Kalki Koechlin at Gaurav Gupta's Couture 2012-13 collection preview

Photos,kalki koechlin,Gaurav Gupta
Photos,kalki koechlin,Gaurav Gupta

A special preview of fashion designer's Gaurav Gupta's Couture collection titled "The Sylph Aviary" was organized in Mumbai. Draped and lehenga gowns and Gaurav's signature bright coloured sari gowns were the highlight of the event. Kalki Koechlin was present to check out the gowns showcased in bright hues of reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows.

Kitty's picture

What is that, spandex? Not a flattering look. Still, gotta love that big beaming smile! :) :) :)

Voiceswriter's picture

It looks like a prom dress.

BollyFanLuver's picture

Oh Kalki! Even your big smile canĀ“t save this look. Girl, you need divine intervention to learn how to dress according to your features, because you surely are a very interesting lady. But this is a big nono! It was criminal from the designer to let you wear this horror. He should be fined for doing this to you.

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