dey r coming with another big Film dis year .. Woow !!

overrated much?

very much.

kajol should dress like this at events too


I want a video making of it ! they publish it or not ? Pinkvilaa please post behind the scenes video too
kajol is always amazing at BTS videoes !

kajol looks so nice ! love it

kajol looks like an angel in white

her eyes *__________*

kajol looks Gorgeous !
her make up is amaziiiing !

kajol looks soooooooooooooooo Hot !


kajol looks Fab

She looks AMAZING! Maybe photoshop helped her on the way just a little? ;)

Please sign Kajol for Shuddhi anyone but Kareena

I wish Kajols personality matched her acting. Every time I see her I cringe. I think of a naggy, gossiping aunty.

Because of Kajol's honesty you might think that she's arrogant but she doesn't gossip at all and doesn't look like this.

Karan.. no words can describe what i feel when Karan poses for a pic.

they both look good

KAJOL has done all Masterpiece Films like DDLJ, KKHH , K3g , Fanaa, MINK.. & Many more.. If she is not beautiful Y d Hell den Directors would hv casted her. Truth is dat KAJOL is Most Beautiful + Talented Actress. Take on ur FACE HATERS :P

If KAJOl is not beautiful den.. I don't think any one one dis earth is beautiful , hv a life ..All Kajol haters ... !! KAJOL is a God Gifted beauty, Haad hai Jealiousy ki .. !!

All KJO- KAJOL Haters r on Fire.. dat did both a looking so ROCKING... Y so much jeliousy yaar ..!!

Why does KJo always make that ridiculous pouty face??

They posed in a parking lot


Location is so not interesting...standing under tree? That's so cheap...friends don't pose like that...its weird

Kajol in red :*

two of bollywoods most overrated people together.

LOVE IT!! :)

photoshop or not - both look good!

Kajol is looking superb..but please Kjo is looking so dumb, he looked good on the coverpage..that's it.

Kajol is looking amazing

lmao!!! the photoshop job is ridiculous!

These pics are photoshopped to death!

I don't think K Jo can model with those weird expressions on his face! And in he last picture he looks like that awkward nerdy loser that he was in DDLJ. EWW please

They look like husband-wife

How photo shopped is this picture??!!! Seriously we just saw Kajol at the awards and Karan on his show.....nothing like this!!

Totally agree

Kajol is looking lovely in third picture. She is so Gracious!!

Kajol look amazing...can't wait to see her on screen.

fierce! go Karan and Kajol!

I don't mean to be rude.... but what made Noblesse think people want to see Karan Johar posing with some really weird expressions ??? I don't get it...!

Kajol looks nice though...

omg..karan looks funny

I don't mean to be rude.... but what made Noblesse think wants to see Karan Johar posing with some really weird expressions ??? I don't get it...!

Kajol looks nice though...

She looks like a devil in the second pic who is trying to haunt Karan ...haha

are u crazy or sth? the second pic is as good as others..... and I know u are JEALOUS :P

It's midnight here now. You're so rite. That pic is so creepy!

Kajol look AMAZING!

oo kajol looks fierce! Love it

How adorable!!!

Karan is like the new KRK these days.

Why can't she dress and look like this at events too

Karan, you look... What do you call it? Large. Average. Plain. Where are your six pack abs, muscled arms? Tsk, tsk. Also, those glasses look utterly ridiculous. You're in the same shot as an actress & you're pouting more than her. Figures.

i still cannot understand if you are saying that for real or you are being sarcastic. i love reading your comments and this one is sooooo unlike you :o i cannot have opinion on someone having an opinion though :p but yeh seriously, did you say this sarcastically :o

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