Watch the teaser of Kangna's 'Queen'

Watch the teaser of the Kangna Ranaut starrer 'Queen'. Directed by Vikas Bahl, the film features Kangana Ranaut and Rajkumar Yadav as main characters.

Credits: Pinkvilla

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I know she has been in the industry for some time but this woman is a breath of fresh air! I love how she is carving her own path instead of taking the usual route of working as an "embellishment" for top heroes and then finally doing marginally meaty go girl!

wow.... this teaser is so different... eagerly waiting for the trailer and the film :)

how sweet.. diff kind of promotion strategy !!!!! really like it

love love the teaser.... just so different.. I realy want this to work for kangana !!!. Go kangs

Go Kangana!!!Love the teaser!

Go Kangs!

Really different n sweet one.....kangana u rock!!

Looks like a documentary...those other people were not part of the movie, right? They were the "public".
I hope for KAngi's sake this movie will work for her.

Here she has that innocence & simplicity of Juhi, really adorable! Love the thank you at the end.

This was so cute! Brought a smile to my face.


she looks like a young juhi here

Such a cute teaser, looks hilarious!!

Looks good! Something different.


she looks adorable! .. a young sridevi type innocence to her.

this girl is so adorable, so adorable

When will people realise that kangana cannot pass off in these innocent type roles??? Everyone knows how many married men she has been with.


Oh! she is such a relief from all those regular so called top heroines of bollywood. I hope she gets her due in the industry.

I liked it :)

looks interesting! i really like kangi!

Honestly thats the best piece of work kangna has done so's so convincing !!!!looking forward to this movie!


She's so cute, LOOOOOOOOL! I loved this promo, can't wait for the trailer.

This is only a teaser. And I've read a lot of stuff saying it's a great film. I kind of think this is going to be really good.

I agree!! :) It even screened at the Busan International Film Festival. Kangana is so talented and beautiful, she deserves much more attention! One of the underrated actresses in Bollywood. Oh well, underrated celebs are always the best!

Looks so interesting. Can't wait! Amazing teaser. :)

OMG she is so cute! I love kangana

This isnt a trailer its more like an interactive promo

FLOP! I pity kangana who's desperately trying to copy Vidya! I mean WTF was this? Is this what we call a trailer? After Rajjo, 1 more flop! Congrats kangs!

Copy Vidya? Oh please.
This is NOT a trailer. Pinkvilla got it wrong. This is a TEASER!!
This film will be a HIT! Just wait and see ;)
Ranbir even praised Kangana for her role in this. :P

its this kind of fans who always try to pit actresses together and create some sort of controversy. get a life. Both Vidya and Kangana are great actresses and we are lucky to have them in bollywood where it s a full of dumbos. Don't ruin it by these foolish comparisons from day to night just because ur life is boring.

Kangana is a decent actress. But dont compare her with vidya by saying they both are great actresses. Vidya is a superb performer while kangana doesnt even come close to her in acting.

ur not listening. ok go compare vidya and shabana azmi then

lol haha and in real life she doesn't want to get married and is against marriage etc.

I think you don't watch all her interviews. She doesn't want to think about marriage for the next 4-5 years. She just wants to focus on her career.

i m sorry, but which part of film making or acting being a profession don't you understand. Its their job. If you work in software are you going to tell your manager a project is not viably correct even if you think so, of course not, you can probably give limited suggestions. They do exactly the same thing, they don't need to believe in a character, they just have to make it believable to the audience. And by the number of shit movies we get to see every year, we should applaud actors who are doing something other than being a decorative object.

Superb Teaser... #MyTipToRani

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