Bollywood Queens - Madhuri, Kareena, Juhi, Priyanka, Rani to appear in a Song Together

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Bombay Talkies, a cinematic tribute too 100 years of Indian Cinema, directed by ace directors - Karan Johar, Zoya Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap & Dibakar Banerjee, is set to unite some of Bollywoods Queens(past, present and hopefully future).

As per Vaibhavi Merchant (Choreographer), she is directing a song for the movie ( Bombay Talkies ) celebrating 100 years of Indian Cinema. She feels this is a proud moment for the film industry and will be a treat for the audience.

Judging from her tweets, the girls (Rani, Priyanka, Kareena, Juhi and Madhuri) seem to have all shot on different days, which makes it unlikely to see them all in one frame. One wonders why the only guys included are Ranveer Singh and Anil Kapoor, here's hoping to hear more from Vaibhavi !

Look at her recent tweets :

VaibhaviMerchant ‏@VMVMVMVMVM 14 Mar

Too proud of this guy..his energy,his ability to love equally and his meandering qualities..Ranveer Singh..Attaboy..! #Bombay Talkies

VaibhaviMerchant ‏@VMVMVMVMVM 19 Mar

Love her Jigripoo Rani..always a pleasure working with her #Bombay Talkies

VaibhaviMerchant ‏@VMVMVMVMVM 26 Mar

She is the sweetest most gentle and my dearest Juhima...Juhi Chawla for all of you..had fun shooting with her for#Bombay Talkies

VaibhaviMerchant ‏@VMVMVMVMVM 26 Mar

The reason why I became a choreographer...her elegance,grace,aura n persona is incomparable..that's Madhuri Dixit..#Bombay Talkies

VaibhaviMerchant ‏@VMVMVMVMVM 26 Mar

Rockchick for the goras Raapchik for us...make way for our Desigirl..Priyanka Chopra..#Bombay Talkies

VaibhaviMerchant ‏@VMVMVMVMVM 28 Mar

He is the youngest man at heart n looks Passion for his craft n cinema is unbeatable..Jai Ho to that..n thats Mr Anil Kapoor#BombayTalkies

VaibhaviMerchant ‏@VMVMVMVMVM 28 Mar

She is my lil miss sunshine!illuminates as soon as u announce"Action"the camera loves her equally she is Kareena Kapoor K for#BombayTalkies


Queens ? Realy.

Besides Bollywood Queen Madhuri Dixit, maybe Rani & Ash, Kareena/Katrina can be called temporary queen's.

But others weren't even close to the Queens Crown ever.

Fantastic ;)
I'm looking forwood

Juhi all the way


If you didn't know, no other Bollywood song sold the number of copies as "In My City" this year. It was the number one song sold in India for over six months. Also PC did Babli as an favor for Ekta and the director said he had to beg her for six months to say yes. She also got paid more than all those actress combined for the 3 songs you mentioned. Its clear who got the bigger deal. By the way everyone knows Fevicol is Salman's song.

All the actresses can dance excpect Kareena unless their is some really good editing. PC and Maduri, Rani will steal the show.

kareena fans are such a jealous and insecure bunch. not much unlike their leader bebo herself.

I agree with you. I have noticed this so much. Kareena's fans are very insecure about every other actress. They all need some therapy including bebo.

Thank god he didnt include Aish autny and Vidya moti.

@ LoveSaifu
thanx :P

Love pic.

omg yess!!! madhuri, priyanka, and rani??!!! my all time favs together, love it

Sat, 2013-03-30 19:42 — Anonymous
thank u anon :)


the heading should be like this : Bollywood Queens - " Madhuri, Kareena, Juhi, Rani" and priyanka to appear in a Song together :)


Haha Awesome !!!!

This is gonna be a great film..I can just see it!!!

cant wait to see them, this is exciting !!

oh so this is comprised of married/out of shape has beens except for PC (probably the person who'll steal the show)

kareena fans are such a jealous and insecure bunch. not much unlike their leader bebo herself.

One reason not to watch Bombay talkies = priyanka characterless chopra

But I'm still going to watch it! Madhuri, juhi, anil are unmatchable! Add to that kareena's enthralling presence and mesmerising beauty, along wid the superb rani mukherjee, and you have a winner! Can't wait to see these stars pay themselves, and dance to vaibhavi's awesome steps! Plus, katrina's also in!!! N I luuurve her to death:-) would have liked to see aish, considering she is one of the queens but I think I should be content:)

What is the title of the song? Aunty Dhamaka?

Sat, 2013-03-30 15:12 — PrincessRuchi

@Underage_optimist Best comment everrrrr!!!!

dumb and dumber get together

i want see Madhuri-Kajol-Urmilla-Aishwariya-Sushmita-Rani-Kareena-Shilpa-Vidiya ... together...!

Yay for Rani the queen of hearts!!

Priyanka will again rock the song. Her dancing and persona is the best today.

wow those 5 ladies are the strongest .. thank god he didn't take kat, vidya, deep
Ssuper excited especially for madhuri and Kareena Rani

Thank you Karan

thank u @PrincessRuchi
i love reading your comments too :)

thank u @PrincessRuchi
i love reading your comments too :)


LOL ! How will Kareena match up with others.
Mrs. Two Left Feet
Her screen persence is ENOUGH!!!

Madhuri ko Mahan samaj kar chalna. Super star aise hi nahi bolte.
Kna ko ki si se kum mat samaj na.
juhi hamesha josh me hoti hai. Jyada fight mat kar na. Haro ge.
Priyanka se panga mat lo. Palti khila degi. Haro ge.
Rani ki to rahem hi mang lo. Rote hi reh jao ge. Samaj ke fight kar na.

Out of these, Madhuri is the real queen! Super excited to see her dance again on the big screen, yahoooo! :) So looking forward to Bombay Talkies!

LOL @ Underage_Optimistic! Very well said

why priyanka/kareena and no aishwarya/karisma?? they are far better dancers than those two! :O

@Underage_optimist Best comment everrrrr!!!!

They are getting paid for it. So what is the big deal?

Kareena+ madhuri = the most gorgeous bollywood queens. I would love see them dance together.

Kareena+rani+madhuri+vaibhai=Its gonna be damn exiciting..

Sat, 2013-03-30 08:04 — Green

Vaibhavi + Madhuri = MAGIC!!

Vaibhavi + Madhuri + Rani = MAGIC!! :)

PC+madhuri+rani+vaibhai, this is so damn exciting.

Amazing actresses n its gonna be one mindblowing song! Can't wait!

Vaibhavi + Madhuri = MAGIC!!

Y priyanka?

ppl who r asking no vidya or aish becoz they can 'fit' anywhere



the heading should be like this : Bollywood Queens - " Madhuri, Kareena, Juhi, Rani" and priyanka to appear in a Song together :)

Can't wait to see my beloved Juhi Chawla

Aamir, Ranbir, Imran are also doing the song!

LOL ! How will Kareena match up with others.
Mrs. Two Left Feet


This is gonna be awesome, I want all these queens in one frame!!

This sounds AMAZING and I'm even more excited because Vaibhavi's choreographing.


Aww I love what Vaibhavi said about Kareena its so sweet..

pc has that superstar aura :-)

After Madhuri, Kareena is female Superstar. Lots of Love to all others.

going to be awesome, superstars of the industry in one song!!

That's sweet!

sounds terrific!

WooHoo sounds fantastic! Can't wait!

No Vidya Balan? :(

yay.. shud b great

Kareena does illuminate, she has a hollywood super star aura and glow on her.

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