First Look: Kareena Kapoor Khan's Malabar Gold and Diamond Paper AD

India’s leading jewelry retail chain, Malabar Gold & Diamonds, on Tuesday announced Kareena Kapoor as their Brand Ambassador.
The company also announced that they are gearing up to introduce 40 new outlets across India. In those 40 outlets, 20 will be established in the north region of country.
Their first showroom in Mumbai will be inaugurated on Apr 7.
Here is first Malabar gold and diamonds paper ad featuring Kareena Kapoor.

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am not a fan of kareena..i dont like her..

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she is stunner,i mean she has gorgeous skin,beautiful eyes,fab healthy body,juicy lipd,stunning hair but her face cut should have been better and size of face should be smaller..

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Love the attention to detail.

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when i saw this pic, i was jst like ROFL...

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super stunning

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PERFECTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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woooooow she look gorgeous..I like the makeup jwelleries and hair..perfect look for the perfect lady

bolly_masala_news's picture

doesn't suit !!!

Anonymous's picture

so beautiful and charismatic

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She looks beautiful but ad could have been better. In her Gitanjali ad she looks really authentic and vibrant.

KareenaKapoor_Khan's picture

Really good pic ;)
She looks really elegance

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Royal begum!!

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mesmerising! truly a begum...

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super gorgeous...

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She is celestial!!!!!

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This styling ages her a lot!!!
I agree!

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Agree with Fatima_tr, this really does remind me of K3G, and in a god way! I love that movie! And bebo looks flawless here

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Reminds me of 'bole chudiya' era. She looks really pretty!

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bad Photoshop! but is steel so beautiful

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stunning! love love love bebo! not a fan of the styling or jewelry but she makes it work:-)

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love her absolutelyyy

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Kalyan Jewllers and Malabar Gold have their roots from Kerala.
When Kalyan hired Ash, Malabar Gold is trying to digg gold with Kareena aunty..


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bahhahahahahaha aunty ji aunty ji!

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Love it

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there is no one like comparison!~

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she defines elegance

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Nobody in Bollywood has those unique features

Anonymous's picture

so beautiful

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wooooooooow! elegant

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old woman

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kundan jewels suit her best

Anonymous's picture

the queen of bollywood

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This styling ages her a lot!!!

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Elegant, chic and yet traditional.....:-)

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The jewelry is beautiful. Not Kareena's best pics though unfortunately; the makeup and hair could have been better.

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royal beauty.. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww bebo look drop dead gorgeous...

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Jewelry is very nice but not liking Kareena's face here.... it looks different for some reason....may be the makeup/lighting or angle..... or just that her face is so box shape.


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