Kajol & Tanisha at the launch of the Sherle Wagner store

Sisters, Kajol & Tanisha at the launch of the Sherle Wagner store in Mumbai.

Sherle Wagner International is the premier source for luxury bathroom fittings, hardware and bath accessories.This brand whose name is synonymous with luxury and characterized by fine detail, meticulous finishing and authenticity has now entered India with a store at the Oberoi Towers. Akanksha Aggarwal of PRA Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (PRAV) is the face behind Sherle Wagner in India.

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Credits: youtube

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She is most definitely my girl crush!!! Look at that face!!! So beautiful!

Look at her dusky,glossy,thunder sexy thighs and legs. That's her main assets and she just loves to flaunt it.Awesome.

Missing Kajol in movies. Pls come back!

reply to : Fri, 2012-09-14 06:21 — Anonymous

No tanuja is not here ! she is'nt tanuja !!!!!
only kajol and tanisha attend this event ...
and kajol looks amazingggggggg

i have always felt kajol and rani should have done movies in thier resp . careers

Is the woman in blue saree Tanuja??? Don't think so.. She looks like anyone but her.. If she is ..then gosh what a hideous looking Botoxed face or whatever..lost all respect for her..


kajol looks stunning
and kajol i miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuu in films
please come back
bollywood without you is nothing for me

Since when did Tanisha get into co-producing?? Girl can't even act, and co-producing SOS.

kajol looks beautiful

M stunned............
Plzzzz cmback in bollybood soon :o plzzzzzzzz

Beautiful kajol

i have been liking kajol's dressing sense lately so was really hoping this would be another yay, but sorry didnt like this one so much.

it is sad that kajol feels guilty when Ajay is unfaithful in the marriage - that is indian woman and society...
Kajol is one of the nicest wives....

bravo kajol

kajol looks amaziiiiiiiiiiiiing

i love you kajoooool
soooo beautiful

kajol looks great

Kajol >>>>>>> good face but baaad legs
I think the woman in white saree is the best

the outfits are really really (!) bad...but i just like kajol, i miss her in bollywood!!

wow kajol looks amazing !

kajol ... What a beauty !


lol hidious

specially tanuja

WOW! Kajol looks great!

All 3 look terrible!!! Why cant Kajol do it rite!

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww eyesore

OMG!!!! Kajol *_*

Tanisha looks nice for once.

Kajol....pls get RID of that UNIBROW
Tanisha....ab to shaadi ki umar bhi guzar gayee.....stop being a escort to your sis. Get a life of your own.

All of them are horribly dressed!!!!! My eyes are hurting after looking at these pics

Kajol looks amazinggg

Her legs!!!! :O


the lady in white saree is hot

Kajol looks adorable, even though the eye makeup is a little harsh.

I still don't get y ajay went for kangana when he has such an amazing wife...

Omg after ajay's affair she has totally changed...charged up....the new Kajol looks fab...

Kajol forgot her pants, Tanuja is full of botox - she actually looks scary instead of looking graceful and Tanisha can't find pants that fit her properly.

"my dear friend who is starting something for the first time in her life"
LMAO, how patronizing . Kajol is brash even when she's trying to be nice.

And Tanisha has become a producer now? :o where did she acquire the finances to fund movies?

I think Kajol needs to go to the toilet!

who knew kajol would look her best after having two kids and being semi retired from the industry?


Why is Madhoo dressed in beachwear.

Kareena and Kajol should stop wearing short dresses as their calves are too big to be shown off.
And look at Kajol's bad makeup in the 2nd last photo.

Kajol still looks terrible. Tanisha seems to have lost weight in some pictures but I think it's just the clothes that are masking the fat.

I guess the unibrow still stays.

Who's the girl in the white saree?

My queen Kajol is so beautiful! Amazing lady with an amazing aura. I just love her!

seriously KAJOL looks stunninggg

Is she trying to copy karishma?lol

Wed, 2012-09-12 14:28 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

Kajol, her voice and personality are SO annoying. She comes across as an entitled, rude, smug brat.


which she is

Kajol, her voice and personality are SO annoying. She comes across as an entitled, rude, smug brat.


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