"Aishwarya is an icon" : Kareena Kapoor

Go to 21:27. Kareena says she wants to go with Aishwarya for a girls night out

To: bollywood lover - "Almost a 30min video which is kareenas interview but we get aishwarya as the main picture :P"

Even hindustan times did the same thing when they printed this interview in their paper. Aishwarya was in the headline and the picture they used was also Aishwarya's (click here for the link) I guess they want to attract more readership. If I put "Kareena Kapoor interview with Komal Nahta" with Kareena's picture, nobody would watch it. If I add Ash to it, it attracts everyone's attention.

There is another post with Kareena's interview for Bodyguard and it got just about 600 hits. This post got 7500 hits. If my mathematics is right, if 1 person viewed the former, 13 persons viewed the latter. So you see why Hindustan times or I are not mad to add Aish's pic.

But to be fair, I also added a Kareena picture to the post, but some fans are too ungracious to see that.

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