Funny Pics of Kareena and Priyanka!

Funny Pics of Kareena and Priyanka!: Funny Pics of Kareena and Priyanka!

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Haha lol!!!

i love kareena

wow kareena look so pretty mashallah


Kareena is her

dirty kareena.................

pc is looking soo cuteeeeeeeeeeee................

kareena is very hot

veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy strange

must be hot kareena sweating her hotness out

hi bebo i love priyanka nd kareena

kareena is more cute than priyanka..........

How cute pri

UGH! they're both annoying diva's!

where did u get the priyanka pic?

piggy looks adorable, n kareena has sweaty armpits....soooo???? whats eww abt dat? dont u gals sweat at all??? huhhh

i kno she's not luking cute in dis pic but she is better dan priyank n luks very pretty even widout make up unlike priyanka

Priyanka is looking so cute yar!

luvrani I don't know how you see Kareena as cute in this pic..but its ur opinion

yea I think priyanka looks cute. LOL!

luvrani u always hate priyanka so no one cares :)
& yes we dont go around pointing it out!

yeah but u wouldn't go around pointing at it

guys who r saying ewwww, dont u ever sweat??? everybody uses a deo, but she was travelling in hot climate in an airport, no ac whatsoever. i live in states where its not as hot as india and i've seen plenty of ppl have sweaty armpits in summer, the only solution is having botox applied to numb the nerves.....

Priyanka is adorable! as always!

priyanka looks cute but kareena..ewww

DISGUSTING KAREENA! EWWW! & she's even pointing at it! EWW!

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