Who still looks good? Created just for fun. No offense meant. :D

Credits: pv

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pyrianca is the best :))

kareena looks so cute:)

aishwariya and katrina ugliest

why does katrina look like anupam kher?
................................................................ I'm a katrina fan but it's really funny BEST COMMENT

Katrina looks like Ranbir
ahahhahh lolllllllllll lmfao TJIS IS THE MOST BEST COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLE

kareena look horrible!!!!


karena is looking cute katrina horrible ha ha


ash an kareena
kareena is the best looking grl amoung other 3
i think deepika would look better thatn aall

Kareena ash Pc

Most definitely Priyanka Chopra and Aishwarya Rai look the BEST! Katrina looks horrible, I think she needs her hair!!!! Kareena, well she looked like a man with hair, she looks like a man without hair, so really do not care about BIMBO BEBO!

I meant Priyanka

priyanks looks like SHAKAL from the film Shaan.. LOLOL...

Kareena and Priyanka.

ash looks nic

hahahahahahaha very funny
dikho kitni pyari lg rrhi hain

Deepika ko v takli kar tho

Pc look the best but kat &kareena look a men

LOLLLL Katrina really looks like an egghead, with her longish face

priyanka looks the best! still looks beautiful and stylish. she can easily fit in a startrek with a suit on really well.

hahahahahahahaha funnyyyyyyyyyyyyy


priyanka still has her beauty evern wen bold

Priyanka still pulls it off.... :) shes the best here!

Priyanka looks cool! Katrina looks like a boy. Aishwarya is beautiful no matter what and Kareena shines just with her talent.

hahaha...Kareena looks natural...

kareena and kat look soo freaky but aish and pc look ok

kareena looks nice

kareena looks good
kat and aish looks funny.
Priyanka looks the worst

Katrina looks like Ranbir

bald iz bold......!!!!!

lol what fun. ROFL... Kareena's fans still all praises abt her bald look. i think she shud listen to them . LOL

kareena suits even in bald wow shes pretty

Each expression is classic

Ash - looks like she s laughing at herself.
Kareena - as if she is noe knowing that her hair is gone n she s talking.
Priyanka - proud of it!
Katrina- you changed my dad's name ,now wat?

Priyanka this hair style suites uuuuuuuuuu

its great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
everyone is looking stunning!!!!!!!!!!

priyanka is looking like a snake

why does katrina look like anupam kher?

all i can say is Ash if a movie's script requires you to have no hair - do it! because you look fab!

priyanka and kareena still look quite pretty.
oh my, katrina...reminds me of the movie coneheads lmao

LMAO!!!! They look so funny! Schmuck - I Love You just for posting this!!

LOL!!! Priyanka looks the best, Kat the worst.

kareena looks unique..quite gd

Priyanka looks like a man so it works on her. lol

Priyanka and Kareena look the best, Katrina, as usual looks the worst.
Also, Hilarious post. Very Original.

PC looks the best and actualy beautiful!!
men katrina hahahahahahahah!!! the worst

This isnt funny. There's a lot of people .. women to be precise, out there in the world who suffer from hair problems and end up losing all their hair. It doesnt make then any less of a women.

kareena is looking loke some alien creature.ash still looks good.

kareenaaa..looks nyc on her if she were to do movie

Aishwarya looks the best! Priyanka looks the worst! :-(

PC, wow!



bebo and aish suit the bald look

funny...kareena looks the best.

PC looks best! these pics reminded me old days of PV.

pc luks the best. kat luks hideous. bebo n ash r fine

kareena still looks adorable

omg katrina looks the funniest

Aish its soo creepy looking without hair ! Priyanka looks the best comparing to others here.

Priyanka looks the best out of the lot. Hilarious post. Katrina looks the worst.

ROFL.....thats so much fun...a good effort but kareena looks acceptable kat looks worst

hahahaha it is a bit mean nervertheless kareena looks good than others!

Priyanka looks great!

priyanka and aishwarya look good

Priyanka looks good! Kats looks worst!

priyanka and aishwarya :D

pc is good

pc is good

pc is not bad due to lights but other wise she is black

lololol. pc looks ok but the rest look spooky and katrina looks like a man.

kareena. very funny post. love dis.

LOL Ash and Pryianka still look good.
Kareena and Katrina look awful!

Kareena still looks the best... pc the least..

Katrina looking worst here......


Kareena is looking great!

This is toooo good..Thank you for this. LOLS. Priyanka look the worst. Ash look good..

Priyanka- to a certain extent. Rest look like zombies

HAHAHAHAHA this is going to give me nightmares!
but priyanka looks good actually


PC for sure!

rolled on the floor laughing:P

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