Exclusive: kareena kapoor in 1995 (15 yrs old)

Kareena in 1995, she was 15 years by that time, she is looking gorgeous.

Credits: Rajeev Gowda.
Thanks for the cute pic

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Credits: Kareenak.net

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i love kareena kapoor

Hi love u.

i love u kareena kapoor urf babo

in makeup u looking cute bt without makeup u looking fzool girll..

her eyes are lifeless, dull and expressionless.

She looks like the average chubby white kid.

she was never good looking. But at least when she was a kid she looked kinda cute. But now with her jaw surgery she luks like a man

mashallah shes is sooooo beautiful, mostly 15 years old kids dnt even look like this when they r their 20s or 30s, kareena look the same, soooooo gorgeous

What is so special about this picture? she totalyy looking old now.

what perfect skin.

before her cheek implants and nose job. She looks much worse after the surgery

LOL @ the first comment on this post! it DOES look like shahid!! hahahahahahaha sheeeeeeeet! so if she was 15 in 1995, this means she is 31 now? OMG OLD MUCH

Gorgeous????? Hahahahaha u r so funny!!

Look she has small upper eye lids in the pic...

She has been blessed with great skin

finally a pic where she looks like Karishma.

She is georgeous for 15 yrs old. Haters are losers n jealous!

She looks cute and she not wearing any contact I think some people are blind she has light brown eyes

Awww so cute........she still makes that pose and face.....hahahaha pretty

her basic face shape is the same. clearly she's lost a bit of fat since then, hence some idiots thinking she's restructured her face.

and there are baby pics of her with hazel eyes (plus karishma has blue ones and their grandfather has light eyes too)

that said, she does NOT look gorgeous in that picture!

she looks about 18. as a rule tack on a few years to every bollywood person

There's nothing gorgeous about her

her nose, eyes, lips and even the jawline aren't the same! good job going under the knife!

people who thinks kareena bleaches herself to look fair like aishwarya does...they can see...she is from a very fair and light eyed family and she was fairer than aishwraya when she was 15 unlike aishwarya whose family is not very fair and her childhood pictures shows that she is quite dusky...its sad that aishwarya a Representative of modern woman and an ex miss world has such a down market approach about skin color and her fans say nasty stuff about kareena when their Favorite actress is a racist!!!shame!

her eyes sort of look light but i can't tell from this pic.. she possibly wears contacts all the time now

wow. she looked lovely.

even though she was chubby her prominent cheekbones were visible even then.

Is that shahid behind her???

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