Kareena Kapoor Khan at Umang 2014

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The Mumbai police show, Umang 2014 took place yesterday. The show was hosted by Manish Paul and was a star studded event like always! Kareena Kapoor Khan made a grand entry on stage. She was seen at the event with Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty.

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Credits: Viral Bhayani

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she looks fat in these photos

i want that pink sari

bless this lady
wherever she goes, she becomes the highlight of the show, party or awards


Best Dressed at umang

her blouse is unique and sexy ;)

Another flawless look from bebp beautiful. She is killing it this awards with one after one catchy looks :*

BEBOLA is one of the most beloved daughter,wifr,daughter in law and sister,aunt,friend.... she is really blessed and her happiness shows on her face :)

Love her eyes

wow..so stunning.. A+++ look. the girl is glowing and how ???


Kareena indeed is looking beautiful in such a simple saree

So sexy and yet elegant.
Love it.

SINGHAM 2 will be a sureshot blockbuster

IMO she is looking very very beautiful... her styling here is really classy !!

Volcano is Coming Soon .. aag Laga degi kareena is saal

she is such a beautiful woman .. loving her


There are only three actresses from the current lot who reached the status of being No 1 actresses......Kareena,Katrina and Deepika
Among them, only Kareena is the one who truly touched the Queen status....leme explain
Katrina reached to the top only because of her beauty and her fans, no one appreciated her acting....nor her fans neither the critics
Deepika reached to the top because of four hits in a year, of course it increased her fanbase and yes she is a good actor, but not a great one.
So, its only KKK who truly became the neumro uno of B World. She was loved by people and critics as well. Besides that, her persona and the aura that she creates is humongous.

thats sooo true i love her!!!! hail the Queen !!!!!!!!!!

KKK has been in the industry for almost 10-11 years... lets wait for Deeps and Katrina to bag more roles in future to clinch the 'Queen' status... hopefully Katrina learns to ACT by then....and smile....lets not forget smileeeeee

first comment I actually agree with fully!

Katrina, Kareena, Rani, Aishwarya at the top of PV. Four queens ruling the top. And I know people point it out always but seriously, Kareena always reaches the top of PV with any appearance. She just has that star aura. So do the other three ladies.

That's a pregnancy glow that you see on Bebo....just hold your breath and wait for the news to be released!

she has said before that she doesn't really want kids, or doesn't want them yet. so we'll see. she always says saifs kids are good enough.

I am amazed at how horrified some people here are about even the idea of Bebo's pregnancy! Seriously guys if she is then what's the problem? She can't me doing jhatkas and matkas in skimpy saris for your entertainment for ever. How selfish of you!! Even NDTV hinted at her pregnancy if you bother to follow news in India. LOL.

She made that statement when the media kept annoying her about having kids. She said many times that she is looking forward to having kids which woman doesn't want to become a mother?

being pregnant is not a sin,she is married.
She isnt even hiding hiding her stomach which doesn't look pregnant at all.

Look at some of the recent Star Guild Awards videos (NDTV) she is holding her belly. Moreover it is a joyous occasion...rejoice and accept the fact that our beloved heroines are also humans and wanting to be a mother is a very natural instinct.

Kareena indeed is looking beautiful.

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Bebo looks adorable.

Kareena is glowing.

Love her look here.
Actually the best ever .

KKK looks better than any other heroine.

Mrs khan looks the BEST IN SAREE.

Xtremely hot

Queen of Hearts.

Oh my gosh she is looking so gorgeous.

Simple but stunning.
I love her style and atitude.

Elegant. .

She's the queen. Period.

So beautiful.
Waiting desperately for Shuddhi shooting to start! !

Everything is on spot.

always loved her in sarees


Gorgeous! Everything about this look is perfect.

Dis is kind of like sreedevi's lehenga when she waz on jhalak.....but d saree is gud!!! Wonder hw wud it luk on sonam or deepika!!!!

Beautiful she looks best in saree

she looks the best when simple....

Poor kareenaa looks so uncomfortable with Ajay. He seems to be sticking to her. She looks gorgeous though.

Bebo looking so sobeautiful

She looks really beautiful!

Kareena ka charisma!!!!!
I am stealing my words from Karisma.

Bah re bah
I am so impressed.

PC need to take note of it.

karisma skinny figure and small face looks much better than kareena in saree.. kareena has a broad figure

yes she has a broad figure but so what she still looks better than her.

Stunning & Beautiful

ajay is so effin high XD

she looks so good in this simple sari and without the heavy geisha foundation look (like at the guild awards in horrible golden dress)...keep it up kareena!

first of all kareena looks stunning.. what more exciting is that singam 2 is coming.... wow can't wait :D

she looks fabulous .. mind blowing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The saree is awesome

rohit+ajay+BEBO= magic!!!!!


best part of bollywood is bebo the queen!!!!!!!!!!!

singham 2 !!!! so happy for bebo!!!!!! love her!!!!

want to see her with hrithik

Kareena looks FAAABBBB!!

Ironically, that's one of Kareena's fave words to use "FAAAB"..she always says it! (saw it when they were showing the making of WRF)...are you Bebo by any chance? LOL. PV please post.

Haha I know! 'Fab' is her favourite word. That's why I used it. I was praising her in her own language ;) even KJo and now Alia bhatt (naturally) say fab a lot!


you know guys/girls i have a question: why is it that other fandoms of deepika priyanka and katrina can be nice and post a DECENT comment on kkk's posts but when it comes to them they spread hate or bash or make an illogical comment? is it because she's a senior to all of them or because " SOME OF YOU ONLY SOME AND THEY KNOW WHO" are so filled with jealousy that they feel the need to bash on others just 4 the sake of it and bring her up everywhere?

You ask a question regarding being fair/unbiased to all 3 celebs then say how shes "senior" to all them despite the fact that Kareena and PC are only 2 yrs apart LOL. Hypocritical much? No one is jealous of PC or Deepika. If you don't like Kareena, don't visit her posts, simple as that. PV please post.

Priyanka and Deepika always post hateful comments on kareena! Wat makes inthink that they say nice stuff? After gori tera pyar mein flopped haven't u seen how everyone attacked her for everything? Like she is the only one who gave a flop? No one is jealous if no one says stuff about kareena then kareena fans won't say anything either. What goes around comes around!

After zanjeer flopped kareena fans were attacking pc as if she was the only one who've given flops. So yes, what goes around comes around.

Becoz everyone isnt so jealous n insecure or dont feel any need to bash her unnecessarily, even though it comes from her side. :)

Kia bakwas kar rahi ho

ennglish naaahhiii aatii hamka....Priyanka ka Panka hai hum..

Your que is totally irrelevant here.

Cant even begin to describe how lucky saif is.

looking beautifull #kareena

Looks great

What a STUNNER!!

umang is a police show? bit disrespectful for ajay to be wearing the uniform among the real police

Bebo looks amaaaazing. And that saree is so simple but ravishing.

Exotic kareena kapoor, rocking...

what a beauty. shes stunningly breathtaking! looking forward to S2! rohit-ajay-bebo jodi rocks and starts shooting in first week of march. rohit will surely make use of bebos comic timing. but wondering what about Bombay samuri? was also meant to be in march

No, bra-blouse works beat with saree

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